Transparency means letting the glory that you are shine and others will be responding to that incredible beauty. You will see the old standards of beauty beginning to shift to honour this. The ego based exterior will no longer be enough to be considered beautiful. This will be very difficult for those who have defined their worth solely by their exterior appearance.

Divinity is the new standard for beauty. There is beauty in compassion. There is beauty in integrity. There is beauty in your transparency and there is beauty in love. Christ consciousness energy is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful things you will ever experience as a being, anywhere, and that is what you are moving into.

Beauty is innocence. It is allowing yourself to shine without fear. There is no room for the lower vibrating energies while you are walking a path of beauty. Oh, Dear Ones, if you hear one thing from this channel, how we wish you would stop abusing yourselves with your negative self talk and start to accept your innate beauty!

Beauty is fifth dimensional consciousness. When you accept your own beauty, and see that beauty and divinity in others, and understand how you are all part of the Source that contains all beauty, you will be stepping into that fifth dimensional consciousness. That is what you are creating for the New Earth and that is where the lives you have been trying to create will exist.

The path of beauty is filled with peace and harmony. It is filled with unconditional love. It is filled with abundance. It is everything your soul has ever wished to experience and this is what you are creating on your planet.

These are profound times. It is profound that we can even bring forth this channel today because this is how far you have evolved. The entire universe is rejoicing with the wonder of what you have accomplished already and where you are going, in record time, we might add. You are doing a magnificent job, so just allow beauty to be your new standard. Your unique beauty, the beauty that exists all around you, the beauty of gratitude, the beauty of being an enlightening human being on the planet during these amazing times. This is what I wanted to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young




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