Greetings, beloveds of heart and soul. Today, I Chamuel, would like to share a message. One of hope, peace, love and honor. Honoring of love, unity and the divinity that each of you inherently carries within. By no fault of your own you have been conditioned into believing that you are less than divine. That you are bound by the limitations and fears that have been taught to you over the last couple thousand years. We say unto you, THIS is not your true nature. You are unlimited beings of love, light, creative genius and power.

When you look around and you observe chaos and fear provoking situations… we say unto you… look past that. Look beyond what is being presented. We promise you the truth that love is EVERYWHERE, it is becoming harder and harder to hide from those willing to see. And YES there are many who are trying to keep the truth from you so that you may continue to live in fear. You see when you are afraid, anyone can have power over you. When you are living from the paradigm that you are love and that you are eternal and that all is well… what is there to fear? You can only “lose” what you have never really believed you have had. When you understand that you are everything and everything is you, what is there to lose? It is an impossibility.

Experiences may come and go, but love remains. Everyone is experiencing transition in their lives right now in one form or another… It is the way of growth that in order to be open to receiving one thing we must let go of another. There is what one would describe as a sense of loss, but on another level it is more a case of we have integrated that experience into our being and we are moving from that experience as a platform. The loss of a loved one, a job, a dream, an opportunity, is equally an opening for greater depth of love, pursuing of a passion, dreaming a bigger even better dream, an unimagined possibility showing up as a seeming miracle.

ALL of life seeks to support you, push you, celebrate you, encourage you. ALL of life seeks to draw you back to your original understanding of self. You are an ever expanding expression of God/Source/Creator’s experience of itself. You did not come here to play little. You have had lifetimes of experience to prepare you for this moment. No amount of pretending to be small will subdue the urge to shine the light that you are.

You may find yourself asking, “But who am I?” and we say, “You our beloved… who ARENT you?” Not one soul on the earth at this time is anything less than amazing. Every soul is offering an opportunity for love, growth and expansion. There are those witholding their light so that others learn the full capacity of their light. There are those that act in cries for love, so that others may act with boldness in unconditioned love. There are those who act from a place of sleep so that others may awaken. Take not for granted the value and worth of any man. We are living in a time where the truth is coming forth so rapidly.

It is time for ALL men women and children to wake to the truth of their divine nature and live from that. When women remember their divinity, their sacredness, power and the blessing that they are, how will they treat themselves and from that others? When men recall their divine nature, the holiness that flows through them, would they then need others to follow them in order to feel worthy? And our precious children, when they are recognized for the unique individuations of spirit that they are, would we need for them to conform and fit in so that we as adults feel more comfortable? Would you as parents need for them to be your friends so that you felt secure, or would they be free?

If the love you give comes with limits, expectations or conditions, then my beloveds it can not be called love. Love can never abide where fear resides. The time has come to release your fears, and love just because it is what you are, know that you can never truly be alone, and that all can only ever be well.

Things are changing so rapidly that in the coming months and years you will look back on today and not recognize it as anything other than a dream. You are living the echo of your dreams. You are in a state of shaking the sleep from your minds and looking around at the beautiful reality you are creating. One in which you are the powerful creators, operating from love, freedom, joy and ease… where all beings are celebrated for all they have to give… and all is given as a blessing for the purpose of blessing. There is only abundance and peace. You want for all others that their deepest heartfelt desires be fulfilled as you know the universe is ever able to give to all endlessly…

Be blessed my beloveds, walk in the sacred knowledge that you are loved. Feel our wings around you and rest in the knowing that it is already done. You have already “Made it”. Your dreams have already come true and are waiting for you to catch up to them. It is here… even if it doesnt feel like it this minute… if you could see yourselves from our position you would be weeping for joy as we are for you. You are forever wrapped in the arms of love.

And so it is and shall ever be…. say I Archangel Chamuel… in love light and eternal bliss….

Channelled by ~ Jenn Gillies





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