Dear Earthlings and dear Crew!

We rejoice today in thanking you for your love and grace in being part of our blessed crew. We thank you for your assistance in our missions. The missions the Aurora crew is taking part are all sacred and ordained from above.

As member of the crew, you are being targeted more than once by the cabal’s last agents. You need to be aware of this fact, as the cabal is trying everything to prevent Earth’s Ascension and in particular the Galactic incarnated beings. Their tactics are divide and conquer, which is a tactic that they use to create wars and divide families.

We urge you to remain strong, as incarnated Galactic beings, your coming together, on a blog such as AuroraDreamflight has been and is continually attracting the cabal’s attention. This is the reason why we have requested of Multidimensional Ocean to make her blog private.

We ask you to respect the confidentiality guidelines in the future, concerning your crew’s comments as well as the messages received from us. You know our regular sources, to whom we give messages, and we encourage you to continue following these sources.

On another note, I wanted to personally congratulate the team on the extra-ordinary work you have done during the dreamflight of Saturday last.

Although many of you do not recall what has been going on, I wanted to reassure you that our mission was an entire success. As a result, many lightworkers are taking action in trying to put an end to the war between Israel and Gaza. We are particularly sensitive to this topic, as this matter concerns civilian population and also children.

We are very eager to see peace successful on Gaia. The energies of 21st December 2012 will allow you to lift your awareness levels. We expect that for a good part of that magic day, many of you will live an amazing uplifting experience.

We see much love projected towards that very day, we anticipate a wonderful uplifting atmosphere. The energies of the day are expected to be enough to raise your level of consciousness.

We have been monitoring your exchanges on the blog, and we wish to tell you that we have the best hopes for humanity and for Mother Earth for that day. Keep an open mind concerning all possibilities and please do not allow fears to permeate into your mind concerning the success of the day.

We strongly desire that the entire planet will remain in the 5th dimensional realm permanently from the 21 st Dec. on. Already many cabal agents are unable to stand the light levels on Gaia and have left in great numbers. They are still, however, trying their best to infiltrate the human consciousness from the 4th Dimension through channlers and also through methods of fear upon lightworkers.

We send you all our continuous love. We continue to monitor all your daily interactions and keep a cloak of love over you.

Please remain focused on peace and on your inner light. Commander Bashir, Aurora Commander.

♦Message channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

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