AA Michael by Ron Head Eng 20130130 We always return to your heart. – channeled by Ron Head




Our purpose today will be to point out to many of you the tools which you have on your personal workshops, and which you do not recognize, understand, or give credence to due to the conditioning of your environments and societies.  It is important now for you to find and begin to utilize these to the fullest extent possible for you.

Of course your workshop, if you remember, is located in the heart space you find with intent when you close your eyes and move your focus into your heart.  There is more to this which you may find and which we may discuss in a later message.

The first, and most important tool is your imagination.  We think the most detrimental phrase in this regard is, “That is just your imagination.”  Well, we suppose a worse one is, “It is only my imagination.”  Your imagination is the language in which your spirit speaks to you.  It is the tool by which we can speak to you.  Great booming voices are not likely to begin coming from the heavens for you.  You must not only begin to give credence to the things which appear in your imaginations, but rejoice that you have such a wonderful tool at your disposal.  Try for the exultant feeling of, “What a wonderful thing I have imagined!”  Imagine that!  We tease you.

Now, let’s refine that just a bit.  If something comes up unbidden, undirected, into your mind, then some part of consciousness is communicating with you.  That is hearing, seeing, or whatever other description you wish to give your perception.  “But I don’t see anything” is not understanding the process.  Yes, some of you are what is termed clairvoyant, but that is not what we are talking about.  Perhaps it is better if you learn to think in terms of perceiving, not seeing or hearing.

There is also the imagination that you produce with intention.  This is visualization.  This, my dear ones, is also known as prayer.  It is the most powerful form of prayer.  If you can understand this and imbue this with feelings, you will have a most powerful tool indeed.  Then if you can learn to add, in your imaginations, smells, sounds, colors, etc., etc. then you will have something really powerful.  These prayers are not learned or memorized.  They originate in your heart.  We always return to your heart.

The final thing we would say is this.  In your hearts you have emotions and you have feelings.  You may not understand at first what we mean by that.  But you will come to realize that feelings are the language of your very soul.  When you are able to discern those, you will have found your most reliable guidance system of all.

Enough for today, my brothers and sisters.  We see you walking in amazement through the new world you are discovering.  Wonderful!  Good day.


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