Heavenlettersâ„¢, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:

No one has to give you credit for your giving and for your gravitating toward the opportunity of givingness. Credit is not the issue. Giving is. Be glad that you have that which to give, and give it.

In one breath, life is not about you. In another breath, it is all about you, yet what is yours to give is yours to give. You are the mover of your own heart. Others are not the judge of your heart nor the director of it. It is not for another to say when and what and where you give.

It is always possible for people who are not in your shoes to believe they know what you should do and how far or not so far you are to go. The world may or may not give you good advice. At the same time as you are your own advisor, you listen and then take council of yourself. You are the one who finds your own destiny. You probably won’t find your destiny in one fell swoop, because destiny is not a close-ended word. So long as you inhabit a human body on Earth, your destiny is in process. You are finding your destiny, and you are forming your destiny as you go along.

You may not know what is the greatest arrow in your quiver of love, and yet you keep pulling an arrow out. You do not know with which arrow you change the course of the world, or someone’s world. You may never know what you meant to someone or what you mean to them now. You do not know with which word you light up another. You do not know with what glance into others’ eyes you change their path. You may never know. You don’t have to know, yet you can consciously decide which side of the fence you are working. Are you working the side of the fence called giving, or are you working the side of the fence called taking.

Strengthen the Universe. Do not undermine it. Give wealth of diverse kinds to the Universe. Fulfill rather than deprive or deplete. Give sustenance. Give assurance that love exists and that it belongs to all. Project your love along the walkways of Earth. Be a proponent of love. Undertake a journey of love. This much is already known of your journey. You are on the path of love. Be someone who thinks of all. You are not looking to be thought of by all.

You may not be noticed. You may be under-noticed, yet it is for you to notice. When you see a need, no matter how slight, fill it.

You are in service to the good of all, and you do this step by step. Enough little acts are worthy of greatness. Do not look to achieve greatness. Providing a pillow for one person’s back may be your starting place. You have to start somewhere. Right where you are is a good place.

Do not judge your acts as great or small. Give them. Accrue your acts to the Universe. When you shovel snow, you shovel a path to your door. You can shovel your neighbor’s path as well. When you pick flowers from your garden, pick some for your neighbor as well. You have a heart. It is to be used. It is for you to use it. Let it be said that you lived on Earth, and you thought of your neighbor. Let it be that your life was something shared. In any case, your life is visited upon others.






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