I AM Rakhealle. I am choosing this moment now to speak about the Olympic mass activation. The powers that be, the forces of light, are using this mass event to bring forward there presence to a wider audience. This event has been planed for Eon’s and will mark the beginning of the visible paradigm shift you are all longing for.
The location of the Olympic stadium is no accident. The stadium is located in the same spot as the earth’s earth star chakra. This powerful vortex is the area the earth will use to ground its own energy .
This energy point at present is un active. This energy point will be activated and become a love and light vortex. The earth is fast becoming a blue star. This transformation is in alignment with the earths vibration lifting. You are no longer locked into the lower vibrations. The creational potential you are experiencing now is the same vibration as Atlantis.
The mass activation upon you now will unleash a creational power beyond you current limited perceptions. Even those of you who are awake and aware are mostly unaware of your own creational power at present.
Many of you are been called to service and reminded of your souls mission here. Some of you are shying away from this calling. Others of you are answering to this call with enthusiasm and drive. We ask that if you are finding discomfort in your souls calling and feel repealed from your souls mission to go within and ask to be made aware of all which is holding you back. All you feel is valid and if something is stopping you from following your souls chosen path it indicates there is work to be done. This work can only be carried out by you and identifying the problem is the first step to overcoming all that which is preventing you from following your souls chosen path.
As with all divine missions carried out by the forces of light there is a core ground crew for the Olympic activation ceremony. These people know who they are and all is as it should be. An invitation to all light workers to actively participate in this activation has been sent out.
This is your ascension and you home and we encourage active participation from all who feel inspired to join in.
The beings of light assigned to this divine mission are here to assist. Assistance comes with personal responsibility from yourselves. Any and all beings of light here on this mission wish only to see this planet liberated from the fear and suffering that has been imposed upon you. We wish to see you free from the limited belief structures imposed upon you and we wish to see you blossom into the divine beings you are. We know that ascension is an inward process and we wish only to assist you in awakening to this truth.
Behind the scenes much has been accomplished to bring the world to a state were mass awaking can begin. Any and all forces working to hinder your ascension have been removed. An and all energy’s created by lower frequency thought and all lower thought forms are removed on a regular basis. The work that has been carried out on your world in preparation for mass awakening is of a staggering proportion. As you are aware much of this work has gone un noticed by your mainstream media. This is in alignment with the divine plan and when the moment is in perfect order all truth will be readily available to all. Remember that all is as it should be.
Dear ones, the ones who came, all is as it should be and the light is here Now. Enjoy this wonderful experience and offer you wisdom and knowledge to those who have been locked in ignorance. The world is waking up and the knowledge you hold will prove valuable to those who have ascension thrust upon them from what will seem like no where. Remember the manipulation that has plagued this word and assist those who need your light. You will be called upon in a myriad of ways, go with the flow and follow your heart. The universe fully supports you journey on you highest path.
It is with great pride and admiration I bring forward this message now
Namaste, Rakhealle

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