God said:

Let go of your heart. Do not clutch it. Let your heart be like a kite that flies. Let your heart soar. Hearts are made for soaring. Your heart is made for soaring. This is balance, beloveds.

You may have thought that keeping your heart down on the farm is steadying, but, no, your heart is meant to take off. Balance is when your heart stays on high and gets used to it. This doesn’t mean that your heart jumps around. No, your heart is steady at the speed of light.

Your heart is set to love. There is to be no turning off your heart. That’s it. That’s the message for today.

Your heart is meant to be mellow. Let it be mellow.

Your heart is to fly and to leave nowhere. A kite has a tail, and your love is to follow your heart. There cannot be too much love. Love cannot be folly. Love with demands, that can be folly. Nothing is to block your love. Nowhere are you to stop your love. Let all the love in your heart take you with it. There is no dropping off your love. Love travels with your heart. Love is not meant to be incurred by an object. There is only the subject of love, and the subject is not this one or that one, this object or that object. No, your love is greater than any object. Your love does not require an object. Your love just wants to be let free. Like a bird, your love is to take wing.

And yet you do not sort or categorize your love. Love isn’t sanctioned or not sanctioned. Love is love. It is its own parent. Love needs no outside source to be love. Love is an inner development. Love is not meant to ostracize anyone. Love is truly democracy. It is easier to simply love than to love here and there and limit love according to a limited allowance. Absolutely not. No limit to the love your heart carries.

Allow your heart to object to no one. Cast your heart, your net of love, and let it increase its love, loving for the sake of how good love feels, loving because you love and not because someone has cultured it. Culture your own love. Make it vast. It is easier to love all than to love only one or once or never.

Love is not a costume you wear. Nevertheless, dress yourself up in the warmth of love. Extol love. Do not weigh it nor create categories of love. There is love. Let your heart ride on love. Go everywhere with love, for love you are. Do not dismiss any love. Do not call some love acceptable, and other love unacceptable.

A heart is not like that. A heart of love is a heart of love. Love is not a judgment call. We are talking far greater than personal love. You have a universal heart that knows not of discrimination. Your love just is. Anything less than full love is hampered love, love cut off, love in pieces, love like a governmental law. Love needs no love. Love is its own love.

Love knows no subtexts. Love just knows love. Love is simple, and love is vast. Love is Vastness Itself. Love does not mini-manage. Love is free and gives of itself freely. Love is like the sun that shines. The sun goes everywhere willingly, happily. Love alights everywhere.

What is True Love? True Love is love that gives of itself without questions asked. Love gives because it knows nothing else but to love. Love loves not here and there. Love loves everywhere.

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