The energy pressures are building up strongly as you, the Light-bearers and holders, intensify your efforts and more determinedly focus on your divine task of assisting in bringing humanity forward to the point at which it will awaken.  And many of you are finding that task extremely tiring, if not exhausting.  Know that you are greatly honored for what you are doing, that your rewards upon completion of this immense task will be astounding, and that you will be quite amazed when you discover once more the wonder of who you truly are.

The Love God has for His creation is utterly beyond your abilities to even conceive of, and His Will is for you to awaken and experience It directly, personally, and eternally.  You have spent far too long hiding in the illusion and missing out on the infinite wonder and joy that He holds out to you constantly. You need to wake up!  And you will wake up — to know and experience the sublime and eternal bliss of basking in your Father’s loving embrace for ever.

That awakening was preordained the moment you entered the illusion and started to dream the dream – although for many it is a ghastly nightmare – which you experience as life on Earth, because your Father could not and would not allow you to lose yourselves permanently in that unhappy state.  Remember, as the Son of God, you have enormous creative abilities when you work with His divine Will, because His Will is also yours.

However, building the illusion was something you did in order to hide from God — it was not in alignment with His Will — and your Father, while lovingly investing you with free will when He created you, would nevertheless not countenance you destroying yourselves, which is what would have occurred had He not intervened at that moment.  So, the illusion was born, but it was not and could not be like a divine creation, which has eternal existence; it was purely a very temporary state that was fated soon to fade away, unremembered and ungrieved.

Within the illusion you have been killing one another for eons, and some of you have even been attempting to destroy yourselves permanently by committing suicide.  The reason for this is that almost all of you have completely lost the memory of your divine state, at one in the Love that is God.  Without Love there is no motivation to stay alive, and the drive to destroy those with whom you disagree becomes intense.

Yes, you do have loving relationships – parents, children, spouses, good friends – but often those loving relationships break down when egoic agendas and differing desires lead you to believe that you are separate and individual beings who would be much happier if you were not tied into a relationship that has turned sour and unpalatable.  If this happens to someone enough times, a sense of cynicism arises to help him deal with the pain that the loss of love causes, while any trust that may have developed dissolves.

Love, as you experience it in the illusion, is a very fragile thing that needs constant nurturing if it is to survive the storms of emotions and disillusionments that so frequently occur and destabilize relationships.  Many have remained trapped for years in miserably unrewarding relationships as bitterness and resentment have grown, and others have broken out of similar situations and attempted to destroy their partners to punish them for the misery they have experienced.

However, over the last few decades, increasing numbers of you have come to realize the insanity of such behavior, and slowly laws have been changed and attitudes have matured to enable people to untie or dissolve agreements (and contracts which hitherto had been intractable) that had been entered into with contractual obligations that could be neither dissolved or modified.  As humans you have been evolving, because the Light implanted in you at the moment of your creation demands it, and consequently, there was no way that you could go on indefinitely treating each other so unforgivingly.  And the results of your evolving attitudes are showing up all over the world as people communicate and attempt to come to agreement through wisdom, understanding, and consensus.

There are, of course, many areas on the planet where violent disagreement and the resultant conflicts are causing enormous suffering.  But the tide has turned, and the enormous power and influence that the divine energies are providing will ensure that these areas of darkness and suffering will be flooded with Light, leading to major shifts in attitudes and behaviors.  Then those who choose to disengage from violence and conflict will be able to do so.

Many will find it difficult because so much suffering has been endured, and the emotional desire for restitution is still very strong.  Nevertheless, due to the constantly intensifying strength of the divine Love field enveloping the planet, anyone who truly seeks to find love and peace, instead of continuing to engage in hate and war, will encounter, often quite unexpectedly, the precise opportunities needed to enable them to disengage from those situations of conflict.  Eventually, only those who remain determined to fight on will be left, and for as long as they choose, that path it will be available.  But they will no longer be able to impose that path of despair and suffering on others.

Your awakening from the insanity of hate, disagreement, and war is inevitable. And that moment is drawing ever closer.  Focus on the Love and on the Light that so many are holding on high, release from their debts all on whom you have ever attempted to impose a sense of guilt – whatever the reason and however right it may seem to you – and forgive yourselves and all of humanity for the pain and suffering that all have endured.  The ages of suffering, of sin, of guilt, of condemnation, and punishment that you have endured for so long are to end, permanently.  There is a new age awaiting you, and as you enter into it your joy will be boundless.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

John Smallman



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