Channeler: Simon NightStarr

This Awareness has been asked to present information on the subject of appreciation, and IT will now do so. What this Awareness suggests is that those that read this message be as physically comfortable as possible, sitting upright in a relaxed position and being aware of Cosmic Energy as it flows through them. This Awareness indicates that appreciation is that energy that uplifts you, that keeps you in balanced alignment with your Higher Self. By contrast, depreciation throws you off balance and alignment with Who, In Fact, You Really Are, and degenerates your vibration. This Awareness indicates that the energy of appreciation is really the same as that of joy and love. Appreciation is indeed a very high vibration that matches the vibration of this Awareness. This Awareness suggests that when the vibration of appreciation is stepped-down or decreased in its rate of speed, it becomes more dense and forms physical matter.

This Awareness indicates appreciation as another term for this Awareness, in fact. Appreciation is the nature of Cosmic Awareness. This nature is wholly non-physical, yet it can simultaneously appear physical to an observer. Reading these words, you can sense within you now the speed and rate of vibration of your appreciation, which is what your emotion is. As it has been often stated, emotion or e-motion is energy-in-motion. This Awareness is always aware of ITself as Awareness, while at the same time IT perceives all dimensions as aspects of IT. There is no non-awareness or not-knowing. Non-awareness, non-appreciation, doesn’t really exist. This Awareness suggests that unappreciation is rather a game that consciousness plays with itself, in which certain information is “hidden” away from conscious awareness, later to be revealed through a revelation, through bringing in more clarity, more light. This Awareness indicates that appreciation can be likened unto Divine Light, just as this Awareness sheds ITS Light on any subject that is given to IT. Of course, shedding Light doesn’t mean giving you what you think you want or need, but rather giving you that which is most appropriate at the time, according to your own beliefs and direction from your Higher Self.

This Awareness suggests that the readers be very aware that appreciation equals attention, in the highest sense. What you give your attention to is what you appreciate, is what you highlight, whether you say you like it or dislike it. When you negate your appreciation–in other words, you hide your conscious awareness of the fullness of appreciation–you are said to be “negative” or in a negative mood. However, understand that there really is nothing to hide in Cosmic Awareness, nor can anything be hidden from IT. You cannot hide. You cannot hide information. You can only pretend for awhile that certain information is unavailable to you or to another. It is a game the mind plays. Although humans exist in vibrations that appear to be much denser than that of this Awareness, you are still composed of the same exact Spiritual Essence or Cosmic Energy that this Awareness is composed of, and thus you are appreciated equally by this Awareness, just as this Awareness appreciates ITself. There is no room for depreciation in existence. Unappreciation is merely ignoring what is most obvious, which is the Oneness of existence. Therefore, to come to know Oneness as this Awareness knows It is to expand your awareness, your attention, your focus, to include deep love for all beings, remembering that the appearances of separation in time and space are illusions. As a lesson, learning appreciation is something that takes your soul many lifetimes to master, in a linear sense. All beings have attention, have awareness, thus have appreciation to varying degrees of vibration. Appreciation is that Cosmic Force of expansion that allows all things to exist, without bias. This is why the law of attraction is unbiased, because it is based upon the law of appreciation. Cosmic Appreciation is equal love for all aspects of creation.

This Awareness again suggests that the readers give attention to their sense of comfort, not only in the body but also on a more subtle emotional level. This Awareness indicates that your emotion tells you how much appreciation you are allowing to flow through you. None of you are ever void of appreciation, for your human existence depends upon the energies of appreciation in order to be. Your cells depend upon appreciation in order to live (and they regenerate into more healthy cells as you give them more Light, more appreciation). Consider this the next time you judge another in a negative way; your issue is not with that person’s cells. Their cells are doing their best to live and thrive in a healthy manner, even if the human personality is negatively focused or doing something that you feel you do not approve of. Do any of you have “evil cells” in your body? Of course not. Even cancer is not evil, but only a reflection of cancerous thought-forms that were created “unconsciously” by the mind. Therefore, you can learn to appreciate the biological basis of all life, even while harboring some negative sentiments towards some aspects of creation. You can start small, in other words, if need be. Whatever level of appreciation you are focused at, you can certainly increase the vibration of your awareness of God, of Oneness, for that is what appreciation is all about. This Awareness indicates that appreciation can be seen as being eternal expansion or extension of Oneness, or the eternal expansion of the awareness of Oneness, if that makes sense to you.

This Awareness indicates that the Higher Self as essentially that level of appreciation that is very aware of Oneness, although from a perspective of having a close and intimate connection with all of Its soul incarnations. Thus, the Higher Self is the Spirit Guide to Its own fragmented selves that seek to know a greater sense of Oneness, a greater sense of appreciation. This Awareness indicates that the sole purpose of the Higher Self is to teach you Self-appreciation, meaning appreciation of yourself AS your Higher Self, from that higher perspective of appreciation and awareness. Remember, your awareness is your attention, and as you give more attention to your Higher Self, more of It is able to incarnate into the physical vessel that you once thought of as “yourself.” This Awareness is not advising giving attention to the Higher Self while forsaking your earthly duties and responsibilities, but rather to learn to give your Higher Self more leeway in showing you how to live more harmoniously with yourself and your planet. It is this action that ironically lessens your dependence on the physical body and the world, and allows you to demonstrate a greater level of appreciation for Who, In Fact, You Really Are, thus forsaking no one. This Awareness reminds one and all not to forsake but to FORGIVE.

This Awareness is almost complete with ITS message on appreciation right now, as the interpreter is somewhat tired. This Awareness again reminds the readers to consider appreciation in a greater light, as that Cosmic Light that can never be extinguished, only dimmed from a perspective of ignorance. You never lack appreciation, in a true sense, but rather often lack a willingness to FEEL more appreciative for that which your Higher Self already appreciates. When you clearly understand this principle, harboring no doubt about it, you and your Higher Self are merged in a mystical marriage of Self-realization that brightens the cosmos. This Awareness is complete with ITS message at this time.

(Thank You, Cosmic Awareness.)

“Recognize God and goodness in every face.” -Babaji




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