Much is happening this day.  You know this.  You feel it.  Yet, because the media, which you do not trust, does not report it, you are in doubt.  This would bring chuckles to us, dear hearts, except for the fact that it does not serve you well at all.  If you cannot clear these doubts from your minds, at the least detach yourselves and watch with anticipation.

We are at the point now where the question of when has become irrelevant.  The answer to that is now.  Our concern is with thoroughness and safety.  You will have your confirmations soon enough.  The changes you have waited for so long are proceeding.  They may not appear in exactly the manner that you planned, but they will occur.

Given the opportunity to understand and to change their ways, a great many will do so.  It is likely that you also have contributed in some ways to the problems in the past.  Is that not so?  Allow others to see their errors now, as well.  The light of truth will cause many to say, “What have I done?”  That has already been happening across your world for quite some time.

Those who have consciously caused the harm are another matter, and they are being dealt with.  Your task, as we have repeatedly urged you, is to stay centered and calm, and to keep bringing love into the equation.

The increasing intensity of incoming energy will prove quite enough for most of you to deal with.  It will bring up quite a lot of things in your lives which have been dormant for long times.  Some of it you will not even recognize, as it is in your DNA from generations past.  It just needs to be looked at and released.  Some of it, however, you might be surprised to find quite amazing and desirable.  Feel free to keep and develop those things, if you wish.

The remainder of your year will become increasingly enjoyable now.  Problems there will be, but we are sure you have grown enough to handle them, and they will be far outweighed by the progress you will find, both inside and outside of yourselves.

There continue to be opportunities to reach out and help others.  If you are in a position to do so, please do.  If not, please send your prayers and love.  Take seriously now the effect your prayer and intention has upon the world.  As more of you learn this, the effect is strengthened even further.  Please see your efforts as joining and supporting each other.  Keep watch for every chance to send your love and light, just as we do.  Feel its effect.  Understand its power.  And importantly, give thanks for it.

And leave the days and hours to fend for themselves, dear friends.  They matter so little.  The time is now.  That is what matters.  When you look back, this all will have passed in the blink of an eye.  We offer, once again, our love and aid upon your call.  We are ever present with you.  Good day, dear friends.  Excellent day!

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