Channeler: Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to further support ALL at this time of major transition and shedding of what has been taught as TRUTH. Many of you may now be in the midst of chaos and the midst of shedding layers of “who you thought you were”. This is vital in the transition process into the new earth for all that exists is TRUTH and much of what the human race has been taught is NOT TRUTH. The ability to go within and to allow this process to unfold is vital at this time. For as you begin to dissolve the layers of who you think you are you unfold that which YOU ARE IN TRUTH.

As the lenses that you have placed upon your inner vision are dissolved then you are able to see the earth and the human race in new ways. The ability to see beyond the veils increases dramatically and we guide for all to be aware of this. There are many who have now moved way beyond where they started and we send much LOVE and many blessings for their continued TRUST in the process.

We wish to guide on the physical symptoms that many human vehicles may now display in response to this clearing and cleansing process. The layers of the veils of the teachings of distortion are energetic. Layers and layers of dense, heavy energy that have sat within your energy system over aeons. As you have incarnated into a human vehicle and have lived a human life experience then you will have anchored more heaviness in the form of these veils. Remember dear ones ALL IS NOW, therefore ALL timelines and dimensions are happening NOW. This is something to be aware of as you work through this clearing and cleansing process for you have access to ALL lifetimes in which you exist NOW.

These patterns of heavier denser energies are now leaving the human vehicle and we guide for you to be aware of how they present within your human vehicle. You may feel the human vehicle become very heavy and as you move through the cleansing and clearing process FEEL the lightness of BEing begin to work through you. The upper respiratory tract may become blocked as you begin to shift the energies and this may take the form of colds/flu, chest infections and breathing conditions. As the energies shift then the symptoms will shift. We draw your attention to foodstuffs and water. Use the water to cleanse the body from the inside out, HYDRATION is the key to this part of your journey dear ones. We cannot underline this enough. Eat foodstuffs that are light on the body as the body is using energy to release the lower denser vibrations. This speeds up the process. We guide for you to eat food that is easy to digest and to avoid over processed “heavy” food. The human vehicle is in effect re-setting itself.

The heavier dense energies can no longer continue to be in existence as the energetic pattern of planet earth has changed. The energy signature of mother earth is now different and it is increasing in frequency at all times. This helps the dissolving of these heavier dense veils but they may hold on due to the feeding of energy from self. Let us explain further for clarity.

Many of you are now in chaos, the new energies will have created scenarios to highlight that which no longer serves but we fully accept and acknowledge how powerful some of these scenarios “appear” to be. By falling into the drama you feed the lower energies and they are able to hold on for longer. They work to lower your vibration and as the vibration that you are lowers then the veils descend upon your inner vision. This is a cycle that can feed off itself indefinitely as you see-saw between one vibration and another. This is what we draw your attention to in order that you become the observer and DETACH from the drama.

By detaching from the drama you “starve” the lower energies of their power and you allow them to dissolve. We are fully aware how simple this sounds and how challenging you may find this in your waking everyday life and we are here to work with you as you now move through this process. Becoming aware of the triggers and working to release the triggers are the way forward dear ones. For as you interact with others they too are working to either “starve” or “feed” the teachings of distortion that exist within their energy systems. As the teachings of distortion begin to dissolve then clarity of vision is achieved and the process takes on a momentum of its own. This is what we draw your attention to as you look out on a world that at first looks like chaos but on FEELing feels that it is coming back into balance and harmony.

For balance and harmony is the key to the entire process. To dissolve the teachings within you and then rebalance SELF is the key to the new earth. From the new perspective that you are able to acknowledge from your inner vision you change your reality and you then begin to change the world. Do our words resonate dear ones? Do you understand the “smoke and mirrors” that are being used as a last attempt to contain and suppress your energies?

We ask for all to become more aware of the energies that they interact with on a daily basis. We guide for ALL to FEEL the interactions and take action when they come across the lower energetic patterns of the old. For the dissolving of the old is a process that ALL are partaking in whether they are what is termed “awake” or “asleep”. It becomes more vital as those who are what is termed “awake” work to space hold for those around them.

Know that as the energetic pattern of the planet earth increases then naturally ALL vibrations will begin to change and shift and heighten. Those around you who you may have decided are “asleep” may begin to show signs of stirring from this deep sleep. We guide against the volume of information that may overload them and we guide that you merely space hold. By LIVING TRUTH you are showing TRUTH, do you understand our guidance and our analogy?

The human race is now beginning to move beyond where human language is able to go and this will be reflected in the use of symbols and FEELings for you do not need language to show LOVE dear ones, LOVE just IS and transcends language barriers. Know that human language was created to divide and to contain and suppress. As you begin to raise your vibration and come into balance you will FEEL how those around you FEEL and the need for language will not be necessary. This works to bring together a race that has been deliberately kept separate and contained and guide for you to accept and anchor this.

As with all guidance dear ones we ask that you process through the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. This is a time of vast change and vast shifting for all within the human race. This is the walk out of darkness and into a vast bright LIGHT. Recognise dear ones that YOU are that LIGHT and that the spark that exists within each and every one of YOU is now shining brighter than ever before. This will continue until you are literally blinding by your presence here on earth. KNOW THIS.

We are the High Council of Orion and we are your galactic brothers and sisters from the stars. We wrap you in the LOVE that IS and we pour this LOVE through YOU and around YOU for in TRUTH it IS YOU.

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