Quan Yin on the Simplicity of Enlightenment

I am Kuan Yin. I am the manifestation of compassion and wisdom. I deliver my message with clarity and simplicity. I do so to honor you and your path, of which you are the observer, creator and master.

You are made of sound and sound comes first in the universe. Your body is a temple. It is the physical dwelling place and extension of your Authentic or Always Self, which is the essence of your being. As you go through life you forget about your Always Self. But, it is always with you and it is always you.

You are a projection of love. You exist in love. Love all that sustains and surrounds you. Love the Earth, love the Air, love the Water and love the Fire. Love the part of Self that is of the ethers.

There is only eternity, knowledge and bliss, but you are terrified this might not be true. Your fear is ego at work and ego keeps you from being free. Yet, you want to experience and ego makes it possible. So, don’t curse the ego. Neither should you fear desire. This is why you’re here, to taste and live. Approach your life as an array of choices, experiences and desires, and know that you are already liberated. Remember, there is no right or wrong path; there is only the path that you choose. Whatever path you choose, you will always have opportunities to grow and expand.

If you feel stuck for a period of time, this is given unto you by your soul as a resting place. Don’t judge it as being stuck, see it as transition. You are meant to be the Watcher. Instead of judging, just see.

You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are juggling the dream in the world of dreams. You are the creator. You create your whole world from your thoughts and beliefs, and you have infinite realities to choose from. Your beliefs are so powerful that they create realities that expand your experience or entrap you over and over. The universe will bring whatever you ask for.

The purpose of your life is to marvel and enjoy all you’ve created as well as to use your focused intent to imagine the possibilities of something greater than what is right here.

You are experiencing a change that will allow your physical body to enlighten while in this world. It will not hurt your body. It will allow a new energy to support itself within your body. Be the Watcher. Observe what is shifting. Don’t try to push the process. Celebrate and avoid hardships during this transition. By following your intuition and bliss you will live up to the enlightened connection that is now opening to all. Enlighten yourself in order to support ALL in enlightenment.

The truth is it’s already complete. You are already free. It’s a dream. Remember? There is no such thing as time. Being in the moment is your link to eternity. The present is the Way; it is the vehicle for changing reality. Slip into the universe while living in this dream, this present. Your escape hatch is right here.




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