Channeler: Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones, we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL at this time of mass transition and mass heightening of vibration. Those of you who are in the midst of this process we salute you, for you have begun a tidal wave of vibration that is now speeding up the entire process. Those who are now beginning the transition we implore you to look within and to KNOW that this process is one that will bring joy and abundance to you daily life experience. It is heartening to KNOW that ALL are now in vibration with the new earth, even if you read our words and this does not resonate with you at this moment in time we encourage you to carry on and allow the transition to show YOU TRUTH. The new earth is being populated moment to moment and as you begin to release and to anchor the new then TRUTH is revealed to SELF.

Events will now transpire within the human life experience at society level that will confirm our guidance and our support. For as ALL work to release ALL from the bonds of the veils of the teachings of distortion then more is available to see and to anchor. That which you may have glossed over or paid little heed to will now be shown to YOU in technicolour. For many of you are under the impression that only small sections of humanity are able to understand the bigger galactic picture and this is NOT TRUTH. Those who have connected with us are now more able and more willing to state this publicly and this will once more increase the vibration of all. Those teachings that kept their words and their actions below the surface are now unable to hold back to the flood of information that will now begin to pour across and within planet earth and we guide for ALL to realise and accept this.

There are those in the public eye who will now begin to reveal TRUTH to ALL and we guide that this is part of the unfolding. For whilst you believe yourself to be in a minority you are still bound in the veils of the teachings of distortion. The ability for ALL to speak their TRUTH and have that TRUTH heard is now expanding. Support will now show for YOU where it has been “lacking” before. We say “lacking” as that is a human phrase and the one that perhaps best fits. ALL has been before YOU as ALL now is before YOU but the vibration of the planet and of the human race may have hidden this from YOU. As YOU now move in vibration, as the planet moves in vibration and as human consciousness in general moves in vibration then more will be revealed.

Ancient knowledge will now pour across and within planet earth and we guide this is not restricted to “few” for that is not TRUTH. The ancient knowledge is within each and every human BEing upon planet earth for you may be in human form at this moment but YOU are more than human, do our words resonate? Do you understand how the ancient knowledge that YOU contain will now be accessible by YOU through YOU?

THIS is the information that has been kept from your grasp, it has been kept energetically inaccessible to YOU for aeons within your human form and this will now shift and move as YOU shift and move in vibration. Those who are now remembering will continue to remember at deepening levels and we call out to those who are now beginning the process for ALL is a process. Reach out to those around YOU, allow TRUTH to be shown to SELF on ALL levels and as with all information please process through your heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH.

The landscape of planet earth is changing vibrationally as YOU change vibrationally and this will continue to expand and grow as once more the energies heighten. YOU have all passed the point of no return and we guide to confirm that ALL is perfect. That which YOU came here to BE is revealed within SELF. Let not another try to hide YOUr TRUE identity for that is not TRUTH and will not be supported by the new earth energies. We ask for ALL to anchor TRUTH and to accept that ALL are vast BEings of LIGHT within the universe.

That which has stopped your inner vision will now be revealed to SELF in order that you dissolve the teachings that have blocked said vision. We ask for ALL to hold SELF in the LOVE that IS and to pour the LOVE that IS through ALL for ALL ARE ONE. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? Do you understand that the great unveiling of TRUTH begins within SELF? Do you understand the need for self to KNOW SELF?

The work done within SELF is the key to the work done at planetary level, for YOU are planet earth and planet earth is YOU for ALL ARE ONE. The planet you have incarnated upon is now aligned with SELF and we ask that YOU align SELF with planet earth. YOU may be a child of the stars but YOU also inhabit the vehicle of a child of planet earth and we guide for ALL to anchor this TRUTH.

“Do unto others as YOU would do unto SELF”, is the phrase that we would guide for you to anchor at this time for ALL are a reflection of SELF. That which you are working to dissolve may be shown through the reflections of those around YOU. That which is trying to be revealed as TRUTH will also be reflected in the mirrors that are around YOU in the form of other human BEings. ALL are reflections for ALL, do you understand our guidance ? our analogy?

TRUTH just IS dear ones, it has no right, no wrong for ALL just IS. As YOU move into balance and harmony this TRUTH will be revealed at ever deepening levels. We are the High Council of Orion and we are here with YOU as you now walk a new landscape. Take time to venture around this landscape for at first it may seem somewhat strange, even “alien” to you but soon YOU will recognise it for in TRUTH dear ones it is YOU. We wrap YOU in the LOVE that IS dear ones and we ask that YOU embrace ALL for ALL ARE ONE. We are YOUr galactic brothers and sisters from the stars and WE ARE YOU.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.





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