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Integrating Mellanika by Mellanika of the Celestial White Beings


Olympic Closing Ceremony Meditation and Influential intention by Archangel Metatron



Integrating Mellanika by Mellanika of the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 03/08/12

Magnificent beings of light, I am Mellanika of the Celestial White Beings, it is a great delight for me to reconnect with your energies once more as a conscious connection has been lost for some time, even though my energy and the qualities I represent where extremely well known in the time of Atlantis. I am the goddess representative or purest form of feminine vibration available within the Celestial White Being soul and source of light.  Our conscious reconnection together signals an awakening within all of the Goddess vibration. I am aware of how many speak of the importance of the goddess vibration on the Earth in the present but in truth it is the life of all creative and creation energies of the Creator. The goddess energy or feminine vibration is a sacred essence of your being that truly needs to be totally acknowledged in order for complete connection and oneness with the Creator as a source of light.

 The Celestial White Beings energy was anchored into the Earth at its creation along with other energies and vibrations but it was the pure goddess essence of their soul which the Celestial White Beings gave to the Earth, assisting in the creation of the pure and beautiful essence which is Mother Earth. Many different sources of light gave energy to create the Earth, each giving their own sacred essence. It was foretold or divinely planned that when humanity awakened to their truth and divine essence they would realise their own goddess presence within them which would cradle and comfort their sacred soul lifting them up the Creator. You may see this occurring within your friends, family and self already. It is a sign that awakening is occurring on a major scale and you are returning home. With my presence anchoring into your being, I am assisting in elevating your connection with the goddess essence within and around you. Please let me envelop you in my energy and sacred goddess essence.

 You all have an understanding of the goddess energy which varies from person to person; I wish for you to dissolve in your mind the form, template or expectations of the goddess energy you may hold. When we let go of any kind of representative of the goddess energy then we truly begin to connect on a deeper level. Within the consciousness of the Celestial White Beings, I, Mellanika, do not have a form; I am simply energyor a vibration, like the pulse within your own physical bodies. Your mind may portray to you a picture of my vibration but this is only to understand my energy, if you allow yourself to feel my energy, to accept my energy, you will gain a clearer understanding of my vibration and that of the Goddess energy of the Creator.

  If you were to visit the ashram of the Celestial White Beings at a cosmic level you may experience a communication about the oneness of Mellanika, this in truth is the unfolding of the divine within your being which is an infinite process. In many ways my name is simply a tool for explanation and connection. The teachings of the Celestial White Beings are to take your consciousness and awareness beyond your minds grasp of the goddess, experiencing a divine awakening within.

 There are many reasons for my connection with you today, most are occurring energetically as you connect with my energy through my channelled words, but you may wish to meditate asking me to draw close to you cradling and embracing you in my light, it is my wish to assist you in dissolving any perception of the goddess light to accept goddess truth.

 Simply focus upon your breathing and hold an intention or speak out loud when you are at peace asking to connect with the purest vibration of Mellanika of the Celestial White Beings.

 Imagine, sense or acknowledge my energy enveloping you, melting deeply into your heart and soul.

 Hold the intention or say out loud that you are ready to let go of all representative forms or understandings about the Creator’s goddess energy. Your aim is to breathe away all ideas, images and expectations ofthe goddess consciousness.

 With your focus upon release my energy will be able to merge deeper within your being as many boundaries and barriers are dissolved. You are allowing me to embrace your soul deeply, assisting in a rise in vibration, awareness and consciousness.

 I will lift you up, expand your truthful goddess vibration and unite you with greater intensity with the Creator. You will experience a new vibration and wave of light activating from within you. Simply sit and enjoy for as long as is needed.

 My second purpose of connecting with your being today is to awaken your understanding that the pure feminine essence of the Creator needs to be anchored into all aspects of the Earth. The Earth needs to be blessed in this way as a preparation for the magnification from the Creator as well as the awakening and remembering of truth within all. I wish to draw your attention to the fairy kingdom, long have the fairy kingdom been an integral aspect of life and spiritual growth upon the Earth, they hold a strong aspect of the goddess within their beings, their manifestations and influence upon your reality and nature are enormous. There is a need for the fairy kingdom to experience a heightened anchoring of the goddess light in order to support their growth and purpose on the Earth. It is to support the creation of love on the Earth which they assist in by weaving connections of love within nature and between nature and humanity.

 If you feel guided to be of assistance to the fairy kingdom and the manifestation of love on the Earth then I first ask you to complete the above connection process with my energy.

 Then I wish for you to place your hands upon your legs with your palms facing upwards.

 Imagine my essence of the goddess light flowing from your heart into your arms and hands. Your hands will become anchors and creators of energy and intention.

 When you feel the energy charging into your hands, lift your hands from your legs so they are gently suspended before your solar plexus chakra.

 Say out loud, ‘With my actions and intentions I am blessing the fairy kingdom and anchoring the goddess light into each fairy source, aspect and soul.’

 Let your right hand make a horizontal circle in an anti-clockwise direction, while your left hand makes a horizontal circle slightly beneath your right hand in a clockwise direction. Your right hand moves away from you and to your left as simultaneously your left hand move towards you and to your right, they meet in the centre with your right hand on top.  Then complete the circle.

 When the process is complete, place your hands upon the floor and let the remainder energy drain into the Earth as a symbol of grounding.

 Practice this motion; you are creating a figure of eight a symbol of infinite connection and oneness. You are anchoring the light into the fairy kingdom as you focus upon the fairy kingdom creating an eternal connection with the goddess vibration for them and yourself. This practice can be achieved to anchor the goddess energy into any intention or aspect of the Creator you focus upon including yourself. You can achieve this practice for as long as you feel is appropriate building the energy.


My love and truth is yours always,

Mellanika of the Celestial White Beings

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Olympic Closing Ceremony Meditation and Influential intention by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

With so many divine and sacred conscious beings of love and light on the Earth I wish to take this opportunity to share with you a simple meditation to assist your soul and to encourage others to be of service at this time. The Closing Ceremony of the Olympics will be a focus for many people all around the world, many eyes will be focused upon similar images which will create a united consciousness where each person’s mind is open and linked into the consciousness created by humanity. We wish to use this situation to create a lift and shift in the consciousness of all to allow for a more aware, awake and loving consciousness to be experienced and to manifest. We as guides can only suggest ideas to you and support with energy but each of you as light workers on the Earth have the ability, tools and power to assist in altering the united consciousness of humanity to make necessary and integral changes on the Earth and within each person’s being and reality.

 Your eyes and ears may be absorbing what is occurring at the time of the Olympic Ceremony but your heart and mind need to exist in a state of intention and expression in order to be of service. This means you are not influenced by external energies but are empowering your own energy in order to infuse the consciousness of humanity with high vibrational frequencies, light and intentions. Many people who have not yet consciously accepted their truth will watch the Olympic Closing Ceremony with an open and receptive mind, the joy of the ceremony will activate their heart chakras, and this means that you as a light worker can support these people in receiving divine frequencies of light allowing their truth to unfold. It is also a wonderful opportunity for you to experience your own individual loving power and your divine link with all that is the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes.

 There is also an opportunity for many people’s third eye chakras to be unveiled and to activate more fully through this experience.

 It is my wish to now guide you in a meditation which I believe will assist in quickening the vibration of love on the Earth for all to experience.

 Please first allow yourself to sit peacefully, focusing on your breathing and relaxing your body.

 Allow yourself to imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling through your heart chakra, in order to build a greater volume of light and energy within your heart chakra.

 Say to yourself in your mind, ‘I am love,’ repeating the affirmation until you feel the vibration of love building within your heart chakra.

 Let yourself be generous with your love as it over flows from within your being.

Imagine that the Creator, in any form you wish, is directly opposite to you, you may see the Creator as a human form or a light source, whatever you experience invite the Creator to be present before you.

 Let your love flow to the representation of the Creator before you. Notice that the energy of the Creator flows towards you and into your being.

 A whirl pool or spiral of light forms in between you and the Creator in line with your heart centre. The light you are creating is almost like a stadium of light constantly flowing.

Invite all other light workers and even those who are not yet conscious of their truth to add their love and divine intention to the spiral of light you and the Creator are manifesting, sense more souls gathering around you radiating love.

 You are holding the intention for every soul to experience love, to be loved and to express love, for ascension to be divinely perfect and easy for all, for truth to unfold to create more joy and for the veils of illusion to fall away withdivine perfection.

When you feel ready, imagine you are placing the spiral of light you have created with all aspects of the Creator into the Olympic stadium in London on energetic and physical levels. Let the light seep into all, the Earth Star Chakra and into the Earth to support Mother Earth.

Mother Earth absorbs the light and intentions, radiating the same out in all directions across the world.

Imagine as people are watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony wherever they are in the world that the light you have created is flowing into their minds, hearts, third eye, physical eyes and bathing them in sacred light which lifts their vibration and unites them with divine perfection into a higher consciousness of the Creator, where everyone on the Earth including you will connect. Imagine every person connected soul to soul, heart to heart, consciousness with consciousness, honouring the divine within and around them.

This is a most beautiful service to yourself and to all.

 We love you and we are with you at this time of constant change and the empowerment of love.

 With love,

I am Archangel Metatron

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