*Your Vibration Affects the Whole*


via Randy Monk

Greetings, beloveds. Your life has meaning. You came here to make a
difference, to expand who you are, thereby enhancing the whole.

You make a difference as you come upon situations in life that you call
challenges, and transform the energy of the event. This can be any kind of
challenge, large or small. Most of your difficulties will involve your
health (or someone else’s), relationships and money (financial situations).

As you anticipated your arrival on the earth plane, you knew that you would
have all of the necessary capabilities to deal with any and all obstacles
in life. Now that you are here and living life, many of you have forgotten
this. You have forgotten that the solution exists along with the problem.

Dear ones, you are capable of effectively dealing with any and all
challenges you are faced with. You are capable of this and much more.

When you experience an uncomfortable situation, look for the solution. You 
must focus your attention on the solution for it to present itself easily. If you continually look at the difficulty you are focusing on, the problem
 expands; therefore, you are expanding the problem rather than exposing the 

If you are worrying, you are focusing on the problem; it expands the 
troublesome situation rather than providing an expedient solution. When you
 find yourself worrying, acknowledge that you are worrying and ask yourself
 what the solution is, or ask a higher power what the solution is, then look
 for the answer and keep looking (and asking) until it appears. Once you 
ask, you must be vigilant, you must be conscious, because the answer can
come in many forms and may not come in the form you expect.

Dear ones, when you are confronted with a problem, we encourage you to ask 
for, and expect to find the solution; focus on the solution rather than the 
problem. We assure you that the solution exists and is available to you. Please have an open mind; do not limit yourself, because the solution may
 not be what you expect it to be.

As life brings forth challenges, and it will, ask for our help and we will
 assist you.

Life’s challenges are opportunities to transform energy. When you look at 
an obstacle as an opportunity to transform the energy, it changes your 
perspective; it changes your attitude toward the challenge and it
 transforms the energy of the situation.

You play an important role in the adventure you call life. Your role
 contributes to the whole in a positive or negative manner. We encourage you
 to help raise the vibration of the planet by looking at life’s challenges
 as opportunities to transform the energy, by focusing on the solution.

As you ask for our help, we will come forward to assist you.

You are loved beyond your knowing.





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