You are well aware now that much has changed and is changing.  You are well and truly in the midst of it now.  Your acceptance and determination to utilize what is happening for the best will carry you far.  Do not measure yourselves by what others report, nor either be surprised to experience the same or entirely different things in your new selves.  You have your functions to perform and others have theirs.  Each of you is where you need to be to do what needs to be done.  At some point you will begin to understand that, but it will be long before you are able to understand the full impact you have upon your world.

We do not ask for you to trust our words.  Trust your highest being that your smallest gesture, your smile, your love causes chain reactions far, far beyond what you are able to see.  You may never know what wonderful thing occurs thousands of miles and hundreds of days away as a result of the uplifting feeling you cause in a friend or neighbor.  In any case, the brightening of your own light brightens all light.

For those so inclined now, we offer a further exercise.  When you are in your connection each day with spirit, in meditation or prayer, visualize the light pouring into you and brightening your own light more and more.  Let it pour out of you into your world.  Send it on its way to wherever it may be needed.  Just sit in your light and intend its increase.  Feel it.  See it.  Give thanks for it.  Ask that it make whatever changes in you that are for the highest and best for all.  Let what is occurring outside you take care of itself.  Trust that it will be taken care of without your attention and worry.

Your purpose now is to prepare yourselves.  Ask that the light replace whatever may have been holding you back.  If something of that nature does surface, bless it, release it, and replace it with light.  Give thanks each day for the day and what it has brought you.

We speak to you often of energy, frequency, light, and love.  We tell you now that the intensity of that which is surrounding you at this time is such that, with a little daily effort, you will begin feeling this if you so desire.  That is your connection with us.  That is your connection with whatever you call your Creator.  It is time for you to seek and find that connection.  As you have been given, “Seek and ye shall find.”

There are things of which we never speak here.  There are things which we mention in passing, but never dwell upon.  This may give you an idea of that which is the priority.  Nothing is more important than your spiritual growth.  All else exists to make that possible.  You may take the winding, long road up that mountain or you can strike out straight for the top.  There are a lot less potholes and detours on the direct path.  The rest will care for itself.  If everyone, you see, were to strike out directly for the top, all those outside problems would cease to exist.  But since they exist as lessons to bring you home, they will solve themselves anyway.

Take care of you.  That is what you came here for.  Your increasing light and love will have its effect on all else.  Of course, when another comes to you for aid, comfort, or healing, do what you are able.  Be guided from your heart.  It is your true compass.

We rejoice now in the progress you are making and in the connections we see you making with each other.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head.




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