Received by, Julie Miller
January 16, 2013

Many thankful blessings from my own humble heart to all of you.
My dears, a solitary and intelligent consciousness is moving through the entire universe – what we are discussing today dear ones, is the Mind at the Universal level. The universally connected mind is ALL knowing, powerful, and creative and of course always present in the NOW. It is well understood that the Universal Mind currently exists everywhere; therefore it is also within each of you. Your precious mind at the universal level cannot be simply explained as a philosophical idea that has moved through many ages. The mind that functions at the universal level is one that understands scientific truth, identifies with this truth, believes in this scientific truth and has learned to assimilate this truth into every aspect of their lives. Yes dear ones it is a miraculous transformation when your journey brings you to such a propelling discovery of your Self. 
One of the finest minds in your history of mystics and intelligence, Albert Einstein related more than once that humans are part of a WHOLE and that whole he was referring to was the Universe. There are other names to describe the mind at the universal level and sometimes you may hear the term, the Unified Field, Universal Consciousness, Cosmic Awareness, and we are positive more can be added to this list. Just as God is described by many names depending on how His energy resonates with you at the time. However you choose to relate to the Mind at the Universal level will still provide you with understandable conclusions regarding the quality as a whole that the only differences that may arise may be a varying degree of perception and opinion. 
We encourage you to understand that the basic nature of the Mind that is Universally Whole is also considered as an Omniscience; which means it is ALL knowing, Omnipotence; which means ALLpowerful, Omnificence; which means ALL creative and Omnipresence; which means ALWAYS present. Realizing that this is also your own natural way of being, you gain entry to ALL knowledge that is either known or unknown. You have the ability within the Universal Mind to access infinite because nothing is impossible any longer – all is possible. You begin to applying the unlimited creative energy as a co-creator being and all the divine traits and values that are brilliantly within each of you become present and illuminate their potential in all possible outcomes and in all possible forms. 
Each of you has the Choice and Free Will to act upon your own personal nature. It is vital dear ones that you take the time to know yourself from the inside out. Once you have mastered yourself in all your intricacies, then the mysteries that have surrounded you become understandable. As you master yourself dear ones you tap into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind and of your higher self. As you climb into higher realms of consciousness you will learn to align yourself perfectly with the Omnipotence, Omnificence, and Omniscience of your mind at the Universal Level at all times. 
You are urged to comprehend that each of you is a pure manifestation of a solitary and Universal Consciousness – the profoundness of YOU are ALL One is not only directed to each human that you share this Earth with, but with ALL of nature and to ALL that is within the mighty Universe. Remember dear ones what you do to another is what you do to yourself; the way you regard nature, is a reflection of how you regard yourself – this is the basic understanding of the Law of One. See not just with your eyes, but with your heart and your soul that any separateness you think you are seeing is truly an illusion of the nature of your Ego.  The natural environment of reality dear ones is non-dualistic which describes that what you see might look different, what you are seeing is not detached or separate. 
Because each of you is already connected to everything you have the ability to create an ideal reality. There is no power that can separate you from yourself. You have the ability to know happiness, true real love, great health, copiousness, prosperity and anything else you intend that comes from the purity of your unconditional love that touches everything you do. Bring your Self into a frequency that vibrates harmony within the area where you wish to experience the creative power of your incredible thoughts. Understand dear ones it is essential to be the master of YOUR identity and you reach this achievement when you master your thoughts. 
Take the time dear ones to comprehend what is YOUR truth. You will become the master of your own mind and through this mastery you will direct your life where you want it to go. Feel the incredulous nature of being connected to everything and everyone. YOU are already intertwined with what it is you want most in your heart. Your own consciousness is an essential contributor to the Universal Consciousness – take hold of your journey and drive your path and experience the many wonders that will greet you with many lessons that will enrich you further with much knowledge that will be turned over into wisdom after time has had a chance to heal any disharmony that may have been encountered.  
We understand not everyone is at the same place on their spiritual journey that is bringing wonderful and positive effects into all avenues of your life. Take the time to nurture each other through sharing and understanding, LISTEN with your heart and you will KNOW when to give or when to receive. Your journey is not a lonely one. There are many wonderful divine beings with you and many yet that are waiting to be asked to guide you. When you make a silent plea for guidance, one that comes from your heart, free of all Ego, that plea will be answered and you will receive the guidance, support and love you have requested assistance for. Be strong dear ones, your journey is a blessed one, rejoice and embrace all that comes your way. 
I AM Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul through Julie Miller




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