Enlightening Videos 20121119 ~ We Are All Divine Creators – Urgent Message from Kiesha Crowther ‘Little Grandmother’


We Are All Divine Creators – Urgent Message from Kiesha Crowther ‘Little Grandmother’

Published on Mar 9, 2012 by Ashaatur
We are all magnificent, powerful and Divine Co-creators of the Great ONE.
Shaman Wisdom Keeper. In a very powerful and moving interview she reveals her opinions and feelings on subjects like 2012, changes on earth, love, oneness, gratitude, indigo and crystal children, nutrition, angels, crystal planting, power places and more…

Here you can see full Interview: http://vimeo.com/11191065
Interview on the Channel “2012 and beyond” with Kiesha Crowther “Little Grandmother”, Galactic Federation of Light First Contact Ashtar Command Project World Evacuation Cropcircles REVOLUTION is Now love liebe truth wahrheit maya alien et ufo Planet X Nibiru evakuierung 2012 dna dimension galactic Consciousness Bewusstsein fifth dimension God Jesus Christ paradise kingdom of heaven New Golden Age of Aquarius Pleiadians Sheldan Nidle Mayan Calendar Bibel ovni нло круги на полях инопланетяне cropcircles kornkreise Shambhala Agharta Third Reich Atlantis enigma spiritual era delerium romantic ryan farish amethystium sleepthief spirit new age ambient final fantasy Spiritual Awakening Mandalas meditation StarWheels chillout Myst 4 IV Revelation
Apocalypse Apokalypse Enthüllung Offenbarung
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