Channeled by Goldenlight, March 18, 2013

Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron.

We wish to speak to you today of releasing all karmic debt that is tied to unhealthy patterns that have existed for you in your lifetime on earth. All beings have, to some extent or another, become entangled in a karmic web pattern during their earthen lives. Some have worked very hard to become free of this, others not as much.

This is a momentous time in the creation of your realities on earth to become free of all karmic debts, obligations, contracts, and entanglements that have existed for you before your lives on earth (as some of you have carried the karma from lifetime to lifetime), and during your current earth existence.

All karma can now easily be cleared by you so that you have a clean slate as you progress on your spiritual ascension through the waves of higher dimensional frequencies now surrounding your earth, your bodies, and your spaces.

The channel had an enlightening awareness exercise today when she was able to clearly see the karmic patterns existing that she had been trapped in and through writing was able to clearly see these karmic patterns and easily release them. This is a heightened time of awareness and light that All can tune into now.

Take some time for yourself to sit quietly with yourself and some notepaper and look at any karmic patterns that may be leading to anything that is not aligned with the divine qualities of the Creator – mostly feelings of separation and lack, but any kind of negative pattern where you feel stuck. This is also a time where the veils are lifting from the memories of your other lifetimes, pre-birth contracts with yourselves and others, and your life missions.

If you take some time to sit quietly with yourself, you may draw upon these memories which will assist you in shedding light upon these karmic “entanglements” or “obstructions”. For example, you may have a pre-birth contract with a family member or someone close to you in which you both agreed that each would act out certain parts of the paradigm of your life into which you were going to enter.

A memory of this agreement will assist you in realizing why things are playing out now the way they are. Tune into your Higher Self, master teachers and guides, and ask about what these pre-birth contracts with yourself and others are. Take a look at where your life is the most uncomfortable and you will see a pattern linking the contracts and agreements made in the spiritual realm with the current karmic situation. This then assists you in totally releasing this karmic pattern.

The veils are also lifting from memories of your pre-birth contracts for your own life, which ties into your life’s mission. Ask your Higher Self, angels and guides to assist you in remembering these. The releasing of your karmic obligations opens up the pathway to your ability to practice fully your life’s purpose and mission, and to live in full mastership and creatorship of your life and the realities you are creating.

It is most important at this time for All to begin to see these karmic patterns, bring them into your awareness, inquire of your higher self and guides as to your pre-birth contracts with yourself or others, and begin to see this overall karmic pattern for what it is. All happens for your growth on Earth.

Although you cannot all feel it at all times, you are inextricably linked to the Universe and this is an extremely auspicious time for All in the universe to begin clearing away the dross of that which separates All from Source. As the dross – including karmic debts and obligations– is removed, your clarity returns and you begin to realize that you are not in fact separate from Source or separate from the Creator indeed you are in fact an extension of the Creator and you are indeed creating your own reality as so many of you know.

It goes a step further in that you are continually creating your own realities, and breathing into life the physical substance of the universe which is coalescing into the realities that you see before you. As you separate yourself from your karma, you begin to see that you are finally free to be the creator being that you are, manifesting your realities, and even more elaborate than this, you are all beginning to do this together for you see that since you are not separate from Creator and Source, you are indeed all of the same substance or same origin or, you are All the Same One Being seemingly split into little creator beings but in fact all functioning as independently moving parts of the whole.

As you sit quietly with yourself and look at any areas of your life that need to be transmuted and transformed and then released, you then become Free. Free to become a creator being who is free of the negative karma from the past or from any karmic obligations.

As you look at these situations in your life and the light from creator source flows into your being and “sheds a light” and “enlightens” you to see the truth of why or how these were created, you can give yourself permission to Declare that you are free of the karma of this situation or situations, that you release these people or yourself from this karmic debt or obligation, across all space and time. You then become free to recreate your reality based on the higher qualities of joy, prosperity, abundance, nurturance, caring, well-being, and all higher dimensional qualities of the Creator.

The New Earth being created, or brought into being, by All of You and All of Us in the higher dimensional realms, is a place of such higher qualities – of beauty, joy, abundance, prosperity, fun, light, love and all of these lighter aspects of creation. As you begin to clear all karmic entanglements and debt from your life, by focusing within as you honor and love yourself, you then begin to project these higher qualities outward into your creationary manifestation. This is a beautiful vision indeed!

We honor you as you clear yourself from all that inhibits your upward journey towards the light of Source and All that Is, and we shine our soft light and love upon you always, ever near to assist you in your spiritual journey towards harmony, balance, and manifestation of love, joy, and light for all the world to share.

© The Golden Light Channel, Please include this copyright when reposting this message.




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