Hello my lovely one, we thank you for taking time to communicate with us, we love you!

We wish to elaborate more about the current manifestations and energetic changes. Just as you are now undergoing a lot in many areas so too do we receive our share in these opportunities. We are currently working very hard on purifying the oceans and the ocean floors so that a certain degree of purity and recovery can be obtained. This cleansing work is performed together with our ambassadors and cousins, the whales, along with the Archangels and other souls underneath you all, belonging to our team and star group.


Our tasks are manifesting hard in this matter, even to the point that the oceans are getting restless: the dwellers in these oceans are fully aware of what’s going on but nevertheless they experience the unrest leading in some cases to less desirable consequences. Some of our friends and family members have chosen to leave their physical vehicle behind amidst those rather chaotic changes. These changes really are chaotic as seen  from our point of view as the ocean is at its most turbulent, fighting to discard and remove all negativity which in turn reflects on your land and your civilization. We are all together in this process, we all assist Beloved Mother Earth ; She has to discard all this negativity in order to Ascend. Even on a personal level, you all are now experiencing the most turbulent moments; you all are working on an inner as well as an outer level to discard all negativity from your fields. This is a necessary process and together we are working on the purification to take place and to manifest on a grand scale.

We and Beloved Mother Earth have waited a long time for this very NOW moment in which She can be liberated from all this negativity. Thanks to this purification, She feels so good, so free and so beloved; your Loving energies as well as those from the Higher Realms have been so well anchored in Mother Earth’s crystal heart, that they now can have their effect and become visible. It is a sign, lovely ones, that all has surely come into manifestation and that it can no longer be stopped. Small changes become bigger and more visible and definitely more tangible. We assist you and we feel your thoughts and feelings all too well. Remain serene amidst all of this; as has been mentioned time and time again, you have begun a most bumpy ride whose speed has become quite inconceivable. Well, you are well underway, so enjoy the ride but hold tight, for it will be a most adventurous experience!


We, as the Dolphin Collective, know all too well what’s in store for you, like no other we can feel Mother Earth and She is most happy with Her imminent salvation on all possible levels. She is stretching Herself fully and She begins to feel really at ease in her “new” skin so to speak. She cries out to the top of Her lungs as it were and in doing so, frees Herself of all negative loads. She loves you so much and so do we, and She wants to take you all along with Her to Her paradise in the Higher Dimension. For it will all unfold, together as 1 big family. Soon enough the oceans will settle down again when all negativity has left the ocean floors; we let it all come to rest to the extent that it’s possible. All gets accomplished with the least disturbances possible and your Love and Light help tremendously in this regards. So we wish to ask for your assistance, my lovely ones, and that is to send as much Love and Light as possible to us and to the beautiful oceans. This will help us and Mother Earth to keep Her wondrous oceans and ocean floors in a most peaceful, calm state while all the needed eliminations proceed smoothly.


We are the Dolphin Collective and we love you and we thank you for this chance to share our message!



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