What energy and experiences can we expect this month?

There is a feeling this month of being suspended, like everything becomes very light.  For some of you, this will feel easy and relieving.  You will feel like you are floating balloon, like things are easy.  For others of you, this feeling of lightness will be disorienting.  Some of you may feel like there is nothing to grab onto or that it is difficult to make sense of things. 

Just as if you were floating in a hot air balloon, you cannot act as if you are still on the ground or things will go poorly for you.  This month, it is a time to let go of your everyday expectations.  It is a time to release your need for order and go with the flow.  The best thing you can do this month is to keep things simple.  Be very simple and plain in your language.  Do not overcomplicate a situation.  Try to avoid assumptions.  Do not make assumptions about how other people feel or what they mean.  If you are unsure, just ask them directly.  Be as uncomplicated and straightforward as you can possibly be this month in order to help you move with lightness and freedom through the energy of the month. 

That need for simplicity is especially strong this month because many new ideas are flying around.  People have more expectations about what the year 2012 was supposed to mean, and many people have not yet come to terms with their feelings about those ideas or their feelings about the recent elections or other big changes happening.  Many people just have not yet found their own footing.  You will find people being too dramatic or making assumptions that are incorrect.  You will find that situations become more complicated than they need to be.  It will be important for you to counteract that dynamic by being very, very simple and plain in your words and actions.  Do not rush into anything; try to be gentle with yourself and easygoing with people around you. 


Are there any particular activities we can engage in to help us work best with the energy this month?

Yes.  It is a very important to spend with friends and family.  It is a good time to connect with the people that you love and to engage in community activities and communal efforts, because you can have a really profound effect on how things go for other people.  Your ability to be at peace, to use humor and kindness, and to be easy with yourself will help other people find ease with themselves. 

Do not isolate yourself this month.  Do not make things simple by being alone — make things simple by being clear and easygoing when you engage with others.  Do engage with others.  It is important that you be connected.  Part of the meaning of the year 2012 was always based on the fact that you are going through evolution as a human family, and the primary aspect of that evolution is that you are coming to realize that you are completely connected to one another.  Everything you do affects everyone else. 

This month, it will serve you to avoid isolation in order to foster that sense of connection.  Spending time with people, working through conflicts, coming to a new understanding — doing all those things you have to do to build relationships – is the very heart of what the Year 2012 represents.  You are evolving toward being a more communal people, more interconnected, recognizing that you are indeed One. 

Is there anything we can know about the day of December 21st?  What can we expect on that day based on previous prophesies and based on what is actually happening now?

This day does have a unique and powerful energy.  This is the solstice.  In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice, in the Southern Hemisphere it is the Summer Solstice.  This is a major turning point for the year, and because this year is a major turning point for humanity, this is the day that represents that shift.  But the entire shift does not happen on one single day.  The entire shift is already underway and you will continue to adjust to it in the years to come. 

It is important on this day that you honor the shifts in your life, but do not expect that everything will shift and change all by itself.  Unless you are involved in a group who creates a shift, for instance by acting as if it is the end of the world, then this day will likely unfold like any other.  Resist the temptation to make something big happen, or to create a problem where none really exists.  The shift is real, but it has already begun and you are already in the middle of adjusting to it.  Everything about life on Planet Earth is changing in the ways that were prophesied, and this day is simply the central moment, like the eye of the storm…


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