The manuscript of survival 20121030 Beyond Borders Heavenletter #4358 Published on: October 30, 2012


Vastness is greater than the sky and the ocean combined. Vastness is infinite. It is greater than any Wholeness you can imagine. Vastness is way beyond borders. There is even no horizon to it that you are unable to see beyond. O Vastness, it is glory, and, yet, it is beyond glory. Vastness is vaster than vast. All of Earth is but a dot in the field of Vastness, yet no dot is possible within Vastness.

We cannot even say that Vastness is huge. The word huge implies a circumference. There is no circumference to Vastness. There is no enclosure.

We cannot even say that Vastness is endless. There can be no thought of end or endless when it comes to Vastness.

Being abuts on Vastness. Beingness is vast. Beingness suggests a liquid drop of life that contains everything. And, yet, Vastness and Beingness are without content, even though all the content of life comes from untold Beingness and untold Vastness.

Beingness and Vastness are like intransitive verbs in that they have no objects. They simply are. We could also say that there is a Vastness of Beingness or, We could say, Vastness is Nothingness, and, yet, the Nothingness is Great.

You are Beingness. Oneness is All, and, yet, Oneness is Nothingness. It cannot be counted. It cannot be walked on. Nothingness is Vastness. Vastness and Beingness, by whatever name, are beyond Everything.

There are times when your heart has experienced Vastness. Love is vast. You do have a clue as to the Nature of Vastness. You have had hints of it, and, yet, Vastness is greater than the hints you have had. Vastness is Fullness, and Vastness is also Emptiness. The Emptiness of Fullness is all-embracing. You do not travel Vastness, yet, wherever you are, you are in Vastness, and yet you are the Vastness of the Vast. You are beyond Vastness.

Within the drop of an Ocean is the Whole Ocean, the Ocean Entire, the Ocean Complete with no banks to contain the Ocean in. Vastness is without Containment, yet all is contained within a drop of Vastness. A drop is Vastness Itself, and yet a drop in the ocean is only a drop of the Ocean. It is an inkling of Ocean. A drop of Ocean does not know its Vastness, and that is all the difference in the world.

I, God, am Vastness. You are more than a drop of Vastness, yet you know it not. You fathom it not. You are not a little pond, and you do not live in a little pond. You live in Vastness and, yet, have no conception of it.

You are the Vastest of the Vast, and you cannot even conceive it. You have not conceived of Yourself. We could say you are a stranger in a strange land, and yet you are nowhere but in Vastness. You are never without the Vastness of God. You swirl with Me in the firmament, and, yet, you seem to know only your feet attached to the ground you walk on.

That which is measurable is not you. You are immeasurable. You are more than the Vastness of ten million Oceans, and, beloveds, the dandelion is no less than you within the hearing of Vastness.

The dandelion is considered a weed, and you may consider yourself a weed. What is the difference between you and the dandelion? The dandelion is totally attuned to Vastness while you may make yourself a stranger to it. The birds that sing are more closely attuned to Me. And the lions that roar are more closely attuned to Me.

You are My Great Treasure. You have been granted Free Will. Along with Free Will comes responsibility. Be aware of the treasure you are and the treasure that all My Children are, for you are One in the Vastness of Love.




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