The Pegasians, One with Creation

Channeler: Ray Dawn

Hello to you, we are the Pegasians;

We come to speak to you this moment to be in resonance with all creation. You are one with all creation as you are creation as well. You are all that is, there is no difference..

To be one with all creation, one must accept that you are not in separation from that fact. There is no binding you away from all that you are..

Yet, here you are upon the Earth and in perceived limitation, in separation from all that is, how can this be so?

It is so as in it feels that this is the case. You look around and see fear, and allow it to be this way for all time..

To know that as one can come into the moment and allow their beingness to be perceived from no time, can you then be in this resonance with all creation? Yes to be in no time, is to be one with all creation.

What is no time? No time is being in a state of resonance where one is at one with all that is; one is in no fear of separation, for one knows that that is not all that is. All that is, is separation and is no separation as well. This is where it can get confusing. For to allow the paradox is to be in no time.

We ask you to be in a resonance with no time. This is the moment; this is an allowing state of being for it allows all to be. It allows separation, it allows no separation, it allows the paradox, and it allows all.. This state of no time is a state of peace, for it brings the stillness within; it brings one to resonance with all creation.

All creation is a state of beyond the paradox for in this trusting state one is in resonance with everything, all perceived bad and good. It allows the platform for all darkness and all light; this is the energy of creation. Is not yin one with the yang, yes you have examples in every culture of this, and of the paradox of light and dark. This is the expression of all, make peace with this..

This is the energy of creation, of creator. You are all one with creation. To say that one exists and one does not to bring conflict to the poles, this is creating the unbalance. Allow all in creation. All is needed, nothing is left out, one cannot pick sides, and you must accept and embrace all. All is within you, it is right here for you to embrace, to accept and to allow all within you. This is the answer to the paradox, this is the two becoming one..

Embrace the shadow, the dark is one with the light, ever turning day and night, reaching balance, coming to center, allowing the resonance with love, for all is love, all, creator, is you and love is you, it is of the same resonance, for love creates all..

Come to this center, allow this cause within you, love, love is the cause, it is the reason for all creation, embrace this, embrace you, you are one with All.

Be here to be one with all, be here to be you, and be here to love, to love all..

We greet you and we thank you, here in your heart space, allowing all this- You, we sing, in one resonance, allowing all..

In truth,

The Pegasians

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!



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