Ascended Masters 20130530 God is a Master Companion Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 28 – June 04, 2013


Channeler: Julie Miller

God is a Master Companion
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ May 28 – June 04, 2013
Received by, Julie Miller
May 28, 2013

As you continue to evolve and change, so does the amount of knowledge you attract and gain. As you rise in your consciousness within your journey your Faith and Spiritual Power also is raised. You have profound moments where you feel on top of the world. It is during these God-like moments when more-often-than-not plans begin to change, and suddenly all crashes around you and the moment of feeling powerful, within seconds you feel quite the opposite. It is during such monumental change you begin to re-question your Faith, your Spiritual Power and many times you question God. 
It is during the crisis of any outcome within a situation when your growth actually skyrockets. How you choose to react to the sudden change helps to determine how you will proceed. Will you collapse in defeat, or will you trudge forward ready to take on the world? It is through such dark moments when your faith is truly tested, yet without the dark moments you would not discover the strength that is within you. Without the crisis, you would not get to see your True Self in action. It is through difficult situations clear Inner Sight is realized, thoughts become sober and you fully understand what is to be done that will bring you back into the calmness and Light of your True Self and of God’s unwavering Love. 
Everything that has created who you are today has not been derived from only good experiences. Most of your character has been cultivated from the difficult and serious circumstances that crossed your path. God is always there with you dear ones, even if you cannot see Him with your physical eyes. You feel Him with your Spiritual Heart because it is in your heart that He resides. And He knows once you reach a certain plateau then rise above your tribulations you will achieve greater awareness of your Self and of the world on a global scale. He knows you will always succeed, even if success takes a long time to reach. Your hard and dedicated effort will always bring you to what you applied complete heart and soul to. 
Many dear souls are so eager to see what is in store for them in the coming of days and years, when the future is constantly changing because of the choices you make each day. We remind each of you to remain in the present and continue working on areas within yourself that you know requires improvement with the understanding what you attempt to foresee of what the future may be will only provide with a possibility among infinite possibilities. Every time you apply the effort needed to master certain areas within yourself, you are helping others because the energy in you radiates to other dear souls a positive glow that instantly speaks of great Inner Strength and peaceful confidence. 
It is necessary at certain points of your journey to surrender in order for you to advance forward. To surrender does not mean you are giving up anything; instead you are gaining freedom by surrendering any fear of the unknown that has been preventing you from any amount of progression. When you surrender to a discomfort or even to a stressful situation you are letting the fear go, once you do this the situation becomes easier and many times begins to dissolve because you finally begin to see the solution clear as crystal. You surrender your journey to God the same way. By surrendering to God, you are basically telling Him and yourself you are not afraid of the next phase of your journey because you have absolute trust in Him and in yourself. In order to surrender to God, in Full Faith and Trust you really need to be completely ready to be One with God in all things. Your spiritual journey truly evolves through surrender, through your surrender to God, you demonstrate by this divine action that you understand and are willing to follow God’s Word and accept His Will as your own. 
At some point on your journey you will arrive to the realization that your earlier thought to be great and to be supreme above others is no longer essential. Letting go of Egoic thoughts can be very difficult for some dear souls, because many truly feel they are better than others and their greatness is superior. Thinking of yourself as being nothing is definitely a paradox of your journey, but in order to be filled by God, you must empty yourself from self-created illusions and old thought patterns. Becoming “nothing” doesn’t mean you are powerless, it simply means you are surrendering to yourself and allow yourself to be divine being you were meant to be. Lofty ideals will not help you progress, letting them go will. 
When you finally bring yourself to a more simplified version of your previous lofty self, then you will receive more of God into you. Yes God’s energy is powerful, but He is not made of lofty ideals. Each of you, even within all your differences and from all that you have learned along the way are equal in God’s eyes and it’s this way of thinking that is encouraged to each of you. There is no coincidence to what you have learned or accomplished dear ones. God has planned each and every one on an individual level and created opportunities for you to achieve each one. All that you have reached are also gifts from God. The more you let God into your life, the more opportunities you will receive. 
In your own special and unique way, you are all here to help one another through sharing. During sharing each and all involved becomes the teacher and student. During these moments when you are sharing your love and your light, God is working through you. When you demonstrate your strength from all the trials you have had, you are sharing to all your great Inner Strength that is powerful and authentic and this powerhouse of energy comes from your beautiful heart which God lives – you are clearly expressing God in your actions. It is when your thoughts become corrupt and shadowed that your demonstrations of God’s existence inside of you becomes tarnished and any expression of God’s presence is interfered by your own negative thought forms. 
Each of you has the opportunity to be messengers for God. Many times you may not even be aware that you are being used this way. This is not misuse by God at all. Whenever another dear soul was in need and you reached out to comfort, God was working through you passing His love through you to help uplift and heal the other person’s downtrodden spirits. He is able to express Himself through each of you in ways such as this, to help others in the means that you can that is pure of heart and intent. The more you Surrender to God, the more you let go of old behaviours and patterns, the more God is able to work through you. When you choose God dear ones, God then is able to choose through you. 
When you fully open yourself to God, you will enable yourself to receive His inspiration easily and with no effort. When you empty yourself, God fills you up. It is through such emptiness that allows God to work through you. When God is working through you, He will lead you and His lead doesn’t need any complex plans. He will bring you to all you need each time. When you arrive with no set agenda, you create more opportunity to do more than ever before. When you learn to empty your minds dear ones and tune into your spiritual heart God will come and you will hear Him. We remind each of you dear ones, before you bring yourself into the state of emptiness, it is vital for you achieve fullness. If you are not completely full, you cannot be completely emptied. Come to the realization of your own fullness and of who you are before you let all your old self go and surrender to God’s Love and Will. Remember dear ones you are EVERYTHING to God. Bring yourself to a knowing state of being less than who you once were to nothing in order for God to become everything in You. 
When God is working through you on a complete scale you will recognize your level of Inner Power has been raised and your ability to accomplish things becomes easier and your readiness to the next phase of your journey is there before you. The higher your raise your consciousness, God is there working with you directly and all that is accomplished is because of this divine union. It is important to let go of all old ways and Egoic notions, and trust in God’s direction and guidance. 
When you are trusting God completely, God will lead you. Remember dear ones; He knows all that is to happen in all its infinite possibilities. Go to Him without a trace of fear, He already waits to be the divine companion to all your achievements. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller



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