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By Ascension Earth

I received the following narrative during the weekend:

“One of your readers suggested that I should write to you about the experience that I had last evening. The reader is a friend of mine and I was recounting what I had experienced and she suggested it may be…therapeutic to tell you. I’m far from a full believer in this kind of thing, though my grandmother and mother have both had sightings. I’m not one for belief, but what I saw last night chilled me.

I was driving home down my street. I live in Rio Rancho, a small city near Albuquerque, New Mexico. I live near the border of the two cities, and there is a sharp bend in the street of my neighborhood. I was going around that bend when I saw a woman on the right sidewalk. She was dressed in a red, knee-length dress of an extremely vivid hue. Her skin was pale but not white. She was barefoot as well, and vividly brown hair was tied in a messy, falling-apart bun behind her head. Locks of hair had fallen about her face and she was staring up and forward. I could not see her face.

I felt chilled to the bone, and scared beyond anything that she would turn and gaze at me. I felt like time had slowed down, and a profound sense of wrongness. I drove home as fast as I could and locked my doors. I have never had an experience like this before, and I still think about it with a great degree of nervousness. What it was, I can’t say, or even if I really saw it. I figured that I should tell someone, though. Thank you for your time. Beck”

NOTE: The Albuquerque, New Mexico area…evident in the following post – Kirtland AFB UFO Landing / Sandia Mountains – Manzano Base Incidents. Sightings of Black-Eyed Kids, Men In Black and odd people aimlessly walking about is not uncommon in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. The eyewitness felt a sense of foreboding after observing this woman…or whatever it was. This was a similar reaction others have had in comparable situations. Lon




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