God said:

Inasmuch as We are One, what can be made of Our One Self? Who is speaking now, and Who is listening and writing down what I say?

It would seem that I AM, and you, the thought of you, are My fingers, and so My fingers type.

Understand, you are not lost in Me. The deepest Truth of Us is found, and so your personality finds your blessed Soul.

The drama I live as you in the world is a story of body and soul, is it not? Neither body nor soul is to be overlooked. The odds are that you — I in a body — do not overlook this aspect of Myself, yet I, the soul of you, is overlooked, played down, not as prominent as I long to be. I, as you in a body called yours, frequent other places.

Nevertheless, on Earth, I keep opening up to MySelf and finding MySelf right where I am within the supposed you.

There is no identity crisis. There never was. Your whole sojourn in life in the world is to find out Who you truly are. Without exception, I am your Magnificence. I am your True Nature. Not one human being running around on Earth is lacking Oneness with Me. How strange this seems to you. How strange that you in your fantastic body do not recognize Me in supposed others and in your errant self when, all along, you are Myself!

This is the mystery of the centuries! To solve this mystery is what you have come to Earth to solve, to dissolve, to become Our One United Self.

And, so, you are perplexed. Beloveds, you are rowing a boat to where you already are. You are looking for your Name. You are looking for the Unspoken, the Uncaptured, the Unknown.

That which you do not presently believe is what you are seeking.

I am Everywhere, and yet, you do not find Me in an encyclopedia, although, I am there too. Search for knowledge is search for God. All the while, I am sitting right where you are. I seem like a masked rider to you, and, yet, it is you who wears a disguise.

Enough of this speculation. Rather than a masked rider, I am more like the heroic steed you ride on. I am ever with you. Of course, I am. I am you, and you are I, and yet, in the world, it may seem that We, I, are at an impasse, and will never surmount the wall that seems to keep Us apart, separated by the very world We created. “O, Creator, where art Thou?”

And, yet, I know very well where I AM, and deep inside, you, that myth of you, also know. Deep deep within you, submerged, yet there, is your keen realization of Who and What I AM, and, therefore, intimate knowledge of yourself.

Yes, your body hampers your awareness because your awareness is on other things like this daily occupation you are occupied with, and, yet, behind it all, AM I, the Truth of Our One Self.

You almost have your finger on this simple awareness, this awareness that is hidden from view.

The evidence that I AM is you. You are the evidence of My Existence. You are My Being, and it has ever been so. Just now you are beginning to get the hang of it. I am like a grape high on the vine, and you are almost reaching Me. One more hop, and you will have ascended the heights that are yours and always were.


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