Lady Portia 

Time for Love to each other from the heart


Channeled by Méline Lafont

My dearest from Earth, my name is Lady Portia and I greet you with all my heart.

We, the Ascended Masters, love you endlessly and because of this fact we like to assist you when confronted with obstacles and experiences. Sometimes we point the way and we provide small hints but we leave the real work and learning up to you. This life on Earth is your quest to find your inner Self, which reflects itself in your outer, surrounding conditions.   Make it as easy on yourselfves as possible, my dearest ones, and choose the smoothest way possible when given the choice.  It should not always be hard nor a “mission impossible”, it should not always be a test to learn life’s lessons… Easy and pleasant paths are also provided on your way to Ascension and to self-knowledge.

You have the power to create what you want and you take the side roads that you want depending on your own decisions. Give yourself the chance to make things easier for yourself and to enjoy this world! Life is meant as a learning process, it is a means of evolving further and It therefore implies often that difficult obstacles are to be made or lessons to be learned. But, on the other hand, there are also beautiful moments to enjoy life on this planet Earth involved in these experiences. So my advice is to live and enjoy life! You have the permission! Do not consider everything as a test or an obstacle, in some cases there is a hidden positive aspect behind it all which you are entitled to live to the fullest.

Life is a wonderful thing; consider all those superbly beautiful creations of our Creator, the I AM Presence, Father/Mother God. Their creations are so beautiful to behold; be still and take a close look at them, my dearest ones, don’t take them for granted. Each and every form of creation, each life-form is unique, is special in its own way and is a beautiful specimen! Take a closer look at all the details, cell by cell, inch by inch, on the inside as well as on the outside. Do you really see that wondrous entity? Everything is beautifully crafted from Love, from Light and from the Self! I personally find you all so beautiful, my dearest ones, so exquisitely beautiful and so exceptionally precious.

You are Masters, never forget that; you are Masters in your own right and you are now creating that which will become your New World, your new Self. Let’s all together create a most wonderful world full of Love and Light in which everyone lives in Harmony with each other and where everyone is respected for who they are, for what they do; a world where self-respect and self-love are taken for granted. Let’s create a wonderful world in which everyone knows who you are, what you are, where real Truth is, a world in which nothing or no one has control over any other living organism. A world where there are no prejudices and where neither truth nor lies exist. Nothing is considered wrong and nothing is considered right! Everything is what it is without there being truth nor judgment behind it.

Love one another, my dearest ones, do not tear people down but have genuine respect for one another. The one who respects and truly loves him/herself shall always start from Love thereby respecting and loving others as well. Not from an ego-involvement but from a strong basis in Love. Know and trust! Follow your beloved and beautiful heart; it shows you the way, it is the portal to change, it is the portal to Ascension. Everything starts from your heart and goes through your heart. Take care of yourselves and of others; now is really the time to take that advice to heart. You all need each other to cooperate and to pull on the same string, do not to tear each other down just to defend your own truth. What is truth and what not? Use your intuition and your own heart to discover what is important to YOU. Love each other, I can not stress that fact enough! I love you with all of my heart, I love you so much! 

I AM that I AM

Lady Portia

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