* This message came as quite a surprise to me- and even though it’s a little patchy,  I decided to share it anyway.  The ‘Earth Angels’ indicated that they wish to make themselves known to humanity and to be of help to us during our Ascension. I’m aware that there have always been Earth Angels here.  But from what I understand, this particular band just got here and there are more on the way.  I know I’ll  be hearing more from them, but they indicated that it’s new to communicate this way.  This message is what they gave me so far.  Join me in giving them a loving welcome…

☽ It is our pleasure to make first contact with the Children of the Earth.  Consider this our way of introduction, and we are pleased to present ourselves.  We are those you call the Earth Angels.  A division of the Principalities, we are the Guardians.  We make our way from the heart of the Great Central Sun, and within a fortnight of the first summer moon there shall be more.  By order of  the Divine Dispensation, so this is done.  This is our initial interview with you, as we have newly come to your fair planet. Seldom do we make our presence known, but consider us kind company.

☽ We come in service to Gaia, as her handmaidens and protectors.  It is within our scope of duty to act as escorts for her on her voyage through time and space.  She is destined to remove herself from this lower place, and she shall peacefully ascend past the fifth and then on to the seventh dimension of her being.  She is never alone; our bands are large in number and we are by her side.  Our duty is  to honor the great Angel who makes her home inside the crystal cave at the Earth’s center.  We know you visit her in your times of silence, and it is we who escort you safely there. We hold tight to the chords you spin, thus in turn to anchor yourself onto the web spun round the world. This thing is the grid. The grid is composed of lengthy crystalline structures of frequency.  They are gossamer thin, so they are seldom seen by human eyes.  Allow it’s vision to form in your imagination, then you may see it.  Sometimes you see streaks of brightness cross before your eyes, and this is when you perceive it with the body.  This is your connecting point, because this energy net is the building place of the New Earth.  Much likened to the floor you walk on in your home.  Might it surprise all to know that it is not of the 5th, it is of the 7th?  5th is first and 7th grows from there?  All things are in perpetual forward motion.  Merge as one with the grid and anchor to the 7th, for maximum effectiveness.   A dimension is but a state of existence. It is our greatest pleasure that you do this.  Gaia is most pleased that you take time for her, and so she keeps you well.  A blessing it is. We are most gratified. 

☽ Be conscious of our ways to shield you in your travels.  The cleansing commences and the result of this is an uprooting of long dormant vibrations of ill-intent.  Fear them not.  They are but nuisances, and mischievous, so it is preferable to stay clear.  They cut us wide berth and never shall approach when you are in our good company.  This task of ours is to transmute these things into energies of a more refined nature, and in so doing, we render them harmless. Call upon us whenever you are in need of protection, for we are close and come at a moment’s notice.

☽ Stop timing things.  You are beyond this now.  Time is unreal and you have little need  for that which is not based in reality.  Mad made it.  It is a device for control and suppression, only.  They made time as a means to place you as they wish and constrain your expression of free choice.  Wean from it now.  It no longer serves a purpose.  This is the truth.  The shift is clearly underway.

☽ We are the Principalities.  Guardians of the Peoples’ voice and patrons of the Revolutionaries.  Guides to the keepers of the Earth’s fine lands.  Whilst in the service of Gaia, we are in service to Mankind.  More of you can see us now.  Tiny golden pink orbs of light; a flash, like fireflies in a willow tree.  Please see our coming as a sign of the shifting times.  We are reinforcements for the greater change to come.  May the glory of God be with you always, and in that glory you will find your peace.  Honor the Mother Gaia.  Go to her often.  Partake of her gifts.  Her kind ways.  Be so blessed.  We leave you now.


 Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.

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