First off, let us just start by saying that these last few hours have been so important for you all. The aftershocks of these heavy rounds of energy will still reverberate in many of you, but know that the hardest labour is over by now. For many, these last 24 hours have been amongst the most challenging yet, and we honor all those who have paid a high price for these upgradings, either they be mental or physical, or mayhaps both. Rest assured that even if you still feel almost dead to this world, things will soon start to ease off, and you will be able to breathe more freely again. And we do mean that in more ways than one.

You see, it is like you have been under steamroller that has squeezed you to within an inch of your life, not in the real sense, but in a figurative sense. The pressure has been so high, it has driven away any possible hindrances that has stood in your way for achieving that ultimate goal of total freedom. And when we say freedom, we also mean that in every connotation of the word. This will not be immediate apparent to you all, as you will still need quite some time to literally digest all of this, but it has been a very, very thorough process for you all, and a rather surprising one for many, as we venture to guess that some very unexpected issues surfaced for so many of you.

Know that this is all according to plan, and although much of it may still feel very unsettling and maybe even frightening for some, this is in fact only a signal of resurrection of your original core. In other words, all that is coming to the surface now, are things that have been hidden away, obscuring the real center of you all. Now they cannot cling to you any longer, and they will rise, like the bubbles to the surface we have described so many times already. So once again, give yourselves much praise for a job well done, and know that any lingering unpleasantness and unease will start to dissipate very soon.





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