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Today Geoffrey West interviews Gaia, just three days before Nova Earth Day. He speaks to her about how she experiences love, her twin flame, her experience of Ascension, the plans for the other kingdoms upon Earth as our ascension process proceeds, and other topics that only Gaia could address. Thanks to Ellen for a speedy turnaround.

An Hour with an Angel, February 11, 2013, with Linda Dillon, Geoffrey West, and Graham Dewyea

Geoffrey West: Well, if we could look, maybe, for a few minutes, anyway, at some of the physical changes taking place. You have elaborated a bit on this earlier, and we are seeing increased and constant activity around the Ring of Fire. I have begun noticing that there is activity taking place in the southern parts of Europe where I had not seen much activity before.

So, the physical changes that are taking place, obviously they are a part of your cleansing and preparation. Are they also associated with Lemuria? What is happening right now with Lemuria?

Gaia:  Lemuria, just as Atlantis, will rise again. And as you well know, the energies of both those civilizations, and even some more distant, are making themselves more clearly known and present. But what is happening with Lemuria, you can think of it as a shifting in the ocean’s floor, particularly down the coast of the Americas, the entire coast of all the Americas. So this is where some of the greatest activity is.

But you also understand, as I have spoken to you before, in terms of balance, and in terms of how I work, if there is something that is occurring in the West, there will be a mirror occurrence in the East. North-south, same thing. So you cannot say that Lemuria is being activated and rising without also looking, as you have said, to the West, to Europe, to the Atlantic Ocean, because these are concomitant. It is like the balancing of scales. And it is in this way, actually, dear hearts, that we keep you safe — and, might I say, dry.

Now, the other thing is that you and I are part of a much grander plan, which I joyously accept, of being part of the plan of unfoldment of the Divine Mother. So, some of what you think of as these Earth changes are also designed to activate not only certain points of the grid upon my being, but upon your being; to activate you into greater movement or awakening; to activate you more clearly into the services that you have chosen and elected to pursue.

So what you will see, for example, is that in places of devastation, where there needs to be — yes, needs to be — some adjustment to make land fertile again, or to create situations that are livable in cities, there will be changes. But this is also to catalyze the creativity of the human collective in this rising frequency, to address things that you are fully capable of addressing. This is, in your scope, a responsibility. So I may often be your catalyst, but then the action piece is falling to you.

Do you understand what I say?

GW:  Yes, I do, Gaia. Thank you. So, in terms of what is happening, are the leaders or the scientists of the world aware of you as a sentient, energetic, living entity, or are they still in a space of denial on this particular idea?

G:  There are very few, might I say, true scientists — and I know that is a very broad classification — that are not completely, fully consciously aware of me as a sentient, biological, in many ways electromechanical, being. Otherwise, you would not have your quantum physics. This is not simply random.

You would not have colliders. You would not have the ability to shift energy or to pull it out of sheer air. No, they may choose to be silent. The most honest — again, and I say this as a group — the most honest and forthright group are the very advanced physicists who know that I am working with them — and sometimes against them! They know, very clearly, of my energy.

And, having said that, if there is a leader in a country, what you think of as a nation politic, who has an ounce of awareness outside of the ego, he is fully aware of my presence, of my cooperation or non-cooperation, of what the energy of that geophysical place has become, not simply because of who I am, but because of either the kindness and the love that that regime has given to the people, and therefore to me, or the terror and the torture.

It would be a mistake to think that these leaders are not aware, and particularly those who have any sense of history. They know when the blood of their people has been the only fertilizer for the land for hundreds of years, that the land lies fallow, and that I do not cooperate. They know. And increasingly they are feeling this sense, because of 12/12, of the unification.

Now, they may not in any way put it in those terms. That does not matter. But increasingly they are feeling, “I need to be working the whole.” So this sense of separation, of pockets of isolation, that there is this sect and this sect and this sect, and then there are the rivers and the land and the air — that is disappearing.

They do not know always why, but that awareness is growing. And it is thanks not only to me, not only to the many kingdoms, your star brothers and sisters, it is also thanks to each of you, who have raised your frequency and shared the love not only with me, but with the collective, with all.

That is why I do not underestimate your ability to complete this Ascension with me completely. We are acting as one — not yet in the full consciousness of that, but it is coming. And as you well know, my beloved Geoffrey, I am very patient.

GW:  [laugh] Well, indeed, yes, you are. To have gone through such a long period of time, to bear with us, that would require infinite patience. So I am in gratitude and in love for your commitment, and all that you have given to humanity in general, to all of us. So, thank you for that.

I would like to also go a little bit further into what is happening around you. And I personally am excited to know about this in particular. You know, what’s going on with the nearby planets around you as well. I mean, we have talked a little bit about this in the past, and it’s always nice to get a little bit of an update as to what might be taking place about the energies transforming the nearby planets, or the alleged reconstitution of a missing planet. What would you like to share about your brothers and sisters around you?

G:  My brothers and sisters of this universe, shall we say, are thriving. Because, as you know, as I ascend, the ripple effect and the impact goes out. Several planets you think of as dead, and that is wrong. I am not politically correct, so I just simply say it flat out, you are wrong!

There is more life on many planets that is growing and thriving and reconstituting than you know. And there are planets that are also ascending in tandem with this process that we are undertaking.

One example that you have thought of — and there has been great debate about this! — poor dear Ashira and Grener, that they have maligned the planet of Neptune, (1) that has always kept a spark of light and love and what you’d think of as viable life forms deep within the core of the planet.

Now, it is unusual, is it not, that you think of life within me, and you have no problem with that. And yet you look at other planets and you do not think of it or conceive of it in that way. You simply say, “Oh, that’s a dead planet just spinning in space doing nothing.” That is not so!

Now, the Pleiadian sector, the Seven Sisters, are shining more brightly than ever. Now, they have always been magnificent, and in many ways what I would tell you, they are like my sisters. So many of you, so many that I hold and cherish, are Pleiadian.

When you are in a household that has the flu, or one being in the household is ill, there is a lowering of the energy as you tend to the one that needs the attention, the nurturing, the healing. And that is what my Pleiadian sisters have done for me for a long time. As I am rising, quite literally, it is freeing them up as well.

They have much to teach you, all of you, not only about service, but cities of light, regeneration of energy, reconstruction of energy. And of course your Halion brothers and sisters are very active. No, they are not regenerating or reconstituting their planet. They are choosing, as the healers of Tralana are also choosing, to be very present upon myself at this time, to give help not only to myself but to each of the human beings who is intelligent enough to call upon them, or willful enough to call upon them, and allow that reconstruction, particularly with your crystalline bodies, and the elimination of all old diseases and viruses, bacteria of old Earth. So that is taking place as well.

Now, my twin — there is much talk on these various planets, and much talk on your shows as well, about twin flames. My twin flame was and is Galatea — a planet, oh, what you would think of as eons ago that disintegrated, became no longer. This energy is being reconstituted, coming back together to be with me in form.

Many of you who listen this night often say, “Where is my twin flame? Where and how will I meet them? Will we have the opportunity to reunite and to travel together, or will it always be a distant energy that I cannot quite trust and know?”

Well, to me, this news, this gift directly from the heart of the Mother, of Galatea re-gathering, is the supreme gift. So yes, there will be yet another planet, yes, within what you think of as your system.

Some of the planets, like Jupiter, truly are becoming more energized. You know, this is a place of remarkable science. You have not, in your limited way, always given credence or substance to who is in our planetary family. You are so eager to go universes away, and of course those visitors are right here as well. But, dear heart, it is not just change that is happening to me. It is happening to our family.

Now, does this keep the galactics, inter-galactics, your star brothers and sisters busy? Yes, it does. But that is why they’re here. They want to understand, to see, to witness, to participate and to truly feel — yes, feel — what this rebirth of love, of heart consciousness… what does it really mean? It doesn’t just mean that pollution goes away or asphalt crumbles, that the garbage in the ocean is transmuted. It means so much more!

It is a phenomenal, phenomenal time to be a human and to witness this with your star brothers and sisters, adjusting your vibrations daily, that this can be even more compatible and possible.

The human collective is going through a passage of alignment of will. And as that is happening, you are putting yourself in alignment not only with Divine will but with the will of the interplanetary systems and your star brothers and sisters. This is far bigger than you are thinking. Thank you for asking this question!

GW:  Well, thank you, Gaia. No, you did very well leading into twin flame, because I was going to lead into the aspect of twin flame. The channel knows that I have asked about my twin flame, and it’s wonderful to know a little bit more about your twin flame. And I’d like to build on that in a moment.

But maybe quickly, if Ascension has been delayed on Earth, is it appropriate to assume that it has delayed the whole process as well, such as the reconstitution of Galatea, or the other shifts taking place around the solar system and the universe?

G:  No. That is linear thinking. Now, I understand, my dear friends, how our concepts of what you call time, what I call movement through space, is different, because I will tend to think of minutes as centuries, and so on.

But it is an overstatement, if I can put it that way, for you to say that Ascension has been delayed. It is in process. It is unfolding like the flowers of spring.

What you are talking about is the Ascension of the human race. Now, what I have said to thee — and I understand fully, perhaps more than many of you — I am in the 5th dimension, and therefore, my beloved angels, so are you.

Are you catching up to the changes? Are you working on this as a unified whole? Yes, you are. But it is my movement that is also catapulting and participating and affecting this nuclear chain reaction within the other planets.

So, it is not solely dependent on you. So the answer to your question is no. This delay in human Ascension, this slowing down and elongating the process, has not slowed me down, or your universe. That is why the increase in your frequencies, particularly when you are saying “I allow,” is happening so rapidly.

So I, as a sentient being, am not looking at centuries, so don’t you. Don’t even look at decades.

You know, as a mother… when you are young and you have just learned to tie your shoes, and your mother is ready to take you somewhere, to church, to the grocery store, to school, and she is saying to you, “Hurry up! Hurry up! You know how to do this. Hurry up! Finish! Come on, we need to get going!” — that is what I am saying to you. You know how to tie your shoes. You know full well how to do this. I will double lace them for you, you will not trip and fall, and I will show you the way.

GW:  Thank you, Gaia. A very appropriate analogy. So, as we begin to wrap up this show here, kind of staying in tune with the energies of love, and you have very kindly shared the story of your twin flame and how you will be reuniting with your twin flame — a 3D linear mind may have difficulty comprehending this.

And of course life experiences and expresses love in so many different ways. A plant, for example, may turn itself towards the sun to feel the light and the warmth, or it may open its petals to receive the gentle rains that you shower down upon them. They, and we, experience your love for us in what you offer to us.

But I am curious to know how you feel love. I would guess that you experience love through receiving our energies of gratitude and appreciation each time we interact with you, as you mentioned earlier in the show. But as your soul’s twin flame is reunited with you in close proximity, how do you feel that?

G:  You can think of it as a supernova. You have understandings of a mistaken theory, but nevertheless incomplete, of a big bang. But let me put it in human terms, and I speak particularly at this time of love to each of you that have experienced moments of love. (2)

Some of you have been fortunate enough to experience years and decades and lifetimes of love. You understand completely what the yearning is about. So, let us talk about the fulfillment.

It is that moment of indescribable joy, when everything from heaven and throughout the multiverse is lined up and feels right, and your heart is bursting, and you feel so — not happy — joyous. Because you have known in that moment that you are loved, that you are seen and acknowledged, not just for your physical form, not just because your hair’s just right, or your smile’s nice, but in that moment of pure love, you see that your essence, even if it is only for a millisecond, has been seen, acknowledged, and embraced fully.

You feel, in human form, like bursting into song. You can’t wipe the smile off your face. It is overwhelming to the point of tears, and you want it to last forever. And when you, my beloved children, when you experience those moments of love, so do I. That is one of the gifts the Mother gave me to sustain me.

So when we ask you to embrace the love and the joy, I am asking you to do so for me as well. It is not that you are feeling that love for me; it is just that you are feeling the love.

The light that occurs from my core and being when I experience that connection of love with my Galatea is — let me put it in practical terms — it is enough energy to light up a solar system.

[music up]

You will not need to drill anywhere.

Go with my love, and thank you for your honoring. Farewell.

GW:  Thank you, Gaia, and farewell.

Nova Earth Day is February 14th, and you can go to Golden Age of Gaia dot com [goldenageofgaia.com] for more information.

This brings us to the end of another Hour with an Angel.

Whether you are with a special partner in your life or whether you are single, perhaps a suggestion to consider this year is to create a date with Gaia. Instead of doing something commercialistic, go and spend some time together with Gaia while spending time with your partner or by yourself. Embrace her as you embrace your partner, or even as you embrace yourself.

May our hearts together unfold for the creation of Nova Gaia until the next moment of now.



(1) Steve: Gaia’s reference is not entirely clear. It seems to be to our planet Neptune.  Grener and Ashira live aboard a ship also named the Neptune. That name is from an intergalactice language which Greek and Latin are based on. Their uie of the word “Neptune” neither refers to our planet by that name nor to the Roman God of the sea.

(2) Steve: I believe Gaia is talking about transformational, universal love here rather than personal, romantic love.





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