The manuscript of survival 20140822 The Constant Companions via Aisha North: A Short Update on the Energies



The Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Energies, August 19, 2014, channeled by Aisha North,

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have entered another one of those intense phases where you will be as if churning in and out of a veritable maelstrom of different frequencies.

This may sound more than a little daunting, but believe us when we say that you have all been well prepared for such an intensely transformational upheaval as this.

For once more you stand on the threshold of a huge leap in your vibrational frequencies—one that will bring you up to par as it were with so much of your ethereal surroundings.

In other words, we think you will find yourself in familiar fields in a very short time. What has been initiated will now transport you—if not physically, then at least energetically—to those lofty abodes you so hanker for.

Let us explain. As we have told you before, this process of attaining a higher and higher status as it were, vibrationally, does not entail that you will leave your physical body behind.

It does entail [that you will] be able to exit it at will in ways that enable you to come and go as you please—not by way of exiting said body as you all do when the time comes for you to leave this incarnation altogether, that is through the usual process of dying.

No, what we refer to now is the process by which you will be able to BE here in every sense, while simultaneously frequent[ing] other more intangible layers of Creation.

In other words, what is opening up wider and wider now are those portals through which you will be able to transport you [spirit] being—that is, the part of you that is not a fleeting one but the permanent one.

This part you will be able to go around as it were—witnessing events taking place far from your shores, and indeed taking part in [these] events—the better for you to be able to restore the same conditions back home.

In other words, you will be carefully instructed in going to and fro in other dimensions in order for you to bring back information in ways that will be far more direct than the more roundabout ways you disperse information now.

As you walk about as living antennas, broadcasting energetic information near and far through the vehicle of your body, you also carry with you energetic imprints that will awaken so much around you—[not only] within your fellow humans but also in those parts you might consider to be inert.

You will also put to the task in other ways, [such as] being asked to join in ‘in person’ in gatherings that will take place off your planet.

This may sound like hyperbole to some of you, but that is in fact what will be set into motion more and more now. For as you awaken, you will become more and more able to stay tuned and wherever you ‘go’ when you are not in your body.

You are already seasoned travelers. You have not been confined to your earthly vehicles for a very long time. For you have all been going on many a lofty excursion for quite some time now; but as yet not much of what has taken place during these outings will have registered in the human parts of your consciousness.

But now, as the new levels within you will be made accessible one by one, you will also start to find yourself taking part in what will at first seem to be snippets of a dream-like state. [These] will soon start to magnify and solidify in ways that will help you better grasp what you are here to do.

For you are the connectors and the transponders in so many ways. That will start to become even more apparent to you all. For now, you will all start to see, feel and know much more of what you are so busy bringing back and forth.

Remember, you act as transmitters—not just receivers. What you bring in you also bring out, and vice versa. In other words, through you a veritable flood of information runs constantly back and forth from the outer reaches of your consciousness and into your human parts—from the outer reaches of creation down to your planet, and back out again.

For this is not a one-way street. This is an ongoing conversation that is taking place. Bits and bytes of information are constantly being shifted back and forth—the better to serve you, and the better to serve us to help to serve you.

You are not only the ones grounding all of this incoming information. You are also the eyes and the ears on the ground—the ones who report back to the other side of the veil on just how everything is faring.

And so, you play an indispensable part in all of this. Now you will become more of an observer, in your everyday life, of being this all-important link between the two worlds.

So stay tuned and stay open to the fact that you will be brought more and more into the know. For you are already well-versed in all of this, but you have as-yet lacked the ability to tune in to it all.

Now that will change. The floodgates have been opened yet again so that the full force of the light will be able to remove those ‘safety catches’ that were installed to help you through the first part of this process.

In other words, you will find yourself accessing more and more of the full spectrum that envelops you all. As you do that, more and more of what you are contributing to all of this will become apparent to you.

At first you will find it hard to believe, but by and by you will find it in yourself to truly take it all in. We venture to guess that you will all be more than a little blown away by what you will find within your scope of abilities.

We also think you will be more than a little amazed by what you find already there on your ‘track record’. For it is already more than impressive; and it will only continue to grow as you learn to grow fully into your shoes. That is indeed something we are all more than eager to witness.




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