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HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:

Hello, Beautiful. Hello, hello, hello. I have sought you, and so I have found you. Of course, it is your recognition of Me that I sought. I always have had you right where I wanted you, in My heart, safe and sound. Accept that you are in My heart, and what is in My heart, I value with all My heart.

Your recognition of Me and My value on the Earthly plane may not have been clear to you. Never mind all that – I mean, have your mind let go of all that. The mind cannot know what it cannot know. Your heart can know, and from your heart, awareness can sprout. From your mind, not very well, for the human mind likes to ponder and digest and fork over reasons and explanations. This is no offense to the mind. This is what minds do.

However, you can keep your mind in place. When your mind is making too much noise, when thoughts intrude on Our love, put your mind aside a while so it does not interfere with Our fulsome love, with our wonderment of each other, with our love for that which is too much for the mind to take in.

Glory be to the mind. Consider your mind as an overtired child and so needing a time-out. Truly, your mind has been worn and torn and divided. Put it to bed for a while. Let Our hearts enjoin in quietness without the mind’s jabbering.

You love your recalcitrant children. Love your recalcitrant mind. It is not lack of love that shushes your child and puts it to bed. Your mind can use a break from the hurry-scurry as well.

When you bring your child back into the fold, your child is rested and fun to be with again. So let it be with your mind. Keep it from getting overtired. You are parent to the mind. You are bigger than the mind. You are more open than the mind, and, yet, a rested mind can be more open.

Leave your mind aside every now and then. Intellect is only intellect. Intellect is valuable and helpful, yet not always so. How your mind loves attention. Your mind makes itself known right and left. Give your heart a chance to have its say. Your heart is less assuming than the mind. Your heart doesn’t assume. Your heart is ever-patient. Make room for your unassuming heart. Bring your heart forward. This is how you claim love.

Your mind will object to almost everything. Your mind says: “But.” Your mind says, “But this,” and, “But that,” and your mind plays tennis with your heart.

Is your heart the elephant in the room that no one notices? Is your heart the elephant in the room that no one sees?

What matters is that you acknowledge your heart, your beautiful heart, your beautiful plum of a heart that may be preserved on a shelf, patient, ever-patient waiting its turn.

You are parent to your heart and mind. If you have a child that is dominant, perhaps pushy, and you have a child who is more reticent, you pull your shy child to you and give him his turn to offer what he has to offer. Offer your heart center-stage for a while. Teach your mind to not hog the whole show.

Your mind, as wonderful as it is, can’t get its arms around Me. I, Who am Truth, am not factual enough for the mind. The mind cannot find a report card with My name on it. Your mind simply is not accustomed to going by the seat of its pants. Your mind likes to be armed with questionnaires with square boxes for limited True and False answers.

From the mind’s point of view, it is like this: “Alas, God does not fit into the boundaries I have set. Therefore, I cannot quite admit Him to the academy of my mind,” whereas the heart, from its point of view, says, “Oh, for Heaven’s sakes, God, come right in. No forms and credentials needed or wanted. Just come right in so I can know You, and stay with Me.”



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