July 02, 2012
The delightful carefree laughter of all children illustrates the pure joy that fills their delightful hearts and expressed freely is music dear ones to my ears and fills my heart to the brim with joy. I ask you to look from a soul level to all people who you have touched with your love and compassion – each personal association shares your energy. Because of your faithful and loving help you have contributed to their spiritual freedom and we of the divine have heard of your good service illustrating the Love, Light and Word of God and you do know that word is simply: LOVE. When you express your own gratitude for all that you encounter throughout each and every day regardless of the situation you allow God’s Light and Love to enter you and to heal you from a soul level. The selfless helper of the people also requires healing dear ones. 
Since you have woken from God’s Call to follow the Light and Love filled path you have noticed the strong determination of God’s Will at work. Once you have fully committed to devote yourself to follow God’s Word you will soon thereafter discover your world changing. The choices you once made will become different, you will automatically begin to live through your heart and make every effort to choose what will be of the highest good, what will serve you and your loved ones the best and offer the best positive outcome. By no means will it be necessarily easy, with all the good outcomes, you will have a few tribulations to overcome; obstacles that will compel you to appreciate the happiness that follows after each succession. 
All your questions about where you fit in this lifetime, how will you know you are following God’s Will, or what of your feelings, choices and changes and other endless questions that are of yourSELF – will be answered through your heart when you converse with God as I did and as I still do. You may seek other humans, books, videos, audios or other learning media and sources, but the ultimate tool to discovery of yourself is YOU. You already have every answer to every question that is soul related to you. Another person may offer you SOUL-utions but that person cannot tell you the fine details that are buried deep into your sub-conscious through deep memories of times long past. Through various meditations and much patience you will learn all there is of YOU, and just when you think you know everything you can, there will always be more. Your journey unravels more and more after you complete specific lessons with full and complete understanding that does not cause repetition. The more often you repeat a lesson the longer obviously it will take to reach a desired expectation or goal. Remove the expectation dear ones and allow the information to come to you as it is meant to and you will grow and develop in ALLareas of your life. Converse with God as I have mentioned, your own personal I AM Presence is waiting for you to make the connection that was never lost – strengthen it through your nurturing self-love and compassion. 
Your surroundings may have changed since I walked the earth as Moses, but it makes no difference on where you live, you will find security and comfort in God’s Infinite Love and Everlasting Light. Making the commitment to devote yourself to following the Word of God does require courage dear ones, but the rewards are endless – the exquisite joy, harmony and bliss that will fill your heart, body and soul cannot be measured by any single word; each of you will have your own experience that is unique and equally wonderful when you take the step commit yourself to God and to the journey you are on. 
I ask you dear one, do you have enough faith in yourself and in your God Presence to follow the Inner Calling – it is a quiet voice that speaks in tones and ways that you comprehend telling you through soul feeling of the fullness of Love you will experience? Will you be concerned about possible criticism that may taunt you and possibly cause you grief? And will you allow these possibilities to sway your decision? 
If you have enough faith in yourself and in God you will not feel or hear the criticisms. You will know how to respond through your heart in a mindful way that demonstrates your deep compassion and love for all souls that share the Earth you live upon. The Faith of yourself and of God’s love is your strength and it is your fuel to get past each and every occurrence of thoughtless words done by others who are only trying to learn their own journey. Each of you will receive the Call from God to come into his Light when there is enough determination from the individual to invoke change in themselves and in turn in the world. The beautiful Call from God will come at the Right Time after sufficient lessons have been learned and not a moment before. Patience dear ones – you cannot rush your future – you must perfect the present that you are in by learning all your lessons from the past and present. All your thoughts and actions direct your course; for the most part each of you aware of this truth. Remembering you are responsible for your actions and thoughts sometimes is where you need to spend some quality time. 
A lot of things are required for you to master the many mountains you climb and one is Faith. Pure Faith in all your efforts will bring you to your successes, never giving up or derailing when moments get too hard. Trust in your God Presence and converse with God; listen through your heart for the answers that will come. You cannot undue the past, you can only learn from it and move on towards the light that is directing your present towards the future that is patiently waiting. Believe and know dear ones that it does require Faith in making the Right decision to follow God’s Will. It also requires Faith to leave the comforts of the illusionary world you have allowed and created and instead surround yourself simply in the Love and Light of God no matter the criticism of others – YOU know who you are and your God Presence of your Inner Self maintains your connection with God, and God’s Love and Light will protect you and strengthen you to persevere all that comes your way. There will be people who will try to disable your sturdy stance – it is your Faith that will keep you standing strong. 
Balance is key, essential to all forms of life. I encourage each of you to balance your inner power, wisdom and love and all else that illustrates to the world what makes you unique – all the good and all the bad must be balanced. Your greatest ability is to love and Love is the Word of God. Love delivers happiness to those who embrace love and share the energy they received. Without love, joy and happiness you will be unable to fulfill your divine mission or ascend. As you can see there is much connected to your success that is surrounded by pure unconditional love for yourself, for God and for all others. Learning to accept your place in this incarnation and with that acceptance knowing your path changes whenever you make a choice that brings change to your life demonstrates self-love, mental understanding of your life in all its glory. 
Embrace the Call when it comes, do not fear it, for it brings many uplifting spiritual delights for you to savour and the knowledge that you will gain is second to none. I will stand beside you if you need moral support when you make the decision to dedicate yourself to speak God’s Word of Love. You will never walk alone dear ones.

I AM Ascended Master, Lord Ling through Julie Miller



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