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Heavenletter #4284 Narcissus and His Reflection in the Lake, August 17, 2012

God said:

Cinderella came out of the ashes, and, sometimes, life is like that. When least expected, a prince of light and love appears. To Cinderella, it appears to her that a prince came into her life from the outside, an unexpected blessing from the world, yet it is she who went to the ball and met the prince.

It is always that a light goes on within you. Cinderella’s foot fit into the glass slipper, and her life became enlightened.

Love that you experience, falling in love, it’s something you discover, yes, but it is always within yourself that you discover the love in your own heart that is waiting for you to discover it. You set it off. It is you who lights up.

If the flame of love seems to be blown out by the wind, you begin to feel that your love was not true – YOUR love from inside you was not true. You had a false image. It was your image. You looked for love to give you something. Someone or something had brought love that was your own from inside you out, and yet your love – I speak of the love within you – had a false front. You may feel betrayed, yet the person who brought out good feeling in you did not betray you. You betrayed yourself. You had, in fact, fallen in love with yourself for a while, and then it was a no-go because the one who seemingly shone a light on you didn’t stay the same and no longer maintained the image of you that you liked to look into and that meant so much to you.

A schoolboy falls in love. His heart is broken. He is sure he can never love anyone again as he loved this one girl with brown curls. Her eyes lit his. Her presence allowed him to turn a light on within himself. There will never be another like her. That’s true, there won’t.

But soon enough, despite his sworn love, another girl arrives on the scene and seemingly takes his heart. His heart is overtaken once again by another image of himself in the face of another. Of course, it is a lighted image of himself that the schoolboy sees. The girl is a trigger. It is his own heart he discovers. The girl with brown curls set off his heart. He does it, yet he thinks it is the girl.

The boy is the object of his own love. He is Narcissus looking into the mirror of the lake. Instantly, Narcissus who has never before seen his reflection, falls in love with the image of himself looking up at him from the surface of the lake. So taken is Narcissus with his image, he falls into the lake and becomes the Narcissus flower that grows by the side of water where he can continue to see his image.

Narcissus is not the only one who falls into a lake of himself. Some who read My words, have also seen themselves reflected in another and another and another. You may have seen that your heart is broken, and that you will never recover. In a sense, so long as you hold another responsible for the love in your own heart, you never do recover. You replay the whole scene, only with different characters, and then you may let yourself down again.

Love comes from within you. It will be good for you to love yourself in a greater sense than Narcissus did. He fell in love with an outward image of himself. Now it is for you to love yourself so that you can love others in a way you, heretofore, may have been unable to. Love your True Self more, and you will become love itself. You will simply love and not be so overwhelmingly dependent upon the image another casts on you. No longer will there be faithless ones in your life because you will be faithful to love and not require all you require from another to prove you are worthy of love. You will prove the truth of the love within you. You will finally be faithful to yourself and shine a great light upon Earth and all those your eyes fall on.


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