Channeler: Lou James

 Via Louise James -  New Zealand
Ascension Explorers
March 18 2013

It is beautiful energy that is here and beautiful energy that you have created. It is an energy of cohesiveness; it is a place of Divine appointment. Each one is here not by accident but by Divine plan of their own creation, their own making. And we the Brotherhood of Light and the brotherhood that you call that which is the White Brotherhood is speaking with you this moment. Why you would call us the Brotherhood is beside the point for there are many feminine energies in this group and gathering. But understand that each one of you are in a place of self creation. Ailments which are found within your physicality mostly have been bought about by conscious choice and conscious design. Other times they are impressed upon you from lifetimes past for that which is the ultimate of healing in this timeline. Each one of you have the ability to connect with the light of the Universal connection to allow that which is the cellular structure of your own physiology and creation of body to receive on a daily and instantaneous manner the healing, clearing, washing that you need. We also connect with many in bringing through to you in this realm the conceptualisation and the ideas of the physical from that which is the non physical and how to create in this realm known as the Earth realm from the realms above. And oft you have heard “so above, so below” and you have accepted this statement as a true reflection of what is to be and yet not always is it as is. It is not always ‘as above, so below’, is it? What is above is not always replicated on this below realm, and we, the White Brotherhood are known for what you would call Architectural Planning.

We are also known for great healing powers where we join our intents of healing and our unified strength and abilities of that which is the galactic and cosmic awareness’s to wash over you at a set and given time of your choosing. But know that we are going to start giving to you in small formations to begin with and then larger and larger the inner workings of your own designs to create for you your world, your planned spacial lives, the functionality and awareness’s that you need to create for yourselves growth. For there have been the terms of this day used, “Step Up, Move Forward, Release, Allow,” and yet many of you do not know the simplest way to do this. You struggle, you analyse, you think, when truly we would say to you it is just a simple choice, decision. And when we approach individuals we say, “We are the Brotherhood, we are the White Brotherhood, we are the Brotherhood of Light, we are the cosmic, we are the galactic. Many will stand and try to analyse who we are, why we have come, and we leave without sharing what it is we have come to share and they are still left trying to analyse who we are. And there are others where we go “We are the Brother hood of ……” and they say, “We are ready.” And there are others where we will go and say “….” before we even get to who we are, they say “We recognise your energy, welcome.”

The White Brotherhood is only called White because there is no colour scheme of your humanity to describe it. It is the purest energy and we ask that you would begin to feel into that which is the energies of the dear one known to you as Sananda, Kuthumi, the St Germain, otherwise known to you as Cifehtr and understand these three are pillars amongst our brethren. And we ask that you would give and honour them duly for that which is their status in this brotherhood connection. For they have been delivered to you as teachers for this next journey that you are on and we are drawing alongside you that are here to bring in a new wave of teaching, a new wave of understanding, conceptualisation using the geometry that you call Sacred Geometry.

We will be tapping into many layers, dimensional understanding. We will be bringing to you ancient Lemurian teachings, teachings from that which you call the Sirius system, the Arcturians, the Andromedans, yes also those from the Pleiades, but we will bring them in such a way that we will not define or label. We will present the geological and geographical the cosmic way of teaching via the ones that we have asked to present, for they know what it is that is close for this place. And then we have approached the one you know as the Quan Yin energy, and although she is associated with our Brotherhood she is not of the Brotherhood but very closely aligned. She will teach you too from a perspective and an understanding that is the feminine, the balance. But you must choose this night of this day of this linearity if this is your way forward. Of great tearing’s of precepts and old plans to make way for new, to make way for that which is to come of the buildings and the structures of your energy, of your lives, of your understandings and your precepts. It is as you have said amongst yourselves a time to integrate and to step forward into that which is the known unknown. It is time to become mature students of energy and because you are ready, we the Brotherhood of Light and we, the Brotherhood of Healing have come and we are aligning ourselves in your energy and we will be in communication with those here. Understand humans that you will begin to receive patternings and plans in your dreamtimes that make no sense. If you remember them draw them down, write them down and discuss them for you will find there will be those here that will be able to interpret and understand and have the other part. As part of the octagon there must be equal, there must be openness, transparency. For the sides must equal that which is the base and that which is the ceiling or the dual points above and below. For you are going to create many things. Now do not misunderstand us, the word “create” is for many, many, many things. Cosmically, humanly, energetically, physically etc.

You are well blessed to have amongst you teachers in this Earth realm who perceive and see to bring to you that which you at this moment are unable to see or perceive. Regard them well, but do not raise them up, yes? And those amongst you that are doubting your own abilities to teach, remember that you are teachers to be honoured and regarded well. For everyone that sits around this circle is a student and is a teacher. And this you have heard from many, many energetic beings and teachers. Why do you not accept it? Oh some have, and this is true, but we are ready now to step in beyond the mental construct and take you into the very quantumness and definitive understandings of healing powers. Take you beyond the sound barrier so to speak that prevents you from hearing the quantum shifts of sound that will release the very fragments that are remaining in your energy blocking you, covering you as a second skin, hide, scalish, leathery. These vibrations are here for you to assist yourselves and those of you who are hiding within the transparency of imitation will find that that too will be pulled down. Now you ask, “What do you mean transparency of imitation?” Every human does this to a point within their own lives where they are transparent but out of non-transparency, and we will explain in the weeks to come.

We are willing to take you into the realms of greater understanding, visualisation, utilisation of physical symbols to unlock your minds and your energies and your hearts if you are willing. Sananda, Cifehtr, Kuthumi, Quan Yin and the Brotherhood of Light and we the White Brotherhood are here to assist you. Here to bring balance, here to encourage; to take you on the next step of your journey. Oh your old friends are still here but they too must grow. They too must expand. And so there will be changes. No more familiar, no more how does one say…. we search for the words, ‘Non Respect.’ Understand that these ones that speak with you and teach with you yes, may be on friends basis. But they are ascended, they are above and so to speak beyond the touch of humanity but they bring themselves to the point where they are able to communicate to you because of the love and the compassion that they have. They do not wish to be idolised, they do not wish to be, and neither do we, but there is to be for this next step of your journey, honour. Honour from you to us and from us to you. A respect from us to you and once we earn your respect, you to us. (Brotherhood of light comes in) We are who, we are in the energy, and we are here in the love that is. We are the Brotherhood of Light to bring to you the enlightenment of all things concerning the universal connection of light; of that which is both transmutation and healing, that which is the travel and the telepathic. And we will teach you in many things and we will assist you to attain at a cellular level and a non-cellular level of that which is all light and energy. And we are here to assist the Brotherhood that has been speaking with you known as the White Brotherhood. They are healers. We are light. Light heals so we are combined. You are welcome into our space, you are welcome into our healing space and we will be enjoying with you moments of great revelation, teaching. Come hungry for future nights. We thank you and we honour you. Namaste.

Brought through by Louise James
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