As channeled by Julie Miller 

It is well established that each dear soul is maneuvering through their own journey of Inner Self-Discovery that will encourage them to face their own true self and ALL the energies that make up the entire being of who they are. As you move through your journey you quickly realize that each person, including yourself has a divine relationship with everything in the Universe and is felt within the central core of your heart. There is an abundance of dear souls freshly awakening to the Light of their heart and from the calling from God that it is time to step in and contribute their part to help uplift the rest of humanity through the goodness of their pure hearts that is done willingly and automatically which is demonstrated each and every day in all they do. 

Sometimes when you begin to progress you may discover everything else around you is beginning to unravel and shifting out-of-control. When big changes begin to take place, and create a shift in your way of seeing and doing, havoc can be felt through your emotional, mental and physical centers and blockages can result. When you begin to feel overwhelmed dear ones, take a deep breath and step back a little and provide yourself some room. Give yourself time to adjust to the Expansion of Light that is entering your whole being that is providing you with the allowance for your physical body to become one with your Spirit Self. You cannot rush these changes, you are encouraged to embrace them with love, welcome them with love, as they are a part of you. 

As you begin to become one with your Spirit Self, realize dear ones your physical body is resonating at the same rate to how you think and feel within your own being according to your experiences. When you learn to draw that connected and endless energy that is found within your Inner Self, your consciousness expands outwards that illuminates your awareness being at a greater level of understanding of your own journey at a Universal level. 

We have witnessed many dear souls stepping away from various occupations and lifestyles in order to pursue more meaningful ways of living and being that resonates with their heart and soul. These changes even though they are positive, do bring great challenges that also include huge responsibilities. When such great changes occur it is important dear ones to remain grounded and remain within the NOW moment. Transitions can be difficult until you learn to anchor in the energy and embrace the fear of change into positive actions that are to your benefit and those around you. Remember to empower yourself through I AM affirmations and other positive self-talk methods, be good to yourself and love yourself as you love God and never forget how much He loves you. 

As you work through various life altering changes, you will soon realize the importance of adding creativity to your adventure. This does not mean dear ones you are to set out to be the next Michelangelo, but you will become the next YOU in artistic and creative formation. You cannot be anyone else; you can only be you. 

Most dear souls we see have new clever electronic devices that are equipped with photographic abilities. When you are walking to meet the bus, or walking to the neighborhood store, take a look around you and see the beauty that is there in the sky, in the snow or in the flowers and trees, see the beauty within the creatures that live upon the earth and around you. Use the camera’s abilities to capture these moments and when you do, you are at that moment sharing a creative moment with God and allowing yourself for those few seconds to be free of all worries and of all burdens. It can be that simple. 

Within each of you is a Spark. This spark resides within your spiritual heart and is given to each of you from God. It is how He reaches to each dear soul. This spark can be fanned into a great flame when any dear soul chooses to follow the path of God’s Love. Recognize dear ones that God is Love. These words have been muttered many times before by many people and masters before today, yet these simple words are often taken for granted. This dear ones is one of the fundamental understandings to embrace upon the spiritual path. Timeworn love has always been connected with the heart. It is understood dear ones that many people from different places across this magnificent globe has acknowledged the primary source of love that is human and divine and is created through the heart. Just as you may ask a young child to tell you where they feel love from, most likely dear ones they will tell you or point to their own heart. 

Your human heart is truly incredible, through this essential organ you are supplied with life-giving blood. Your heart works for you during rest, play and learns to adapt in order to meet your physical needs. When your heart becomes blocked or stops functioning then your own physical life ceases to move very quickly. Even though your heart is filled with blood, vessels and tubes it is also connected to where your emotions and love come from. Within your humanness, you have the unique ability to thrive physically and at the same time acquire vast amounts of knowledge which in time is turns into wisdom. The completeness of your Self is a work of Art and each of you is uniquely beautiful. 

It is apparent dear ones that what brings people together is the quality of love. Regardless if your family consists of one or two people or is an established community; it is love, compassion and respect that binds each one together. Even within individual divisions of any community, the ability to retain individuality is paramount and sacred. And when any individual division of a community is called to assist in a common goal, then an even greater strength of combined intelligence becomes recognized and helps guide the progression of any collected group or family. 

As each of you know and understand that God is Love, this statement also holds an energy that is love filled and felt universally. When you learn to work together as a united group that is building towards a common purpose, this connection and purpose creates a life of its own. Within this connection is a bond between each person that binds the purpose and the association within the energy of the collected group of people. This energy dear ones that binds each dear soul together identifies and demonstrates LOVE. The unity within any group truly is the heart, and without it any group will dissolve and become nil. Your identification with others is established by how you feel and you see similarities of your Self. It is good to remember dear ones that each of you were created from the same source of Creation. Your interconnectedness unites you as being one very big human family. Even now during the rush of your times, many are able to quickly ascertain similarities, interdependencies and important necessity to be understood respectfully and with loving compassion. 

When you allow God’s Love to enter your spiritual heart, you are filled with a divine intelligence that is Universal yet goes beyond your normal considerations of any people regardless of race or creed. When you remove all personal differences, the entire universal human experience and emotions become known. This revelation is humbling, provides profound learning and guidance that ensures your progress on your journey as the unique and divine person you are. 

We have observed dear ones, when you apply pure uninterrupted focus into what you doing, your heart becomes involved and builds excitement and energy that provides you with the inner encouragement to continue with all effort until your work is complete. When applying so much love and energy, your outcome will always reflect your efforts and whatever it is that you are creating shine with the brilliance of your creative force. 

Whenever you choose to love purely from your heart, you are demonstrating not only to yourself but to ALL others your integrity. When you apply Love into all you do, you have chosen your standard to complete all tasks as golden opportunities to demonstrate this integrity as a gauge that will assist you to weigh each experience and each instance with love and through your ability to focus clearly, you will know immediately if what you are doing is correct or not. There will be no second guessing, because when you live through the heart and apply love into all you do, there is no room for the Ego as it is the Ego that causes you to doubt and second guess. 

All your direct and personal experiences are where the ingredients to all your wisdom were derived from. By gauging each experience through your heart you will notice by paying attention how some experiences caused your heart to beat at a quicker rate than others, or that you can hear your heart beat in your own ears. And dear ones if you choose through your busy day to focus on the beating of your precious hearts, you will discover more about your divine purpose and what is true to your life. 

You will learn to recognize God’s heart in Action every time another dear soul does something that is uplifting and good that had no ulterior motive – something good being done for no reason other than pure love and compassion. When parents take the time to teach their children what is considered to be right from wrong, what it means to be responsible, and helps them grow a sense of conscience, this is the Heart of God in Action dear ones. When someone selflessly serves the less fortunate out of love and charity, that is good and pure, again you see God’s Heart and Love in Action. God’s love is with you all the time. He comes to you when you call Him; He has sat with you during your darkest days trying to let you know He was with you. He has anchored you many times, and encouraged you to stand when you thought you couldn’t take another step. God’s tremendous omnipresence and profound love for each of you is greater than any what any can imagine. 

Each of you are to God, a miracle. When you step forward and act through God’s endless bounty of Love, you demonstrate each time your potential to grow through love that is a reflection of your dedication and commitment to serve all of humanity and God more fully. 

We encourage each of you to Shine like the Sun throughout each day and learn to work this sun into your night through your heart. Remember dear ones, ALL that is closest to you reaps from your Loving Light and will absorb nurturing sustenance and comfort from your Loving Light. If you allow your Inner Light to remain hidden for too long, life around you will wither and die just as a flower will no longer bloom if the sun does not come out to play each day – Light dear ones is your energy love giving source. Bring your Loving Light out and shine it from the palace of your being and BE the representation of God through which all your actions are love oriented that you are meant to be. My own light dear ones is yours and I offer you my energy at any time during your journey. Access my energy and guidance when you discover a stumbling block and we will create a companionable working collaboration. 

Through your own being and from your own self-discoveries and facing certain truths you are learning the importance of charity and love within the Heart of God. And the love that is found there is the fuel you need that will bring you into instant recognition that God’s Heart is not separate from yours, but beats through each of you, at all times of your life. Dear ones, may the sun always shine through your heart and beat in unison with the Love from God. 

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller 




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