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Heavenletter #4695 Can It Be Right to Harden Your Heart?, October 2, 2013 

God said: 

Why, beloveds, do you continue to find so many ways, so many shades of hurt to distract you from joy? Have I not said that it is time for you to let go of all that prevents your heart from soaring with joy?
Someone, for example, has conducted himself in a less than charitable manner. Someone, for instance, may have taken something from you that he or she had no right to. They stole that which belonged to you, which you were sure belonged to you, and their acting out has cheapened the world and the person in your eyes. Let Us say the person was definitely wrong and you are right.
That may well be from the world’s point of view, and yet this one who contributed to pain for you and others saw himself or herself as denied.
What are you supposed to do? Certainly, you know you are not to grind soreness into your heart. You are not to see this person as an enemy. You are not to begrudge this person. You may know very well what someone else ought to do. And, yet, for you, it is not so clear to you that you are to let your heartache go, and you are to give this person who erred in love true understanding even if from a distance, can you?
You, too, sometimes, have not been your idol. You, too, sometimes have made egregious errors.
You are not to punish another nor are you to punish yourself.
Let go of the idea that you are to right wrongs. You are to rise above hard feelings. How can you be right to harden your heart?
Let go of hardening your heart. Let go of dismissal of this person from your heart. Let go of putting assessment before love. Love first, and you will not judge. For this person who erred against all the good in your heart, your heart is not to throw its love away as though another is undeserving of love.
Tell Me who cannot use more love? Tell Me who cannot benefit from more love? There are those who do seem to need more love than many others. The fact is that this person needs love.
Whatever error someone has committed, whatever darkness was in his bewildered heart, whatever flag of unlove he carried, now he needs love. Where has it been written that you must give love only to the most holy and withdraw it from all those who may lack it the most? By and large, everyone can use more love, yet who needs it the most but the one who was unable to dispense with selfishness.
I do not tell My children that they have to receive more love before giving. I say rather that you have all the love possible, and you receive it from Me. I do not leave anyone out of My love. If it is love that the world needs now, I ask you to give it. I do not ask you to weigh the merits of love deserved or undeserved. It is not a question of what someone has earned. It is a question of what you are not to deny another. You are to give love and not withhold it. This is firm.
I do not ask you to give Me service before I give love to you. I simply give love to all.
From the world point of view, it takes more effort to give love to some than to others. I never said that you are to give your love only to those who have valued your love the most and prepaid for it.
I do not bill you for the love I give to you. Love does not carry a price tag. You carry love simply to give it. You are not a bill collector. You are a love-giver, so make room in your heart. When someone has been uncharitable to you, nowhere does it say it’s okay then for you be equally uncharitable. You are the decider of your own heart.
Perhaps the best love you are capable of giving at this moment is the love of giving another a second chance.





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