True Grace

 Heavenletter #4279 

August 12, 2012

God said: 

Humility is no more nor less than knowing you don’t have to have your own way.

This is a nice big insight. You don’t have to be first in line. You don’t have to be first in life.

You are not obsequious, yet you can easily let someone else go first. You can let Me go first, My Will not thine.

This is a great secret to life. The humility I speak of is not about acting modestly, you understand. It is not about a role you play. It is not about being polite. It is not about anything but how you see life and what is important and what is not. You can let life go its way. Life is served, and you can skip along. You can traipse rather than march. You are no longer a foe of life. You are no longer an obstructionist.

Ego sheds itself when you see that you do not have to have everything the way you like it. This is not a compromise. You are not compromising. This is not a let-down. You are simply taking your hands off. This is not biting your tongue. This is not gritting your teeth. This is great freedom. When you come to this place, you come with great joy, for you are freed from having to organize the world to suit you. One more have-to off your shoulders.

It is like the letting go of physical possessions. You don’t have to have them. All your treasures, you don’t have to have them. In fact, you feel great without them. One less thing to take care of. One less thing to anchor you in the past.

And so when you come to the place where life doesn’t have to bow down to you, doesn’t have to give you everything you want, what a relief. You are relieved of one more obligation that you have to fulfill.

You represent yourself, of course, yet you do not fight tooth and nail. You put down your arms. When life has spoken, you don’t yell back. If the way you meant to go is blocked, you graciously turn around and try another door. You are not defeated. You don’t think in such terms.

It is a beautiful beautiful thing to not be attached to what occurs, to be able to let go of it, and go on your merry way.

Humility amounts to your being a good sport, not the show of a good sport – that is commendable as well – but truly accepting what comes as okay, accepting what is and accepting what is not and simply picking up where you left off. If you were playing tennis, and you did not win the match, someone else won the match. The match was won! Someone who is you in another guise won the match instead of you in the guise of yourself. What’s wrong with that?

Whatever happens and whatever does not happen, in humility, you are gracious. Even if there is no one to see that you are gracious, you are gracious. Whatever occurs, you are gracious. You are a step above. Or you are eons above. You are above the details of life. Many of the details of life are petty. You are caught up in a greater cycle. You ride the waves of love, and so you carry humility because this is who you are.

You don’t fight. You don’t fight over little things. You don’t fight over what is called the big things. Because you don’t have to have everything the way you want, you don’t fight over little or big things. You don’t make a big deal of them. You are not swallowing your pride. You just no longer have to be high and mighty.



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