Channeling of P’taah 101010

P’taah Channeling by Kate Sparks

The channelings of spiritual beings, like the spiritual laws that guide our universe, are timeless messages for eternity. Below is one of my channelings of P’taah which was done in 2010. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide in helping me disseminate his words to homesick star seeds in need of encouragement during this exciting but challenging time. Please feel free to post any of my channeling on your Web site or blog to help us share these words of P’taah with those so desperately desiring to connect with his eternal message of light and love:

Greetings Star Family, this is P’taah

Some of you know me. I am P’taah, an Ascended Master from the Pleiades. My name is familiar to you and I use this opportunity through the channel to connect with you, my family. I am excited to speak with you, to connect with you and to send you my love and support. Meditate on my name and remember me. My name means Teacher of Light. I am your teacher and your guide.

You and I have spent a great deal of time together on the Pleiades. You are advanced beings who have come to Earth at this special time to help yourself, humanity and the planet. I have taught you many lessons and I continue to teach you in your dream time. You are star seeds from the Pleiades, a 5th dimensional star system.

I know many of you wish to leave the planet for the duality and polarizations are too much. You tell me “P’taah, I cannot be here anymore.” I hear you, I hear you all. And I ask you to stay, I ask you to finish your mission and I tell you that you will return. You will return to the beautiful Pleiades. Most of you reading this are on your last life, and I say to you, go for it, go for it all and make it a glorious and spectacular last life.

Please call on me and I will be of great service to you. This is P’taah and I am a member of your real Family.

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed or altered in any way, with credit to Kate Sparks.



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