Channelled through Natalie Glasson-18/11/12

 It is a great blessing to be able to share our love, knowledge and aspects of enlightenment with your energy at this most sacred time on

the Earth. A time of celebration when all that we have been striving to achieve as a united consciousness is beginning to manifest more

fully on the Earth. Your soul and your heart knows with great certainty all that you are trying to achieve and the reason that you are so

dedicated to your spiritual growth at this time and in your current lifetimes. Do you allow your soul and heart to speak of its certainty to

you? We believe this would greatly support you at this time creating a more intense sense of security, if you simply allow your heart and

soul the space and time to speak with you of why you are traveling the journey you experience at this time.  We imagine that the goal of

your soul is to connect more fully with the Creator and to experience the energy of the Creator more fully but as you have certain

preference so does your soul. Your soul may also have other reasons for wanting to experience ascension at this time with personal

goals to achieve for personal soul and soul group fulfilment.


Let yourself first hold the intention of understanding the reason for your soul experiencing ascension at this time.


Then allow yourself to enter into a peaceful or meditative state. Focus on breathing in and out through your heart chakra in order to

connect with your heart chakra and soul more fully.


Then simply ask your soul and heart to speak with you in anyway it wishes sharing with you its certainty, all it is trying to achieve in this

moment of ascension and the reason for your dedication and devotion to your spiritual path.


Breathe with complete faith that the answers you require will come with divine timing.


You may be surprised with the insights that come forward to you, whether small or large they will assist you in gaining greater clarity and

understanding in your current reality and perspectives.


We wish for you to understand that your energy vibration is quickening with each day of your existence on the Earth. Simultaneously at

this time the Earth’s vibration is quickening in speed also, this is causing many to feel a pressure or expectation building within, such as

a panic that there is no longer sufficient time to complete all that is needed. The elemental kingdom and nature kingdoms are

experiencing this quickening as they are united in experiencing ascension with you at this time. Many beings, stars and planets are

sending their vibration and light to the Earth with an intention of quickening the energy vibration of all. The purpose of quickening the

energy vibration is to allow for a deep and tremendous healing process to take place in a short period of time while connecting and

attuning all to the energy of the Creator with greater intensity. It is as if the quickening of your energy vibration is akin to a wave carrying

you closer to the Creator therefore awakening your being more fully. An opening of your energy and heart can be achieved at an

accelerated speed which would not occur at a slower energy vibration, it is as if you are being held and carried in light that you wouldn’t

normally absorb but this is awakening you further. At this time it is essential that you remain at peace and in balance because it may feel

as if a whirlwind is occurring around you and within you but it is a whirlwind of healing, releasing and moments of ecstasy so it could be

over whelming for those who do not allow themselves to remain balanced. We believe that this quickening of energy vibration will

continue for a few months beyond December 2012 but then the energy vibrations will begin to settle and slow slightly in order to give you

a period of recovery, processing and adjustment.


One way of describing what is occurring at this sacred time is to imagine that you are travelling on a train. Beside the train tracks you are

traveling on is another set of train tracks. In the distance you can see a train traveling in the same direction as your train; you instantly feel

that this is your preferred journey. Everyone on the train feels the same way so you all imagine the train going faster and so it begins to

pick up speed and the train is now travelling so fast that it is drawing up alongside the other train and there is one window of opportunity

where you must take a leap of faith as two trains move ever so quickly along the tracks. You leap and you make it, feeling tremendous

relief. You are given all you wanted from boarding the train, it was worth the effort and now you have time to adjust to your surroundings

as you continue to travel.


The Earth’s and everyone’s vibration is being quickened so that you can make that leap of faith and jump with greater certainty and

devotion into the arms of the Creator, receiving energies and insights that you desire with a period after the climax of energies for you to

process, recover and enjoy the new energies that you have accessed.


It is important at this time to not allow the quickening of your energy vibrations to manifest into manic or unfocused actions and thoughts

within your reality. There is a need to realise that the quickening of energy must be supported by the energy of peace and balance rather

than a fast moving pace on the Earth or in your spiritual practices. So practices of relaxation, meditation, breathing are essential at this

time in order to allow for balance within your physical being and energetic systems to take place, otherwise you may find that you and

your body become more stressed, anxious or unbalanced.


There is a reason and a divine purpose for our energies of Lord Merlin and Lady Quan Yin to unite together today bringing forward our

message to you. I, Lord Merlin am an overseer of the elemental kingdom and have deep connections with the Earth. I, Lady Quan Yin,

hold the energy of the goddess and represent the energies of the higher vibrations of the Creator’s universe to you at this time. As we

unite our energies together we represent to you the energy of balance which is so needed upon the Earth and within your being. Your

physical body needs the balance of experiences of peace as its energy vibration quickens in speed, there is a need for balance

between your mind and your emotions, between your personality and your spiritual soul. There is a need for balance between your focus

upon your connections with the Creator and your connections with the Earth as well as a balance between material thoughts and actions

and spiritual practices. We are asking you to accept harmony and peace within your reality and being and between all things. If you focus

too intensely on your spiritual practices you will become ungrounded which will not serve you, like wise if you neglect to make space and

time for yourself your stress levels could build causing you to neglect your spiritual practices and focus. At this time balance is so

important, allow yourself to remain balanced and at one with the Earth and the inner planes, remember that both the Earth and the inner

planes are transforming as are you and so there is a need to remain deeply connected with both over this sacred time. There may also

be a need to observe your thoughts and emotions to realise whether you are accepting, acknowledging or enacting extremes rather than

allowing yourself to be neutral, at peace and centred within your being. You may even find that your devotion to the Creator and your

spiritual path becomes too intense at this time. It is important to discover where this intensity is coming from. Through your achievement

of balance you will begin to acknowledge and understand yourself more fully as even this is a process of release, allowing yourself to

move with and in the flow of the Creator, trusting and loving yourself unconditionally while sharing openly with the Creator.


We have been guided to speak with you today because we both believe that there is a need for you to become more grounded in your

energies. There is a need for you to enter into nature or simply stand upon the soil of the Earth and imagine your feet being planted deep

into the Earth as if you are a tree. Imagine all the light and love that you are, being shared from your feet chakras into the Earth and with

the soul of Mother Earth. Allow yourself to breathe as if with greater relief and relaxation, knowing you are safe and loved by Mother

Earth. Our beloved Mother Earth wishes you to know that she is supporting you, your shifts and ascension at this time, she will not fail you

in her support and love for you and asks you at this time to simply relax deeper into the Earth, especially the nature and elemental

energies as well as Mother Earth expansive heart. Not only will this allow you to become more balanced but it will act almost as a

reminder to your soul and entire being of your purpose and mission at this time on the Earth. By grounding yourself in this way you are

not only allowing yourself to embody all the light that you are and are receiving but you are also bringing yourself back to your centre and

the focus that you need at this time to fuel your spiritual evolvement. This process will allow for a deeper awakening within your being that

encourages you to accept and receive more light than you ever thought was possible.


In order to enhance the energy and presence of balance within your being Lady Quan Yin offers her services and energies to be of

assistance to you. She asks that you call upon her in meditation to come forward and to shower you in the energy of balance from the

Goddess Realm. As you breathe in the goddess light you can ask Lady Quan Yin to make necessary shifts within your entire being and

on all levels of your being to bring about a greater existence and reality for you of balance. It may be that Lady Quan Yin brings your

emotions, mind, focus, energy or any other aspect of your being; expression or actions into complete and absolute balance.  It is then

important to ask Lady Quan Yin to bring your entire being into balance with your soul, soul group, the Earth, the inner planes and the



‘Beloved Lady Quan Yin. I call upon your energies and love to shower me in the most appropriate vibration of Goddess

Balance so that I may breathe balance deep into my being while simultaneously activating it from within me being. Please

make the necessary shifts within my entire being that allow me to exist as and experience the energy of balance from the

Goddess Realm and the Creator.

Please bring my entire being into balance with my soul,

Please bring my entire being into balance with my soul group,

Please bring my entire being into balance with the Earth and Mother Earth,

Please bring my entire being into balance with the inner planes,

Please bring my entire being into balance with the Creator

Let me experience the relief of balance, harmony and peace vibrating throughout my entire being and reality, allowing for

divine and sacred attunements that support me at this sacred time of growth.

Thank you Lady Quan Yin.’


You may also wish to call upon Lord Merlin and Lady Quan Yin to bring balance and peace to your physical body also,


‘I call upon the sacred presence of Lord Merlin and Lady Quan Yin, I ask that you anchor the presence, quality and energy

of balance deep into my physical body to support my experience of my energy vibration quickening. Assist me in

experiencing the blissful effects of an accelerating energy vibration in the most balanced, peaceful and harmonious way.

Thank you for your love, support and divine influence.’


Please know within your being and heart how loved you are at this very moment,

We love you unconditionally,

Lord Merlin and Lady Quan Yin





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