“You would not be able to experience the light if you did not have someone willing to play the role of the dark”

Angelic Guides

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of judgment.  This is a challenging topic for many of you, which is why we would like to try to shed some light on the subject.  Many of you are in the process of trying to release judgment; the judgment of yourselves, as well as the judgment of others.  Really it stems from the same root; it is just simply two branches of the same tree.  To judge another, really is quite impossible.  We say this because any judgment you hold for another is something you judge with in yourselves.  Remember that your inner reality is always reflected in your outer reality.  It can be no other way.

So let’s further discuss the topic of judgment.  We will begin with the judgment of self.  One of the most difficult things for humans to achieve is self-love.  This is quite a large issue amongst all cultures around your world.  You are all so very hard on yourselves.  Your minds go wild with “what ifs” and ”if only’s”.  Most of you are actually much more tolerant of others than you are of yourselves.  We ask you, why is that?  Why are you so very hard on yourselves?  Why do you demand such perfection?  From our perspective their really never are mistakes, just one decision over another which allows you to experience different realities.

It is so very hard for all of you to love yourselves just the way that you are.  You often find yourselves wishing you were, taller, thinner, better, stronger, faster.  You focus on what you don’t like when there is so very much for you to love about yourselves.  By focusing on what you do like about yourselves, you allow for more of it to be experienced.  What you focus on expands.  We implore you to just take one day out of your lives which you do not allow yourself to judge yourselves harshly and watch just how different you feel.

Many of you hold a constant fear of what others will think of you.  You worry that you won’t fit in, or that you will somehow make a fool of yourselves.  Judgment is isolating.  But know that when you are feeling judged it is stemming from your own beliefs, not theirs.  Your beliefs are always reflected back to you.  You create your reality and the experiences in it.   If you believe you look beautiful, then you will only experience situations that allow you to feel more beautiful.  Maybe someone may not think that you look beautiful, but they will not be part of your experience because it is not what you are pulsing out. Like attracts like. Your beliefs are always reflected back to you through your reality.  Your outer reality and the experiences in it is always a very good indication of what beliefs you are truly holding onto.  If someone criticizes the way you do something, then you are holding that same fear of being criticized for that very same thing.  Your beliefs will always be reflected back to you, usually through others to show you that you are holding the belief.

Now when we said that when you judge another you are essentially judging yourselves, we mean just that.  We are all one and in reality there is no separation, it only seems like there is in this illusion that you are choosing to be a part of.  When you find yourself judging another, you can be sure that you are holding on strongly to a belief about what you are judging them for.  Truly allowing yourself to be neutral on a topic and to observe the situation from a detached point of view is what we would say allows for the most amount of freedom; freedom for you and freedom for the person and situation that you are observing.  Remember that judging something as good is still judging.

Now remember that neutral does not necessarily mean that you are indifferent to a situation; that would imply that you simply don’t care.  No, that is not what we mean when we are referring to remaining neutral.  We are asking you to practice being a neutral  detached observer.  One that is not partial to either side and does not have any preconceived judgments about which side is “right” and which side is “wrong”.  This form of neutrality allows you to simply observe a situation for what it is, with no sense of attachment to the outcome.  For once you master neutrality, we can assure you, you will never have a “bad” day again.  How could you if you no longer judge something as bad?

You may be wondering how you can remain neutral in a dualistic reality.   We would say that an integral part to achieving neutrality is: understanding.  How so?  You look at a situation and it is hard for many of you to view it from a detached perspective because of the judgments that you hold in your hearts.  We understand that from your perspective there are many atrocities still being committed throughout your world.

We say that understanding is an integral part to becoming neutral because without it, neutrality would be impossible.  We ask that when viewing any situation you remember that all parties involved have willingly agreed to participate in the experience.  Now it may be hard to accept for some of you that some would agree to be a “victim” but on a soul level they have.  There is nothing that can be done to you that you have not on some level agreed to experience.  Remember all of the experiences that you are having in this reality are for the overall soul growth and the learning that will be gained from the experience.  From our perspective none of this is really actually happening. From our perspective it is as if all of you have agreed to play many different roles in many different types of movies.  You can choose to watch a sad movie for a form of entertainment.  You watch the movie and you are enveloped in the drama but you happily walk away from the movie knowing “it wasn’t real”.  It was just pretend.  The actors are actually all fine and no one really got hurt.  They agreed to play those roles for the entertainment of others.  They are all fine in real life but in the movie the actors may have suffered.  We see no difference between you watching a movie and you “playing your roles” that you have agreed to in your lives here on Earth.   So by knowing that all parties have agreed to play these roles, it is a bit easier to view the “story” or the “movie” from a more detached view-point.

Remember that you would not be able to experience the light if you did not have someone willing to play the role of the dark.  All of you have had many lives old souls, not all of them have been what you would term “of the light”.   We ask that you honor their decision to play in the dark, because they too are performing a service in duality.

We hope that this message has in some way helped you.  Please try to lighten up and love yourselves, you are divine creator beings and deserve the very best.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides




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