God said:

As you relax, a whole field of possibilities opens up. Tightened up, un-relaxed, possibilities freeze up. In other words, let go of what may hold you back from even dreaming your dreams. It is better to open up than to close up. It is better to open up doors and windows and air the place out. Tenseness means restrictions. You do not yet know what is possible when you come to relax, when you let go, when you let go of telling yourself, “No,” or telling yourself, “Not now, later,” or telling yourself, “Sometime.” Or telling yourself, “Never.” Life is now.

Tell yourself, “Yes!”

Why put restrictions on yourself? Why close doors? Why lock them?

Kindly open yourself up to life. You cannot always predict. Most of the time, you can’t predict. Life has a life of its own. When you dance with life, you are not restricted to a tango or a waltz or anything at all. The only way to know what comes up for you is to let it come up. Meet it. Engage it. Be a proponent of life, your life, and hold hands with it.

You cannot prevent life. You may be able to stem it back for a while, but not for long, and, anyway, why? You are here on Earth to taste the food of life. Let life be filled with surprises. Say hello to life. Don’t stay behind the curtains.

If life is a dance, then you must be a dancer. If life is a song, then you must sing. Sing to life!

Get out there and greet life. Let it give you a whirl.

Life is to be experienced not put off. Nor is life something to be afraid of. Life is going to run off with you. Life elopes with you. Come, ride on the white charger of life and vanquish all your fears. It is not really fears that keep you back from jumping into life. It is your fear of fears, beloveds. It is your rife imagination. It is your fear of life.

What can life do to you but take you with it? Lay down a red carpet for life, and make life your own. Run with it.

With life, you can’t stay still. You can’t stay still for long.

Let silence run like a deep spring that is always there, and, yet, life is a mover and doer and a giver of surprises. Let life take you by the hand and show you what life is about. It is a dance, and yet ever a dance that is new to you. It is not even that you have to learn. That’s the thing. You can’t learn it because just as you do, life swiftly pulls you off from where you are and tosses you new dance steps to learn.

Life and love are spontaneous. Rehearse all you like, yet life has its way with you. You can steer your ship, yet life will take you where it wants you. It presents you with puzzles and surprises. You may delight in them, and, why not? Why not go on the adventure that has been picked for you and leads to where you know not where.

Life does not always have to be a cruise. Life can be a swashbuckler, a kidnapper, a ransomer.

You can know this. Life has picked you out, and life will have its way with you. Start enjoying now. Hold on to your hat. Life’s adventures have come for you. There is no time to pack. Just time to go on the adventure of your life. Let go of what once was. Take off! Fly!

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