I AM Love and I AM Light

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message 

November 16 – 23, 2012

Channeled by: Julie Miller

Energy particles are present in every space. If you really quiet the mind, you can feel this energy within the silence of a room, feel a spike in energy after a experiencing a live performance; and often while witnessing a wedding an abundance of love and joy can be experienced. No matter the cause these are energy particles that vibrate with the energies that are most definitely within each of you. Yes you are filled with spiritual energy and this precious energy is affected by what you choose to consume, the kind of thoughts you choose to keep and the many emotions you feel. The truth is dear ones, the higher your dear bodies vibrate, the healthier you will be overall. Having uplifting thoughts and emotions will support not only your mood but your health as well.
Take a moment to consider the amount of concentrated effort you employed on certain problems that entered your life or any ill judgements of other people or of a situation. Reflect on all the things you are grateful for in your beautiful life. During this reflection, think of equal amount of feelings you have for each of the things you are grateful for. Your thoughts do have their own vibrations which do contribute to your own precious body’s emotions which influence your complete flow of energy. Notice dear ones when your spiritual energy is graceful and smooth, flowing with incredible ease and weightlessness all else within your precious being matches this. Just think dear ones, how much healthier you would be if you could always live from this place of weightlessness. Imagine as well how many ‘like’ and wonderful things you will attract from this highly evolved energized state of being.
Your true essence as Beings of Light, you are naturally in a state of ease, feeling of light and joy fills your entire being to the point that laughter and contentment is often expressed. When you go through any dark moment in your journey this often clouds over because you fall into a pothole of your analytical mind when filled with heavy emotions that can derail your enlightened success for a temporary moment of time. At the moment dear ones when you forget the joy and contentment of living in the Light you allow your critical Egoic mind to be in control of your reactions and actions. Indeed this often puts you on the path to problematical thoughts, criticisms and heavy emotions. It is important dear ones to not turn your back on these experiences because through them there is so much growth potential since each one has much to teach you. Out of your darkest of moments when you begin to reconnect with your true self once again, you do climb back up to the higher place of spiritual achievement before you allowed the heavy emotions to bring you into a state of deep contemplation. You find yourself filled with renewed wisdom and often neutral towards the cause of the downward spiral that caused temporary disharmony. Your thoughts dear ones hold so much power. The length of time for you to remain in a place of ill thoughts is depends on how quickly you can redirect those heaving feelings and clear your thoughts and emotions by shifting your energy that is love-filled. When you find your central ground within yourself and the world on a global scale, you will discover your true self is wondrous and amazing.
When you are centered well you will be more aware of your emotions and be in control of any and/or all of negativity. The more centered you are the better you will be at communicating with your body from an inner knowing perspective. You will recognize how you see yourself and learn how you view other people. To be centered you must focus your awareness towards the central part of your head in an area that is not too far from your forehead. Where your concentrated planning stems from is where you put your compassionate self-healing to work. As you center you will discover yourself living in the truth of your true Self.
Grounding is essential dear ones as it supports you to be conscious of your body representing you in the present moment. You connect to your Earth Mother when you allow roots to grow from the base of your spine, or root chakra. Your Earth Mother helps to dissolve any discord or ill emotions as you allow this energy to flow out of your spirit body. Her coolness revitalizes you back to the appropriate levels of energy. It is important dear ones to practice grounding each time you begin any meditation in order to let go of any toxic energy that may linger or any other issues you may be dealing with. Become one with your Earth Mother, she will nurture you, love you and care for you if you open that precious heart and let her in,
Understand dear ones that your spiritual energy isn’t only with what is beneath your skin. It surrounds your physical body as an electromagnetic field of energy that is viewed by colour. This space that surrounds your body, you own it. And by owning this particular field of space you are acknowledging your awareness of your own aura and through this awareness you will set up appropriate boundaries that will protect your precious heart. Your aura dear ones offers you support to live within your space instead of spreading it out and weakening it. At the same time, your aura protects you from other dear souls from moving their energy and emotions into your space. It is always best to have your aura at arm’s length from your physical body – in front, behind, next to, above and below.
Many times dear ones your energy remains with other dear souls you recently interacted with, tasks you’ve been working on, and situations that dominated your focus during the day. To bring back your energy simply call out to it and draw it back by envisioning golden sun or disk that works like a magnet. Call to your energy, telling your energy how much you appreciate it and love it. Bring your wandering aura in through the crown of your head and ensure you have released all your energy back into your space. As you complete doing this dear ones you will discover yourself feeling more refreshed as your own spiritual energy begins to move through you once again.
We encourage each of you to be more aware of yourself as a spirit in the middle of your mind and play with moving your energy from one place to another from within your body. You only need to tune into your state of weightlessness and comfort and say hello to your body. Be aware of how your body is feeling; make a mental note if you feel heaviness from your body that doesn’t match the weightlessness of your mental state. Find the root cause to this heaviness and allow it to be released in order to bring your whole self into complete balance once again. Within each of you is an inner power to control the level of delight and joy you wish to experience. It is within your control to raise the vibration of any amusement and to allow this joy to fill each component of your body. You could even create an inner map beginning at the center of your head and follow the vibration by the use of a golden thread that will connect you to your whole body – allowing you to become aware of the vibration of pure love and permitting this divine energy to move throughout your entire body.
As you learn to operate through your deepening spiritual awareness, the easier it will be for you to shift your energy thus creating a healthier lifestyle. Remember dear ones you are to live in the here-and-now-moment. Learn what can from each past moment, releasing all pain that will allow you to move forward positively and with confidence. Many can advise you dear ones, but it is you that much choose which way your journey will take you.
Never forget, not even for a second that you are love. Remind yourself throughout the day through I AM affirmations: I AM Love, and I AM Light. Tell yourself often that you appreciate your inner being, speak love to your own Self and forgive yourself. Focus with pure intent and attention on the knowing that you can always choose to experience love in every single moment of your life. We ask you to believe this wholeheartedly because it is a truth that is shared with each of you. It is through this truth that your own divine purpose is discovered. When you choose to have faith in your Self and bring yourself into heavenly alignment with God and allowing God to direct you and guide you through your absolute surrender, knowing and trusting in God’s endless love and protection. Believe dear ones that God will always guide you to peaceful solutions through the deepest love He has for all His sons and daughters. Through His never-ending light dear ones you will find yourself out of fear-filled moments and into His beacon of light and through your walk from each darkened moment that brings you along your destined journey, your love and knowledge will help waken others to begin discovering and fulfilling their purpose. Embrace God with your whole heart; do not fear…simply Love.
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller




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