* For the past few weeks, I’ve been asking my Team to help me more clearly remember the details of my nighttime activities.  I’m aware that I bilocate, and have been doing so  since I got here.  However, the experiences are often fuzzy, and I can’t always figure out what it is I’m actually doing or what the purpose of those activities are.  I know I’m part of an Away Team-a group who embarks from our Mothership on missions to help humanity.  My areas of focus are primarily the women and children, and the oceans.  Last night before I went to sleep,  I asked my Guides and God if they could unlock my memory some more, allowing me greater access to what my role is in the Ascension Process, and my connection to the people of Earth.  And this time, they certainly did not  disappoint!

Before I go on to describe what I was shown, I’d like to take a moment to explain that the theory of “timelines” is a favorite topic of my Guides and my Team.  They are strongly urging me to study and write about them, and they say that we should all have at least an elementary level of understanding about what they are and how they factor into the Ascension process.  I’m repeatedly shown a picture of about 6 or 7 lines appearing to branch out from a center point, like the spokes of a fan.  There are 2 lines-one on each end-which are bolder and darker in color.  The center lines are much lighter.  The Team explains that contrary to how it looks at first glance (as if the lines are originating from the center and moving outwards), in actuality, the opposite is true.  The lines are moving in towards the center point, from many different directions.  These are potential Ascension timelines. 

The 2 bolder ones at each end are said to represent the most extreme scenarios, both positive and negative.   The one to the left is the deepest in color and the most prominent, representative of where we all seek to be-the 5D Crystalline New Earth.  The one to the far right indicates the extreme opposite scenario, and is the timeline populated by the people who are refusing to release their hold on what is a dying paradigm, and are continuing to conduct themselves in a negative manner.  The fainter lines in the middle are “transitional timelines”, and I’m told that they represent people who are at varying stages of awakening.  My Team explains that eventually all lines will meet in the middle and merge as one perfect timeline-like the one at the far left.  They have told me that this accounts for the wide variety of information that we see coming through various channels and writers, and accounts also for the assortment of “Ascension dates”, which I’ve noticed range anywhere from this December to well past 2030!

Last night, I’m told, I visited one of the “middle” future-timelines.  Here’s what happened…


~ I observed, as always, that I was Me.  Not the Human Me, but the Pleiadian Me.  I wore my own body-the 5D Pleiadian one that awaits me every night, and remains safely ensconced in a “Stasis Pod” while I’m down here doing my day job (at least that’s what my Team seems to enjoy calling it!).  I remember the peaceful balance of  my energy and the pleasant feeling of being comfortable in my own skin.  I was with my Team, and all around us there were huge crowds of people.  They were everywhere, stretching far back in long lines, and I saw that each of them carried in their hands a bowl or a plates.  Some of the people were crowded around us watching what we were doing, and we were teaching this group how to work the machines.  It was loud and noisy.  Children screamed, dogs were barking, and the sun felt very, very hot.

The machines were tall and made of a silvery-colored metal.  They shone with a pearlescent finish in the bright sunlight.  Across the front of them were colorful, crystal-looking knobs and buttons.  I lifted what looked like a large trash bin and poured the contents into the open top of the machine, and pressed one of the buttons.  I recall thinking to myself that it would be so much easier to just wave my hand over it to turn it on, but I knew that the people wouldn’t be able to do that yet.  And I was here to teach them how.  On the side of the machine was a small chute, and one of my Team-members motioned for a man to come over and place his bowl underneath it.  He was a tired-looking, probably in his forties, exceptionally skinny and balding.  I watched with delight as the expression on his face changed  from exhaustion and doubt to pure joy and-best of all-faith.  Into his bowl poured rice and vegetables, hot and fragrant.  He could barely contain his excitement.  Together we had turned trash into treasure!  Sand into sustenance! These people were starving, and there could be no greater bounty imaginable than fresh, nutritious food.

This was occurring post-disclosure.  We, as Galactics, were accepted readily as friends by these beautiful people.  They possessed an inner knowing of who we were and that we shared a deep and timeless connection.  I don’t know what country this was.  I do know it was in a desert region (North Africa, maybe?), and the people were in pretty rough condition, physically.  Their inner spiritual awareness, however, had remained unsullied and intact. We had brought in our own technology, and modified it a bit so they could easily operate it themselves.  We were not here as rescuers, but as teachers.  This was a type of food-replicator.  Whatever form of matter you poured into it could be instantly converted into food and drink.  This by the combined powers of intent and manifestation, and the new technology itself.

~ Switch over to the next scene…  Same timeline.  Same “Me”.  New place, and a different scenario altogether.  Like the last scene, I don’t know exactly what country I was in.  I do recall that I was with a group of about 3 or 4 of us, from my Away Team-all Pleiadian females.  We were in a part of the world where women had been suppressed and considered worthless for centuries.  Most of them had been forced into arranged marriages, had no basic human rights, and were not allowed to display their beauty or move freely about in society.  Some of them had suffered abuse or had been imprisoned for things like speaking out against the system, defying authority or marital infidelity.  The children wore Western style clothing and the women were primarily dressed in colorful, floor-length dresses and many were veiled.  Our job was to act as counselors and teachers, and to help deprogram these women and assist them in rediscovering their own personal power, self-esteem and connection to Source.  Our role was to reintroduce the power of The Divine Feminine to the most needy areas of the planet.  We found theses lovely people to be somewhat shy, but very warm, welcoming and open-minded.

I remember this job as being very much in sync with my own natural talents and abilities, and it felt incredibly fulfilling to be a part of these women’s growth.  At one point I saw myself sitting at a table with one of my friends, who I believe was Irenae (from my Council).  We were with a group of girls, ranging in age from about 5-12 years old, I would say.  The children had what looked like Ipads or some other sort of tablet, and we were pointing to things on the tablets and instructing them, laughing and having fun.  I was told later that these girls were the hope of the future, and came into physicality embodying powerful Divine Feminine energies, and they had chosen to stay behind on this slower timeline as catalysts for change.  Also, they would, in a sense, be leading the way for their mothers to ascend, eventually crossing over with them onto the Crystalline New Earth.

Then the scene shifted, and I was coming down a wide, curving staircase in the building we had taken over and converted into a school and healing center.  I was with my Team-members and a few human women and girls.  I was in the front of the group, and all of a sudden I was confronted by another group of women.  Only this group was hostile, and the woman leading them held a gun.  I recall feeling surprised and sad, but not fearful.  I knew the gun couldn’t hurt me, but if I acted in a confrontational manner, I may inadvertently harm her.  Despite my appearance, my energy was strong.  I smiled at her and told her we came in friendship and that she had nothing to fear from us.  She said something to the effect that we were intruders and had no right to be there; we should leave them alone and let them live the way they always have, and that we were dangerous and liars.  The last thing I remember before waking up was that I allowed her to lead us away, not resisting.  I was later told that I did this because this situation had to be allowed to play out, and that this woman and I were friends from Home and had contracted to go through this particular drama.  The purpose was to show the people of the Earth that we did indeed come in peace, and would never exhibit any form of aggression.  From what I gather, experiences like this were happening all over the world, and were to be expected in the early days, weeks and even months  of disclosure.


So, that’s what I was shown about my personal role in our upcoming shift.  I understand that it definitely won’t resonate with everybody, but then that’s the whole idea behind the theory of timelines.  What’s right for one person won’t necessarily be the another person’s reality.  We’ve all made our own unique choices and have chosen different jobs to do.  Your version of the future and of Disclosure may be completely different from mine.  All of which I think is quite awesome, really.  After all, the Universe is an enormous, diverse and colorful place!


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