Dearest Lightworkers, look to the skies this evening for we wish to show ourselves to you. It may be in an unexpected way for many of you. Remember our words to you in the past days and weeks, and remark the subtle differences in your surroundings. But look to the skies on this night, dear one, and you will notice what we show to you. Be aware of your finer feelings, our channel is experiencing a mounting excitement, though she has no thoughts in her mind. She is full of joy and anticipation of she knows not what. She has not speculated, and has kept herself busy in order not to become too excited. We wish that such an open mind may be more widespread amongst you. We can speak easily through a clear and empty mind, for when we speak it is filled only with our thoughts which are transmitted easily and clearly into words for you to read. We ask dear Amuna Ra, however, to centre herself in the Peace of her Heart as she teaches others to do, so her fingers may not stumble over the keys in her eagerness to write our words… (I did so!)

Now, dear ones, to our announcement for you this glorious evening. Look to the skies over the great Olympic Stadium for we wish to partake in your most famous Games. Look to the skies with open minds, and welcoming hearts, for we wish to approach you, dear ones. We wish you to know us now, and co-operate with us for the future of your dear planet. We wish to share our technological achievements with you to solve many of the pressing problems of your world, and we wish you to work alongside us. We have been very busy behind the scenes clearing the way for this great revelation of our coming, and we wish you to know us on this night.

There will be many reactions to our disclosure of our presence amongst you earth beings, and your calmness and steadiness are much needed to reassure those who may at first feel fear. We need your unconditional love and your unconditional trust, we need you to send your Light and your Love to us in welcome. This forms a shining chalice into which we may descend, and enables our approach to be made easier. Do this for us, dear ones, let the Light of your Love shine out from your hearts in welcome – and look to the skies!

The Star Councils of Light, 12 August 2012,  through Amuna Ra



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