You are on the verge of enormous changes in how you experience existence which will bring you great happiness and contentment. You have been holding the intent for this moment through an extremely long series of human incarnations, while you have been learning the necessary lessons that are allowing you to release the unreal but very damaging aspects of yourselves that have chained you to the illusion. It has literally been a very punishing experience, but the lessons that you chose to learn have been well learned, and you now know that the path Home is the path of unconditional Love. Learning that was not easy, but you have persevered and, with limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms, you have succeeded.

When you live in fear and feel surrounded by painful and apparently life-threatening circumstances it is extremely difficult to believe that to follow a path paved with Love makes any sense at all, let alone believe that to do so will dissolve all the issues and problems with which it seems that you are beset. However, those of you who have made the decision to follow this path have not been let down, and although you continue to encounter difficulties they no longer appear insurmountable, and you have found that the anxiety and stress that they induced has been reduced enormously.

It all comes down to surrender. By following the love-paved path, and remaining on it, you have made the decision to accept life as it presents itself to you, knowing that everything that occurs is as a result of wise planning that took place before you incarnated, and that it all has a divine purpose that you willingly chose to undergo. The confidence that flows through you when you surrender to life’s unexpected twists and turns gives you the strength to stay the course. You have a deep sense of the importance of the path, and an underlying and unshakable faith that you are indeed doing what you came on Earth to do.

Frequently, in earthly terms, it does not seem to make sense, and friends and loved ones may question the soundness of choices they see you making. Yet within yourselves you know that those choices are right for you, and the consequences that follow are lovingly accepted and dealt with by you as the Light you are carrying intensifies, and you grow in wisdom.

Numerous members of humanity are now engaged in surrendering to the field of Love enveloping you – frequently with great surprise, as they are unaccustomed to relaxing into situations instead of attempting to control them – and finding it an uplifting and satisfying experience. This is because you are all in the final stages of the awakening process, and an essential aspect of that process is your surrender into that loving field of acceptance where all are welcomed by its warm embrace. The Light blazing out from your planet as the end of this wondrous process draws nigh is brilliant, and constantly intensifying, signaling to all the universe that your awakening is imminent. Hold the Light, hold your course, and know that you are to arrive just as divinely ordained.

Your loving brother, Jesus.




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