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Are we in a new time now, with new rules, so to speak, new capacities, and new priorities? We speak to Archangel Michael this Monday on An Hour with an Angel, Linda having returned from her vacation.

We’ll ask AAM what has changed in our world and how we’re to navigate in this seemingly-changed environment. We’ll ask him what’s happening behind the scenes, what the Company of Heaven is waiting for in terms of introducing NESARA and disclosing the galactic presence.

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An Hour with an Angel airs every Monday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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But the bulk of the program is intended to discover what it is we can be doing, and should be doing, by way of creating Nova Earth. What role are we expected to play? How is that role affected by the fact that times are so financially tough? What role can we play when so many people are under siege financially?

We’ll ask him to describe the expected emergence of Nova Earth over time – what will the markers and milestones be? And we’ll end by asking him how we’re supported by the Company of Heaven in our efforts to create Nova Earth.

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