Commanding a new day and a new way and a new world and a fresh start beyond all these struggles and limitations of a lower dimensional world are those of you who have awakened, who have realized that there is better that is available to you and that it is being offered you at this time. No longer do you see that any of you have to continue on living as you have been for so very long. You see what others cannot and have not up to this point. You therefore, are the leaders of your new world. You are the pioneers. You are the go-getters, the movers and shakers, as you say. It is you and only you that are opening the door to allow these changes to enter. 

How is it you are doing this? We say to you, you are doing this by your creative powers of manifestation. Yes, this is how you are getting this job done. You see, none of this could be made possible unless there were enough of you dreaming, thus creating, and this is just what many of you are doing. You are creating through your hopes and your dreams and your words and your thoughts and your actions and your loving intent here a new world, a better place, a kind and gentle place of peace, prosperity and rich reward that at this time is not offered you no matter how hard it is you try, how hard it is you work, what it is you do, what it is you achieve.


Nothing that you can do in a lower dimensional world will pay off to you in so many ways, but how a lower dimensional world can pay off for you is that this kind of world gives you opportunity. Yes, that is the key. A lower dimensional world makes available to you opportunity, and that is all a lower dimensional world does. It does not lavish you with gifts, does not shower you with reward, no. A lower dimensional world is an avenue for you, is a channel for you to enable yourselves to grow, to mature, to strengthen yourselves, your being, your mind, your consciousness and even your bodies, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. This is what you are doing here. You are molding and sculpting from the modeling clay a new being, and it is in this new being that will be ‘permitted’, you may say, to enter through the gates of the higher realms.


So you see, although a lower dimensional world cannot give you just about every gift that is available within the higher realms, a lower dimensional world can gift you with the tools you’ll need to be permitted through the gift of grace to cross the threshold into a reality that can and will bestow upon you all the gifts that have been refused you here. We feel many of you understand this very well at this time, but there are millions and billions of others here on this planet that have absolutely no idea of this concept, and it is this concept that we wish to make clear to each and every individual bar none on this entire planet. What do you think about that? Do you think we can do that? Well, that is our next mission, yes.


Our next assignment that we are issuing you is to go out in your world and spread this one idea, this one vision, this one concept, this information, to as many people as you can. So many of you have asked so many times, ‘What is it I can do to help?’ What is my assignment? What is my purpose here? What is my mission? What is my goal?’ Well, here you have it. We will make it very plain and very simple for each and every one of you who are reading these words today. Your assignment is to go out into your world and tell every single person that you see or that you talk to or that you write to or that you communicate with through your computers and you tell them that there is an opportunity available to them right now. It is not available to them many years from now or many months from now. It is available to them right now. The doors are opening. We have used this metaphor for you for quite some time and we feel many of you are now familiar with what this metaphor describes. This metaphor describes more precisely dimensional doorways, dimensional gateways as you may know them. These dimensional gateways are now opening. They are physically opening.


We no longer have to present metaphor here, for many of you now completely understand what we are describing for you. We are describing gateways that are now allowing members of your race, the human race, to walk through thresholds into the higher realms of this universe. Yes, this is exactly what we are saying to you now. The moment that so many of you have been waiting for for so long is now upon you. What do you think about that? Do you find that exciting? Do you find that thrilling? Do you find that surprising at all that what has been promised you for so long has now finally arrived?


You and so many like you now have the blessed opportunity of ascension. Yes, we have spoken these words. It is now the time. The time is now here. None of you, and that is not one of you, have to wait any longer. There are only a few of you who have at this time raised your vibrations sufficiently, adequately, high enough to make the ‘connection’, if you will, and be able to ‘hook into’ or ‘plug into’ the higher realms. Again, here we are utilizing the technique of metaphor, for there really is no better way to describe this process to you rather than to say you are plugging in to the higher dimensions. You are matching the higher frequencies of this universe and you are zeroing in on them as if you are tuning in a radio station with your car stereo.


Do you understand how this works? There are many varying frequencies all around you. There are lower dimensional frequencies, there are the frequencies that you and your world exist on or within or through you right now at this moment, and there are higher frequencies that you can picture as above you, but in actuality they are coursing right through you and right through the other frequencies as well, for many of you understand how the frequencies of your reality work. Frequencies are everywhere. They are what is known as a radical. They are not contained in wires, so they have no boundaries or borders, if you will. The conduits that allow these frequencies to run like raging rivers are your entire existence that is the electrical wiring of these frequencies, so you can imagine how wide-ranging, or as you say, broadband these frequencies can be.


We think some of you are starting to get the picture here of what we are trying to explain. Regardless, we shall move on with our discussion. So here you are in your lower dimensional world and you exist within a certain frequency range or frequency band. Now at this time there is another choice. There is an opportunity available to you. It is not ‘opening’ to you. It is not ‘coming’ to you, but it is here. What do you think about that? We would love to read your comments today and we wish to learn a few very important things about you, what you are thinking and what you understand from all this. We wish for you to demonstrate for us that you understand that you are not waiting for anything. That is the first thing we need you to clearly understand and what we would like is, instead of many of you offering your inner feelings, which we truly treasure by the way because it is helping us so much understand your people and yourselves as individuals, but instead of these kind of comments today, we would really appreciate it if you focused on these few questions and these few questions alone, to make it easier for our monitoring and collection teams to tally your responses.


So here are our questions; do you understand that you and your people, every single member of your society, is not waiting for anything to occur or to come to them that would allow them to ascend into the higher dimensions of this universe? That is question #1. Question #2. Do you understand what it will take for you and others like you to connect to the higher dimensions of this universe, to allow you to experience the gift, the blessing, the reward of physical and spiritual ascension? That is question #2, and we shall answer question #2 for you right now to make it clear what you and others like you need to do in order to ascend.


To experience ascension you need to adequately raise the vibrational frequency that you are, that your complete makeup of all your vessels is. By ‘your vessels’, we mean your physical, mental, emotional, etheric or spiritual, as you say, makeup compounds of your vessels. You need to increase all of these aspects of yourself to a high enough frequency level that at least matches the minimum frequency range of the frequency that we of the higher realms exist within.  If there are any of you that do not understand this basic concept, we ask you to please let us know this and if enough of you do not understand this we will again explain this, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, for this is so very important for you to understand. We feel it is pretty straightforward and not complex to understand at all, so we do ask those of you who do not understand at this time to apply yourselves, to think about what we just said.


You, the person, the being that you are at this very moment exist within a certain frequency range. We will say this range is quite limited. You cannot go much lower and you cannot go much higher than you are, meaning you cannot get ‘down’ any much lower into your dimension or dimensions lower than your 3rd dimension, for you do not possess in you a frequency range low enough to ‘dig deeper’, to use metaphor, into another reality. You also do not possess within yourselves a frequency range high enough to be able to raise yourselves into a higher dimension than your 3rd dimension, though there are a number of you who have been able to obtain this higher frequency within themselves at this time, and some of you have reached this higher frequency level quite some time ago.


We will say the number of you that are able to at this very moment ascend into the higher dimensions is very small. We will say miniscule, as a matter of fact. How many of you exactly we will not say, for this is not important. What is important is for each and every one of you to clearly understand that this opportunity has now arrived for you, and we ask you, knowing this, what is it you are going to do today? Are you going to fritter and waste another day with activities and habits and tendencies and behaviors that will sufficiently lower your vibrational frequency? Or are you going to engage yourselves and indulge yourselves in activities and processes that will assist you raise your personnel frequency vibration?


This is our next question for you today; what is it that you are going to do with this information that we are sharing with you today? Are you going to chuck it away into the wastepaper basket, for you feel this is a another story that you are being told, another lie, as some of you believe? Or are you going to believe this and believe what we say when we say that the dimensional gateways have now flown open? Yes this is true. This is what we are reporting to you, and as we have said before, every single word that you are reading through our channel is accurate. Yes, there are not parts of these messages that are true and parts that may be false, no. If we had any problem with our channel whatsoever not transcribing precisely what we are saying to him and through him we would have a sit-down with him as we have had in the past.


Yes, there was a time when his work you may say faltered a bit, but this was very long ago. Our problem at that time was not that he was writing anything inaccurate that we said, for this is not true. He wrote down precisely what we said to him. Our only problem was that he was writing additional things that we did not say, however, we wish to make it perfectly clear that everything that he said that we did not say was also accurate. Yes, this may surprise you. Even when his work was not as good as it can be his work was perfectly accurate. How can this be so? How could he have written words on his own that were accurate? How could he possibly know these things?


Well, we tell you he knew these things because he is a very high dimensional being, so through his many long eons of experiences he has collected and gathered this information within his subconscious mind. He knew these things to be true. He only felt that we were saying these things to him at that time, but we were not. His subconscious mind was speaking these words because his subconscious mind believed they were important and they needed to be heard. This is okay with us, for we trust in him, for we knew he could relate this information accurately and accurately he did relate this information.


When you think about that, do you think he did a bad job or do you think that his work early on, and we are talking over a year ago, is passable? We say it is very passable and has always been, even since day one, highly accurate. We say now and we can say this with the utmost confidence that every single word that he shares with you from us is exactly the word we wanted to use to share with you. What do you think about that? Do you find that hard to believe? Well, we don’t, for we work with Greg every single morning of every single day and we tell you we see how accurate his work is. When he types words into his computer we can see the words that he is typing. Did you know that? I bet you did not know that. I bet there are those of you who would be very surprised to learn this, that this is exactly how we do it. This is how we communicate with our channel and this is how we check to make sure that he is typing into his computer exactly the words that we are whispering to him, yes.


Now you know our secret. Our secret is, as you say, out of the bag. This is how we know how to slow up for a moment and wait for Greg to catch up. Greg knows this. Greg has an open dialogue with us all throughout our message to him every morning. He will say ‘I didn’t quite catch that word you wanted me to type’ or ‘You are going a little too fast for me. Slow up just a second so I can catch up.’ Yes, this may surprise so many of you that this is how we do it. Greg knows we are watching what he types. Greg also knows that we can see him as he types these words. I bet many of you would be so surprised to learn that that we are watching Greg’s face right through his computer as he listens to our words and types them. I bet you didn’t know that. Would you be surprised to learn that we have this ability and these capabilities? Well, this does not surprise Greg, for he has known this for quite a long time. We have been utilizing this advanced technology for quite a long time and Greg fully understands this and he knows that he can be seen and is being seen as he works.


What do you think about that? Is this surprising to you? We would love to hear your reactions to these secrets we are revealing to you today, for we want more of you to understand how it is we operate, that is, how it is we are going about our business. We feel if more of you understood this, that more of you would take these words to heart, for taking these words to heart is exactly what you should be doing at this time, for we are revealing to you secrets that have been locked away for eons, for ages, and we are revealing these to you and we tell you now that those of you who are reading these words through our channel Greg are the only individuals on your entire planet that are learning these particular secrets. Yes, these secrets, these mysteries, are being revealed just to you, those loyal followers of our words through Greg. Yes, this is true.


There are many of you who are immediately going to go on the attack and attack Greg for saying this, and they are going to accuse him of writing these words through the use of his ego mind and his ego purely, and we tell you that this is not true. We tell you that every word that you are reading at this very moment and every single day going back over a year now, maybe even more, is exactly the words that we are saying to him. When we tell you this, we are telling you this because we wish for you to take these messages far more seriously than you are. It is true that Greg shares messages and information that no other channel is sharing with any of you at this time. Why is this so? We tell you this is so for a very important and particular reason. We are not going to reveal to you what this reason is at this time, but we tell you when we do reveal to you why this is many of you will be quite shocked. Many of you will be very, very surprised indeed, for you are going to learn something about our channel Greg that will be very hard for many of you to believe.


So we will wait until the appropriate time when we and Greg earn your trust, and when we say earn your trust, we do not mean more of you will begin to trust these words or some of you will drop this charade of your non-belief of him and his work and stop these attacks on him, no. We say that there will be so many of you that have learned to trust Greg and trust us through Greg. We say to you that something is going to happen in your world that will facilitate this event. Something huge is about to happen, something stupendous, something so unbelievable that all of you that are reading these words no matter what your beliefs are today are going to be absolutely stunned, absolutely shocked and amazed in complete disbelief.


What do you think about that? Do you find that mysterious? Do you find that exciting and suspenseful and thrilling and inspiring? Do you want to get to the bottom of this mystery and get to the bottom of it quickly, like right now? Well, we say to you this cannot be possible, but we say to you when we make such a vow like this, and you can call it a promise, but it is even stronger than that, it is a vow, it is a declaration, we are making a statement, and we are saying to you that there is going to come a day and it is very soon upon you that all of you will be quite shocked and amazed to learn something and learn you will, for we are going to prove it to you. What do you think about that?


When you hear that we are going to prove it to you, how do you think we are going to do this? I bet many of you are wondering this right now. We know Greg is wondering this right now, for his thoughts are our thoughts right now. Did you know that too?  We feel that many of you would be surprised to learn that while Greg is channeling our words through his mind that his thoughts are channeling through our mind. That’s right. Again, one of the tricks of our trade has been revealed. We know exactly what Greg is thinking, for our minds, our consciousness is one right now. It has melded. It is one great collective consciousness of many different beings from throughout this universe.


This may be sound amazing to you, but it is true. Greg understands this, and Greg right now is thinking what these beings look like, and right now Greg is laughing and Greg is thinking what do all these beings look like that have my thoughts in their mind right now. That is what Greg is thinking and he is laughing very hard because he knows we know exactly what he is thinking, and now he’s feeling a bit uncomfortable as, what has he been thinking sometimes, all these different beings from throughout this universe clearly saw in their minds. Greg is still laughing and we say to you that this kind of process is quite amazing and surprising and astonishing to many who first begin to communicate in this way.


We say Greg has been communicating in this way for far longer than he has in this lifetime, that is for sure. His channeling abilities go back many, many eons of time, way beyond your Mayan civilizations when yes, he was a channel for the Mayan people back thousands of years ago. What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising that Greg walked among the Maya and he was one of their elders, he was their channel to the higher stretches of this universe? He connected at that time to us, for it was us that remained back in the higher dimensions of this universe as his guides and the guides for many of the Mayan people. What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do you find that shocking? Do you find that blasphemous that we say that it was we that were the higher guides of the Mayan people?


Well, we say that should not be too surprising to many of you, for we have been in your skies and in your hearts throughout every moment of your journey, and we say to you that many of you who are reading these words right now were Maya. Yes. Many of you were the citizens of the Mayan civilization. What do you think about that? Are you surprised? We feel this may be surprising to many of you, but if you think about it, who better to lead the way for humanity through this incredible period of change for you than those of you who were the first to learn that there would be changes in your future many thousands of years ahead of you. Yes, it was your people and your culture, you yourselves, who are the Mayan people who first learned that in the early stretches of the 21st century there would be an opportunity for all of you to walk out of the confines of your lower dimensional reality and into a wonderful paradise of a higher dimensional world.


Yes. You, the people of the Maya, were the first to learn this. And how was it you learned this, you may ask? Well, many of you are guessing this correctly. You learned this through one of your channels of higher dimensional communications. Yes, you learned it just as you are learning these things today, for you trusted certain individuals to share with you this kind of relevant information. It was you who trusted our channel Greg thousands of years ago when you were a Maya. Yes. Now today here you are again, the same people who were brothers and sisters of the Mayan civilization, once again trusting one of you, for Greg is one of your own brothers and sisters going back to the days of the Mayan civilization.


Yes, this is why there are those of you who trust him so much, and this may explain why there are those of you who do not, for those of you who do not were not part of the Mayan culture at all back then.  This is not to say that you were not part of the human race back then, because you were, all of you were, but there were many different civilizations on the planet back in those days and the Mayan civilization was just one of them. So we say to those of you that were then Maya who now could be American, or European, or African, we say to you now that you are one again and you are reading these words because you understand this and you also resonate with these words shared through our channel for many different reasons, but one of them is because you have heard these words before.


Yes, now you see. Now you’re beginning to understand why these words sound so right to you, why they resonate with you, why they make sense to you, why they harmonize with you, why they sing to you and why they just resonate as truth with you. It is because you have heard these exact words before. And there is another secret out of the bag, as you say. Another mystery unravels. You have heard these exact words and phrases, for we have repeated the same words to you only now in English instead of Mayan. Yes, Greg was one of your channels back then and he has returned to be your channel again because he loves you, because you treated him so well with kindness and respect and gratitude and appreciation and he returned that appreciation through his hard work and dedication, never asking for nothing, never asking for a thank you or a dollar. This is what he did then and this is what he does today, and we are proud of him and we say Greg, great job. You’re doing a great job once again and we knew you would and that’s why you were selected for this mission once again. You did a great job back then and you’re doing a great job today and we appreciate your efforts my friend.


So here we are a couple of thousands of years later and here Greg is once again sharing with you the same exact words to you. Some of these words may sound a bit familiar to Greg too, for he may remember hearing these words again, but he will not be able to remember where he has heard these words, for again, none of you have any part of your consciousness that you possessed back then when you were a member of the Mayan civilization. Neither does Greg. None of you do. These were the house rules, as you say. So why do these words sound familiar to some of you if you have no conscious memory or even subconscious memories of your past?


We say they may sound familiar because they are striking familiar chords within you. This is the key. You don’t actually remember hearing these words before. What you do remember is what these words did for you, how they affected you, how they gently stroked your heartstrings and your consciousness strings. You can say this is what you remember. This is what is familiar to you. You remember the feeling that these words gave you. That is the key. You remember how these words made you react and made you feel. You remember how they have raised your blood pressure a little through excitement and expectation and mystery and wonder. You remember how some of these words may have made you fear. Yes, for fear is also stored within your essence, if you will, and rather strongly in some cases and this is why we work so diligently to clear out the residues of that negative vibration.


So many of you are once again feeling the same feelings that these same words gave you a couple of thousand of years ago. So now you’re hearing them again and they are causing you to feel the same way, and this is a very unique feeling, is it not? These words are not like any words that you have heard throughout your entire present incarnation. What you are feeling is a feeling you have not felt for thousands of years, so it is very unique and it is causing you to react in very unique ways. Many of these ways are beautiful. Many of these ways are very uplifting and positive, but we say some of you are reacting in ways that are negative and we have been trying to work with you on this for a while now.


We do not wish to disparage you or insult you or to point you out or to condemn you or judge you in any way, for we do none of these things. What we are trying to do is lift you out of that old paradigm, those old ways that no longer serve you, for fear no longer does anything for you, nothing. It is a completely useless emotion. Yes, you will not need to rely on fear for your survival in any way from this moment forward and you have not had to rely on the emotion, the vibration of fear for many long lifetimes going back, yes, thousands of years. You did not need to fear when you were Maya either. That’s right. The fear that some of you felt back then when you read these words, or storms came, or ferocious animals came into your camps, that fear was completely unnecessary for you at that time as well, and at that time it was also debilitating in many ways for you just as it is today, and we say to you, isn’t it not high time for you to release all this negative fear that does absolutely nothing for you and hampers your journey so?


We say it is time for this and we have solutions to assist you with this. We are not going to present them to you today, for it is beyond the scope of today’s discussion, but we will say to you that we will, when it is the time, unveil programs that will help many of you raise above the vibration of fear, for it no longer suits you in any way and it is not valuable at all to work on this emotion infused within you. It is only proper to completely purge it from your system and purge it we will. You see, this we can do for you because this is not part of your assignments. This is not part of your incarnate blueprint or your agreements. None of you have agreed to work on fear, if you will, at this time. It is not something really that can be worked on. It is something that is ingrained, is embedded within your very being and it is almost impossible for you on your own with your limited understandings and technologies to extract this from your being, from your vessel, and this is where we can assist you.


When we can assist you in these ways we will assist you in these ways, and assist you in this way we will. We will, when it is the proper time, pull from you, extract from you, eradicate from you, all the fear that has built up in you and has embedded into your being and your systems. Yes, this is what we will do for you and it will leave you a fearless being. What do you think about that? You will be fearless. You will not be able to fear anything even if you want to. What do you think about that? Do you think that this is going to give you superhuman abilities, strength and courage? We say it will, and we say get ready for this because this is one gift that you are going to completely be amazed at and you are going to enjoy and cherish and be thankful for so very much.

You are going to be a fearless spiritual being, a spiritual warrior. Yes, this is where the term spiritual warrior comes from, for a warrior is fearless, are they not? A warrior launches into battle with shield and sword knowing that they, in all likelihood, will be greatly injured or perishes through violence and bloodshed, and we say to you, they move forward into almost certain death anyway because they have gotten so close to the level of fearlessness.  He or she has never been quite able to manage this though, because there always was a certain amount of fear within, but we say to you after these procedures, after this program, after our nurturing you, you will be a fearless spiritual warrior.


When we say spiritual warrior we wish you all to know you will no longer ever have a need to pick up shield and sword, for your war will be against the dark, and against the dark you do not need violence, for violence begets violence. Yes. Many of you clearly understand this and have already learned this and have taken this to heart. Violence does not solve anything, so it is not violence you will use in your war against the dark, it is light, yes. It is love, it is kindness, it is compassion, it is forgiveness, it is light that will defeat the dark and nothing else defeats the dark.


When there were those of you who attacked us for our encouragement of your Earth allies to pick up their arms and make these arrests of the members of the criminal cabal we were not referring to any of the untrained and unlicensed and unsanctioned members of your communities, no. That message was to your allies on the front lines, your military and official police organizations that are charged with making these arrests. This should be nothing new to your culture, for all of you have seen on television or have read books concerning many countless arrests of criminals in your world, or who are labeled criminals in your world. This is nothing new. This is not a form of violence when an official police department or military unit makes an arrest of a member of the cabal. They are not using violence. They may have guns and other types of weapons, but they are not firing them are they? No, they are simply knocking on doors, and if someone answers they serve a search and arrest warrant for a particular individual or individuals. If may be the case, when no comes to the door they may, if they have a search warrant, enter.


Again, this is not violence, and we wish you all to clearly understand that we have never advised any of you to resort to violence. These arrests in your world need to be done. We have told you that, and these men and women on your front lines need your support. We do not wish for you to forget about them because our messages lately have not spoken of them and their valiant and brave efforts, no. We have avoided our discussions of these arrests purposely, because we wished to allow these men and women to do their jobs without them being under a microscope for what they have been able to achieve at this time. We say to you that they are continuing with these arrests and we see this as glorious. We are very impressed and we are very thankful as well, for these arrests are vital to the implementation of your new world. Yes, nothing that we have discussed with you can be implemented, nothing, until a suitable number of these members of the cabal and their associates are taken into custody and charged for their crimes against the people.


Yes, this is the cold hard truth and we say to those of you who want all these changes in your world and wish to be the bearer of so many of the gifts that we have spoken of we say to you, what is it you have against these arrests? We see so many of you totally and completely ignoring the fact that these arrests are not only imperative, not only vital, but absolutely and positively necessary before any of these gifts or projects or programs are implemented here in your world. Yes, and we are quite surprised to learn that there are so many of you who are actually speaking out against these procedures of these arrests. Yes, there are actually members of your Lightworker community who are openly displaying their opinions that these arrests are wrong, that they are unnecessary, that some sort of ‘containment’ is the proper solution. We say to you, if there are members of your Lightworker community, some who claim to be channeling this information and that they are being told that ‘containment’ is the suitable and proper solution, we say to you they are mistaken, they are wrong. They may be lying about who they say they are channeling this information from, or they may be just not very good at what they claim to do.


We do not wish to judge others, no, not at all, and we wish to make it perfectly clear that this is not Greg’s ego talking at this moment. No, these are our words that we are speaking through him. It is not Greg who blasts others or criticizes others or speaks out against certain parties, no. It is us. It is not Greg. He would never do that. Do any of you ever see Greg’s comments anywhere on the Internet where he criticizes any other channel? This is what we ask you right now. Are there any of you who remember at all any time where Greg has spoken out against another channel? This is one of your assignments today. We wish for those of you who believe that Greg is judging other channels and either pretending these words are coming from us or his ego mind is somehow constructing the sentences and we ask you if he is doing this through his channeling work, then why is he not doing this when he is commenting all over the Internet? It is because it is not true. Greg refrains from criticizing or even commenting about any other channel’s work, and he has done this since the beginning. Yes.


Greg is repeatedly asked what he feels about other channel’s work, and Greg answers the same each and every time. He says, ‘I do not read the work of other channels so it does not subconsciously or unconsciously influence my work.’ That is what Greg’s response is. He never reads the words of other channels. He is , in some cases, missing out on some things because there is the work of certain channels that he had enjoyed very much. Yes. This is another sacrifice that Greg has made. He wants to read some of what the others are saying, for they are saying things he is not and he is interested to hear what they say and learn from what they were saying. Yes, he has made this choice, for he is committed to his work, to his mission, which is to be the best possible channel that he can be, and we feel he is doing just that. We have absolutely no qualms with Greg. We have no complaints. He is doing just what it is we are asking him to do, and we feel indebted to him and he has said many times he is honored to do this work and we believe he does feel honored, for we feel his thoughts and we know what goes through his mind and right now he is thinking, ‘Yes, I do feel honored to do this work’, and we know you do Greg.


We just want more of you to understand how it is we communicate through Greg and how it is he can complete this work each and every day. We say to you this process does take quite a while, and Greg is on his computer from morning until bedtime that night. Yes, he only takes breaks to eat and to pet his dog. Yes, this is Greg’s leisure time. His dog comes in the room quite often throughout the day for a few minutes of pets and then his dog promptly will exit only to come back in an hour or so later for a few more pets. Yes, we find this very funny and it is. Greg right now finds this very funny too. He is laughing very hard at his dog having a very rigid schedule of when he wants his pets that he demands and he will not leave until Greg stops his work and pets him for a little while. Yes, this is true. You see, we know a lot about Greg, for Greg’s consciousness is connected to our collective consciousness. You see, we are almost you can describe as one being when this occurs. Yes, and there will be a time and it will come very soon where our thoughts continue to course through Greg consciousness throughout the day even when he is not performing his channeling duties.


What do you think about that? What do you think about that Greg? Do you find that exciting? Do you find that thrilling? Do you find that strange or mysterious? How do you see this? Greg says that he sees this is as very interesting. You see Greg, we can communicate like this all day long. It does not have to be only when you are channeling. Greg does not really realize that. He feels that once we end our channeling communications for the day that he is not in touch with us, that he is not in contact with us, and we wish to say to him that he is he is in contact with us all throughout the day and night and he now clearly understands that, and we wish for him to know this, for we wish for him to more consciously communicate with us throughout the day and the night, for Greg has many questions too just like many of you, and we are here to answer them.


Yes Greg, we know you will find this very helpful and very useful, for he does have many questions that he would like answered and we will be glad to answer these for him. For instance, Greg wishes to understand what will happen to his brother and his dog if he does ascend before them. We say to Greg the answer to this question is simple; you can bring them along with you. Yes. What do you think about that Greg? Is that exciting? Greg says, ‘Yes!’ with a big loud yes and an exclamation point. You see Greg, we hear you very clearly and we know just what you are thinking so you can ask us any questions and we will answer them. So the answer to your question is yes, you can bring them with you. How is this possible, Greg may ask? Well, it is possible because your brother is also a very high dimensional being. We will not say which dimension that he has reached yet on his journey, for this is a surprise that awaits him and we certainly do not wish to take his surprise away from him in doing so. We say that Glenn is already a high dimensional being so he can ascend to the 5th dimension in the days ahead with no trouble at all.


So there you have it, Glenn and your beloved dog Rico, who is also a higher dimensional being. What do you think about that? Is that exciting? Is that surprising? Well, he is. Rico, their charming little American Eskimo dog is a higher dimensional being. Greg has suspected that of him for quite a while now, haven’t you Greg?  Greg has even called him a little Lightworker puppy sometimes. We know this Greg, because we hear you call him that. Greg says, ‘You’re a little Lightworker yourself, aren’t you little man?’  And we find that charming and we find that very accurate. Yes. Greg figured that out too. He figured out his dog was a Lightworker a long time ago, for his dog has helped him in many ways and he also understands this. Greg’s dog has helped him stay just where it is he needed to be throughout this process, for if it was not for Greg’s dog, Greg would have left and went back to Los Angeles, back to what we see as trouble, back to the party lifestyle with a lot of very crazy friends.


Yes Greg, we see many of your friends as pretty crazy, for they do pretty crazy things and they do them quite often. This is true, and Greg knows it’s true. His friends are quite nutty, out of their minds, we will say, and they do pretty spectacular things and they live their life to the fullest with no regard for their futures or their safety or their well-being or their monetary limitations, nothing. There is nothing that Greg’s friends in LA will not do and do all the time, and this is the problem. It is not that he and his friends have gone out once in a while and have let their hair down, as you say, no. They would go out every single weekend and not come home until Monday, Tuesday or even Wednesday. Yes, this is true. Greg and his friends would party from the weekend to mid week before they finally made it back home.


What do you think about that? Do you think that is crazy? Do you think that is wild? Do you think that is impossible? We tell you it is not impossible and Greg did it almost every weekend with absolutely no sleep from Saturday until Tuesday or even Wednesday, and Greg has even stayed awake for longer than that. What do you think about that? Do you think that is absolutely insane? Well, we say to you one of the reasons that Greg was able to do this and one of the reasons why Greg loved to do this so often, and he did love to stay awake for many days consecutively, is because this is what he does here within the higher realms. Yes. We do not sleep like you sleep there, and Greg was simply remembering what he loved to do, for Greg loves to stay awake straight for days and even over a week here within the higher realms before sleeping, or what we refer to as an energy recharge, for we have a certain way in which we recharge our energy here and it is not necessarily sleep that does it, no.


We instead encapsulate ourselves within frequencies that charge through our bodies, cleansing our energy, to recharge, to regroup, to rebuild, to restructure, and then we simply rise out of these chambers, if you will, a new being,  all refreshed and ready to go for another few days or even a week before we need recharging again, that is all. We are not unlike a battery that can be recharged whenever we wish. This is what Greg was remembering when he was staying up for days. It felt more comfortable to him. He did not like going to sleep every night and he still does not like it. He feels it is an intrusion, an interruption of his day and it is. It is an interruption to his day and his work when he has to lie down and go to sleep for eight, nine or ten hours, yes, and this is how long he sleeps for and then he gets up and does it all again, only to stop again when it is time for rest.


Well, we say to you, you do not have to rest like that here and you can get great amounts of work done like this, and we know many of you may find this odd or strange or may find it difficult to get used to for a while, but we say to you that you will get used to it and you will learn to love it, for you will not have that habit of sleep on your mind anymore. You will break that habit too, and it will not take you too long, as we feel many of you will enjoy the tremendous amounts of energy that you have throughout the day and yes, throughout the entire night as well.


We see many new changes for many of you very soon and we say to you, get ready to release the old ways, the old habits, the things that you have gotten used to as so much of your lives is about to change completely. Yes, we say to you, you will not only be changing certain things that you do throughout your day such as the way you eat and the way you sleep, but you will also be experiencing changes in the way you think and the way you feel. Yes. These will change too, but not too drastically, so do not worry or concern yourselves that the being you are today is going to completely change, for you will still be the same being that you are today. You will still have the same memories and you will still think and you will still breathe and you will still feel emotions like you do, it will just be a little different and it may take a little while getting used to. That is all.


One of the things that you will not be feeling very much longer is fear and pain. Yes. What you know as pain will be dissipated. You will no longer have to suffer through pain. Pain can be a very useful tool, yes. It is a safety feature yes. For when you are hurting your finger or your arm or your foot you can pull away, for pain is sending you a signal. We wish you to know that there will always be a certain level of pain for this very principle, for this safety device, if you will, but you will no longer be in excruciating pain. You will no longer have pain that requires medication to dull it, for it will be numbed sufficiently as it is. Yes, your pain will be ‘muffled’ greatly, we like to use that term.


So there you are. You will not feel fear anymore, for that will be completely purged from your being and you will hardly feel any pain at all and you will be in a permanent feeling of comfort, of ease, of comfort- ability. What do you think about that? Are you looking forward to that? Do you find that interesting and exciting and new? Well, it is going to be new for many of you and it will, like anything else that is new, take a little while getting used to. So we say to those of you who are preparing yourselves for this journey to start unpacking some of your ‘luggage’, if you will, for many of you have been over packing, to use metaphor, and you think that you are taking many things with you such as all of your negative emotions and your fears and things of that nature and we say to you that you will not be needing them here, so you might as well unpack them now and put them away somewhere in storage, for you will never need them again.


Everything here is a joy. It is Heaven. It is Heavenly, and we say to you get prepared for the changes, for your world, as it is, is not Heaven, is not a paradise, for it was never meant to be that. It was a school. Yes. There you have it. There is one of the biggest secrets that many of you still do not understand. Your world is not a regular world. It is not a real world. This is why is it is an illusion. Your world is a school, yes, and school has a curriculum. It has lessons for all the students to learn and that is what you have been living. You have been living lessons and living tests and quizzes and lectures and whatever else it is you learn in an educational institution. This is what you have been doing. You have not been living regular, what we know as normal lives or existence, no. You have been attending school, and the bell is now ringing.


There are those of you who can now leave for the final summer vacation. You never have to return here to this school. What do you think about that? Does this fill you with joy? Does this fill you with happiness? Does this fill you with excitement and expectation of what awaits you? Well, we say get ready for surprises, for it is going to be fantastic. It is going to be glorious, stupendous, thrilling, and we say to you it is available to you right now. There is nothing that you are waiting on any longer. You can leave your school now, leave your illusion and enter reality and we are waiting here on our side, in our home with open arms and open hearts and we say to you what is it you are waiting for? Come home. Come home now.


We are your friends and your family who have waited so long for this reunion. We have prepared our home for your arrival and we only wait for you to cross through our threshold. We are your family and your friends, and in some cases even you, of the Galactic Federation of Light. 

As channeled through Greg Giles



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