Oh, beloved ones, My Love for you is like the rays of the sun. There is nowhere you can pin it down and say to yourself, “this is it!” Instead, it is invisible, made of Light and you have to FEEL it to truly know it is there.

You are the bridge, all of you who have danced in the realms of the spirit beyond the bounds of time and space. So you cannot completely let go and become like the Himalayan yogis, sitting in meditation for the next hundreds of years. What would be the point of this? No, you know deep in your hearts that you are here on Earth to bring all of this here — by living it. And so, living it is what you will to do as our Wills become only One. Our oneness can only be experienced, dearest ones, as feelings of the Real.

From The Messages from God
2012-08-16 | Circle of Light www.circleoflight.net

Circle of Light

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