The tides have turned for so many of your brethren now dear ones, and you are no longer the solitary islands dotting this vast sea of humanity. In fact, if you look closely, you will see how your neighbourhood is starting to get more and more populated by likeminded souls. Let us explain.

As we have touched upon earlier, these massive injections of light will have their effect not only on you, the early risers as it were, but also on the whole congregation. In other words, no being alive on this planet today will go through this untouched by the finger of grace, and as such, your numbers will vastly multiply in the time ahead. That does not mean that you will feel as if immersed in a veritable deluge of friendly souls from one day to the next, far from it, but you will notice a steady increase in the corresponding vibration you will detect in the people you meet. In other words, be prepared to literally tune into more than a few sympathetic souls in the time ahead, but be also prepared to meet more deaf ears around you.

You see, this is indeed a watershed, but all of humanity is still ruled by the edict of free will, and as such, it is up to each and every one whether they will listen to these new notes in the air or whether they will continue to turn away from this alluring new tune. But if they do, you will not be able to tolerate their presence as lightly as you once used to, for their tune will sound more and more false in your ears, and as such, these meetings will feel more jarring than before. In other words, the divide will become more and more noticeable, as each and every one of your fellow men will have to take a stand and make a choice whether to open up completely to this clarion call from heavens, or to shut themselves down and shut themselves away from the rest of you.

For now, indecision is no longer an option, and as such, there will be some interesting encounters for you all in the very near future. For you will meet the light coming at you from the unlikeliest of angles, but you will also meet a brick wall where you once encountered seemingly wide open spaces. So again we tell you never to take anything for granted, and stay open to whatever you might encounter. For you will be more than pleasantly surprised, but mixed in with this delight will also be a few notes of discord, as those choosing not to hear will state their mind clearly and without hesitation.

So know that from now on there will be less grey areas, and a much clearer distinction between black and white. Or rather, between freedom and fear, as those still hell bent on keeping to the ground to put it like that will fight tooth and claw in order to be left to do just that. Be that as it may, the rest of you will revel in the fact that you will see how the stream of light-seeking individuals will continue to grow into a veritable flood, and you will all be swept up in this flood, and gladly so. For this is what you have waited for, in the endless hours of this solitary journey. So look around, and you will start to pick up on the signals from all of those beginning to prick up their ears and listen in on this heavenly music alongside you. For they cannot help but join in the choir, however timid and feeble their voice will sound at the beginning. For if you remember to acknowledge their presence, they will find it much easier to find their true voice and join you all wholeheartedly.




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